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Welcome back to the 52weekMFRW bloghop challenge. This is week 26 and we are about halfway now. I feel an accomplishment already by sticking to it and making a habit to blog every Friday. Thus weeks topic is Why I Write.

7 years ago  my disc ruptured and nearly severed my nerve in my hip. I had to have surgery and have the disc removed and my spine fused where it came out as it was so low they felt this was the better option that rods and stuff.  Now I have chronic backpain and that leg is still not the same. It is weak, sometimes it seems to disappear and it limits my mobility and freedom. I also have  asthma and seizures limiting what I can do and now I pretty much can’t go anywhere or do anything alone. Not even go outside to work in my yard.

I was reading paranormal romances and urban fantasies such as Kim Harrison’s Hallows series and Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake as fast as I could get them. I was depressed and seemed like all I did was lay around. One day on the computer I saw a thing about writing books. Something in me clicked. Voices began whispering in my ear.

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I began writing on a notepad. Sad thing is my handwriting is barely legible to myself.  I began researching more and more and got into some writing groups and met a writing coach that was starting out and she took me on. I began building  a platform on Facebook and in the meantime jotting down this story in my head. It was an urban fantasy and I have notebooks for 4 stories that are sort of drafted and 2 more partially done in that series alone. Every night in the tub I slipped in my Walkman and let the voices talk to me. Got out and jotted down the story.

I began getting up in the mornings and writing , especially once I found Word so much easier. I would write a while, research a while, read books on writing, outlining, etc. I had a new focus. I had a reason to get up out of bed. I may not have a book out yet but I do have a file full of rough drafts. Another full of Ideas. This year I changed my goals to getting at least one published and changed my goals to self-publishing. The reason for that is another story.

The voices just keep coming from all genres. I cant play favorites so I will write what i feel at the time.

I guess you can say writing saved me.

Why do you write? Let’s go see why the other authors write!

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17 responses to “Get Those Voices Out of My Head #MFRWauthor #MFRW #whyiwrite”

  1. I’m glad writing saved you! Good luck hitting your self-publishing goal this year (you can do it!). (*Side note: your link for this post is incorrect on the #MFRWauthor blog…)

  2. I feel your pain, Cathy, and can relate. I’m suffering in pain and nearly incapacitated right now from my back/hip. Years ago I had two ruptured disks in my lower back and sciatica, but didn’t have surgery. One steroid shot fixed me up after suffering for six months, but this is new. I’m so glad you found writing. Keep listening to those voices and KEEP writing.

  3. Sorry about your back pain. I have scoliosis and some days sitting for long periods of time isn’t in the plan. 🙁

    I’m glad writing as given you an outlet. I understand about the handwriting, mine is terrible so I try to keep all ideas digital if I can help it. Also my issue is I would write on scraps of paper here and there and lose them. I had that recently and man it sucked. I had worked out a plot hole in my timeline and can’t find where I put it. 🙁 Had to start over. Organization is key. LOL

    Hope you get your first book out into the world soon.

  4. LOL…..I once had characters chattering away at me while I was in the shower. They even argued about plots…..and when I was finally finished, I realized they were no longer in my head. I wondered where they had gone, and I swear, one actually said, “We decided you were too busy and left to ge find an author who had more time!”

    Geez…..fickle characters….But in my defense, I still haven’t written their story….*slinks away*

  5. Thank you, Cathy, for sharing that wonderful enlightenment story! I sure hope your health is improved, and I’m glad to know you’re not giving up but still allowing the voices to command your actions. Keep up the good work!

  6. I love Kim Harrison! I hope your back improves- I’ve had bulging and herniated discs so I feel your pain-although yours would be even worse 🙁 – I know how miserable it can be.

  7. I’m so glad that we met and are writing buddies as well as friends. Writing saved my life as well. My depression has a way of getting so bad and sometimes very quickly. If it wasn’t for having my own drive in writing I might have given into the suicidal thoughts a long time ago.

    I can’t wait to read your latest novel and look forward to years more of friendship between us.

    • Thank you. I really value your friendship too. I am glad we both met and writing saved us

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