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The weather though warmer than a few weeks ago is still winter weather here. It is still the perfect time for those comfort foods and with me being sick, I’ve really been wanting those favorites. Yesterday I decided to make one of mine and my family’s all-time favorites Chicken and dumplins. this is another dish like chili where everyone has their own spin. My mom made from scratch with simple ingredients… a chicken,  onions, celery,  salt, pepper, flour and broth from the chicken. I think tis was ow granma made them too.  My best friend has a recipe she makes from flour and hers are fabulous too.  I cheat since with the flour there is a chance to get them too doughy or dissolve into much. over the years I have perfected this one and my kids love it.

Easy no fail Chicken and Dumplins

3-4 leg quarters or chicken breast (Tip… the bone in skin on make a richer broth but I keep the boneless on hand so mostly that’s what I use.)

A large stock pot (tip.. a spaghetti pan with removable strainer works great to catch all bits and pieces and you don’t have to strain out the  veggies and look for bones)

Onion flakes, Celery flakes garlic  either real cloves or powder whichever you prefer salt, pepper

1/2 bag frozen carrots

3-4 cans of the cheap biscuits the small 10 count ones. ( not the fluffy or flaky or grand kind)

I can of chicken broth or stock

1 teaspoon better than bullion chicken place1=2 cups milk.

chicken in pan, fill with water at least four inches above the chicken or 2/3 full of the pan.  add all seasonings. cook about an hour on medium heat until chicken is done. remove and let cool. Strain any debris from broth so it is clear. add the carrots if using them the broth and bullion and bring back to a boil. Roll biscuits out on a cutting board and cut each one into quarters drop into boiling water. work quickly and stir often. until you have them all in. stir well then reduce to simmer about 15 minutes watching carefully and stirring so that they don’t stick ( this will take a couple times to get into the swing) Don’t over stir or stir hard it will break them up.  taste a dumpling and if it is firm and done reduce heat to a low simmer. if you like a lot of juice don’t drain if you like a thicker more gravy-like consistency drain out the broth until it’s about an inch or two over the dumplings add milk. cook until heated and serve.

We like biscuits to sop up the juice and mashed potatoes to dump it over. It’s not comfort food if it’s not a carb fest, is it? It’s not a calory friendly meal either.

Another Chicken meal we love is Crockpot Chicken stew.  Chicken Stew you say?  I created this one day and my bestie fell in love. Its also fix and forget

One cut up fryer or whatever chicken portions you want for your family a piece per person ( or two if your crockpot holds it)

flour for dredging salt pepper

a little oil for browning

4-5 potatoes peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces

2-3 stalks celery cut into pieces

carrots cut into bite-sized pieces or 2 cups baby carrots.

1 can chicken broth

cut veggies add to slow cooker add broth and salt and pepper.

dredge chicken salt pepper and brown well on all sides. place on top of veggies and cook on low 6-8 hours high 4-5 hours.

a meal in a pan with no effort. You can add a green, green beans, or salad to round out.

serves 4-6


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