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Holy cow! only two posts after this one. Never fear, a little birdy told me the MFRW blog challenge will return next year. This is week 50 of the 52-week MFRW blog challenge. Our topic is OUR Greatest Accomplishment. I will be honest in saying I planned on skipping. I don’t have a book out yet except for my children’s book Luke’s Dragon.  I’ve learned a lot since then and it needs revamping.  I’ve been writing for five years now and have nothing to show, but a stack of unfinished or rough draft books. Since I am a glass half full kinda gal. I will call this an accomplishment. Is Luke selling?  No but I did finish him and put him out there. All the unfinished stuff in my files. Again an accomplishment that I did start the stories, I have good Ideas, I have some drafts, I have two books and a short that Ibarring any more life crisis I will have out next year. I just need to focus more.

I did not go to college and get a degree. I don’t feel everyone has to and you can make something of yourself without one. I worked almost 20 years at Walmart as a jewelry department manager. I loved my job and was good at it. My department was one of the smallest in our district yet I managed=to keep our ranks in the top five and had hit 1 a time or three. I got commendations and won some contests for displays. Back then you had more leeway on what you did and I was very good at it.  That’s an accomplishment.


Fate intervened and got me out when all the proverbial crap hit the fan and all of the changes came along. Now I am on the next journey in my life. Yes, I may be 55, and suffer from a few chronic illnesses. I can’t sit or stand for long periods. I have memory disorders that make writing a real challenge but I will persevere if it means only publishing one book that sells. That is also an accomplishment. Not giving up and persevering through the evil one keeps knocking me down,I shake off the ashes and keep trudging along. Maybe I should change my name to Phoenix


What are your biggest accomplishments? Let’s go see what the other authors have to share.







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16 responses to “Fighting the flames #MFRWauthor #amwriting #accomlishments”

  1. I absolutely think that persevering is a great accomplishment. It’s much, much easier to give up and walk away. This writing business isn’t for the faint of heart, so the fact that you’re still working at it means a lot.

  2. It’s always easier to see other’s accomplishments instead of our own, I think you have plenty of things to be proud of Cathy.

  3. *ahem* Last time I checked, a ‘children’s book’ was still a book! You are a published author, and one day everything will come together. Those unfinished WIPs will be ‘out there’. You have accomplished a lot, and your ‘street smarts’ are just as important as ‘book learning’. Be proud of yourself:) To paraphrase the Tub-Thumpers, you’ve been knocked down, but you’ve gotten up again!

  4. Well, I attended college TWICE and still don’t have a degree 🙁 But, I’m surviving, doing my best, and trying hard to enjoy it along the way, just like you. We’re the same age BTW! Thanks for sharing your list of accomplishments with us as they are definitely inspirational.

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