Waking Up In Crystal City



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Once upon a time in a land far far away, the trees were made of ice, the grounds billowy blankets of snow.

No, I’m not writing a fairytale. This happened in 2009 in my sleepy little town.  It’s not unusual to get snow where we live but this particular day was extremely unusual. On the night before it began to rain. The temperatures fell turning to sleet. And sleet and sleet. I was afraid my skylights were going to burst from the weight. It was eerie. You could hear crackles and pops outside but the windows were so iced you couldn’t see through them. The doors froze shut. Suddenly the power was out.  Luckily I have a gas cook stove so we were able to use that and at the time I had a landline phone.  My husband was A truck driver over the road and was trying to get back to us.  He stopped and picked up supplies such as ice melt, bottled water,( I don’t use bottled we have purifiers on tap) bread, extra peanut butter, battery lanterns, batteries and a generator in a town that wasn’t hit.

Picture courtesy of Nickey Taylor

We had it lucky in town. We were without power only a few days, water back sooner, the outlying communities some were without for weeks.  I also had lots of food and with the gas stove could cook. The generator kept the fridge and freezer running. We didn’t lose anything, where many did.

I had a close call though. I stepped on the back porch when my husband told me not to and the neighbor’s huge pine that had a branch over our porch cracked, it barely missed me striking my shoulder. I was hurt pretty bad but nothing serious. Which was good as there were trees down everywhere keeping emergency vehicles out.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Snow and ice is beautiful but it can be devastating in no time flat.

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14 responses to “Waking Up In Crystal City”

  1. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful that we forget the other side. I’m so glad you and your family fared well during the traumatic experience. Wow, close call with a tree. Have you used that close call in a book, Cathy?

  2. Your story took me right back to a bad snow storm several years ago where we lost power (and heat) for 3 or 4 days. I eventually took my daughter to my parents house because they still had electricity and heat, but it was pretty cold there for a while 🙂 So glad you were’t seriously hurt by the falling tree limb. It sounds like you were well prepared for emergencies!

    • It was scary. My kids were grown and on their own. I worried about them. The tree branch was scary just an inch or two could have been fatal.

  3. It sounds like a scary storm but beautiful in its own way. You were lucky not to lose any food. Been there. Done that. Wow, that was a close call with the tree. I’m glad it wasn’t serious, though painful.

    • Thank you Mary. We had it so much better than a lot. There were fires and all sorts of problems with people trying to eat and stay warm.

    • I couldn’t imagine twice s year. We have had bad snow and little ice but nothing this major. I hope we don’t again.

  4. Beautiful picture, but winter can sure turn ugly fast. I’m glad you weren’t hurt any worse by the falling limb. It always amazes me that truckers can get through that stuff. It was good that he made it home with fresh supplies.

    • Yeah. It was pretty scary. The limb was quit a shock. It was as big as I am and I am not little.

  5. I agree. It’s beautiful to look at, but can cause so much destruction at the same time. Thank goodness you weren’t hurt by the tree seriously.

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