Chia seeds~ not just for growing on clay shapes #eatinghealthier

I am sorry I haven’t been posting much. Things have been crazy around here. We have been dealing with a grandson and some behavioral issues, found out my dad is diabetic and I stayed with him 6 weeks to help him adjust, and my daughter moved in for a while so her husband can go to Iowa find a job and new home for them.

I have gained back some of my weight I have lost last year but not all of it. It seems after long days of packing moving etc I am too sore and tired to cook or plan a healthy meal and we have eaten carb laden casseroles, frozen meals, and pizza.

I really need to get back on a regimen. My daughter is going to help me learn Yoga and I am going to cut my carbs and portions back once again.

I had written a post back in 2016 about ancient grains that my personal trainer had told me to try eating in place of flour and higher starch carbs.  you can read that post here

I know most of you have heard of Chia seeds from the commercials with the funny heads and cute animals you grow the seeds on. I have an alligator my dad gave me.

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But did you know they are so much more than that? Today in my email I got a post from a friend at Jen Reviews about the facts of chia seeds that I would like to share with you.  There are also 8 recipes in that post. My daughter has some chia seeds and we have been looking for recipes.

Maybe we will try one. If you try any or have a chia seed recipe you would like to share please tell us about it!

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