How many can I list? #mybadhabits #MFRWauthor #amwriting

It is time again for the 52-weekMFRWblogchallenge. It is week 35 and the topic is My Bad Habits.

At least this week it is easy. I have tons of bad habits.


Number one is nail biting. I have tried to stop but to no avail. I actually don’t bite my nails but the dried cuticles underneath so I always have sore looking and. I’ll never be a hand model.

#2. I constantly going around shutting doors and drawers. If something sticks out I have fixed it.

#3 I set expectations and goals so high no human can meet them. When I worked I was a manager and my to do lists for each shift were always long. It looked like a lot but would write things exactly. Most of them were small chores and I would rather they stay busy.

I believe this is why I never finish a story. I set my to do list so high that I work on it and never get to the writing part or am too tired when I do. I have whittled down a lot of my workload so that it is more attainable and to put the writing first. I will see how this happens.

I am a list maker. I have lists for everything. Cleaning, decluttering, crafts to do, crochet projects to do, gardening, menus, grocery lists, to do for writing, to do for home, schedules, I even have a list of my lists.

biting nails, not finishing what I start, too long of a list (see what I mean, setting expectations no human can meet personal and at work

I mean well…

That brings me to my writing. I have lists of stories that are finished drafts, some even completed, some that have been submitted rejected and I need to redo, lots of unfinished stories, lots of ideas for stories.

I have a bad habit of starting something then getting overwhelmed and stopping.

I may be staying on track working on a story when a new idea strikes. what can I do but stop and write it down, work out the characters. If not I will forget it.

I also have the bad habit of falling into the internet trap especially Pinterest. I can waste a full day there. I’ll pin recipes for hours and maybe use one on occasion.

Do you have any bad habits? Let’s go see what the others bad habits are?

18 responses to “How many can I list? #mybadhabits #MFRWauthor #amwriting”

  1. Breaking large tasks on your todo list into small pieces in the new rage. I’m hoping it will work as my todos now fill an entire stenographer’s notebook. Smiled at closing drawers. That’s a good thing, Saves sparked knees. Good post.

    • I am trying to stick to allowing myself only 6 todos a day that combines everything housework and works. so far it’s not working lol.

  2. Hi, Cathy. This is why I don’t have a Pinterest account. I know I would spend so many hours there. Sigh. I bite nails too. Eww, I hate when I do. I’m still trying to get my post up. Have a great weekend.

    • I wish there was a magical way to stop nail biting I’ve tried everything and hot sauce would make me do it more since I love the stuff LOL! Mine really isn’t a nervous habit as they get irritated and I bite off the irritation LOl. Good luck on your post. I am off to read it!

  3. I had to chuckle ironically, Cathy, because I have some of the same bad habits as you. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and fall into a frozen state. With my Quantum 4, I find that 4 major TO DO things is about all I can handle daily in a mandatory way. Once those are done, then I can do smaller things. But if I start with the smaller things, then the big things don’t get done because there’s a never ending supply of smaller things.

    • I’ve adapted your Wusntum four a little I haven’t got a chance to implement with all the family stuff going on but hope to soon

  4. Although Pinterest isn’t specifically a bad habit, the Internet in general is. News and sports are my main time gobblers — in fact I have a baseball game running right now in a different tab.

  5. I don’t think shutting doors and drawers is a bad habit – leaving them OPEN is, though. I do the same thing (run around shutting them) before people get hurt. I can relate to having to avoid the internet/Pinterest – the Great Sucker of Time, lol!

    • I agree the leaving them open is the worse Habit. One of these days I’ll manage that Sucker of Time perhaps by staying on one of my lists LOL

  6. I’ve had my share of projects unfinished, but I did get better with time. Cutting the size of the to-do lists is one idea. Putting writing at the top is another. It depends on what time of day you can actually write.

    The Internet is the worst time suck, whether your addiction is Facebook, Pinterest, or sports.

    • I have limited myself to 30 to an hour before cooking or what I call my afternoon break to do Pinterest read blogs and check out free ebooks and recipes then the rest get deleted

  7. The internet trap. Yes. Twitter has become a real time suck and I have to shut it out otherwise I’ll spend all day looking on there and not getting anything done.

    I should make lists then maybe I’d get more done. I’m a pantser in most things. I keep a relative schedule for my kids’ activities but that’s about as much planning as I can do.

    • I am glad I haven’t learned twitter so I only do a few retweets and stuff. I would really be in trouble

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