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Welcome back to the MFRW52week blog challenge week 25. This weeks topic is favorite books  to read. This is an easy post for me as I read voraciously. Not many nights go by I don’t read. That is how I wind down. I grab my kindle curl up in bed and read till i can’t keep my eyes open~~~or if its one of those page turners until the book ends LOL!

I may have gotten overly zealous when I chose my goals for the Goodreads yearly challenge. I chose 250 books. I am at 104. It says I am  11 books behind schedule. I mostly read books close to 200 or more pages so I need to get busy!

My favorite genre is romance. I like a good escapism and I like almost any type of romance. If I see a cowboy hat on the cover more than likely that’s a click for me. If its a M/M cowboy book even better.


I also like firemen and military men as well.  May?December books are a one click for me too. I love to see older couples too. I love Vampires and shifters. I also like a good paranormal suspense or mystery. I like cute Cozies.

My preferences tend to change but right now I am leaning towards mostly MM but I do read M/F as well. I guess you could say it depends on my mood.

SO you see I read almost anything romance. I do prefer nothing overly, erotic though I don’t mind spice. I also like an ugly cry once in a while and a good humor is always welcome.  The Daddy and Stepbrother books all a rage right now don’t do it for me and the millionaire books I can take or leave… mostly leave.

Since I review I stay very busy and my weekly reading list is so full I barely make time for all the books I buy.  It’s a busy job but hey someone  has to do it right? What could be more fun than reading every day?

What are your favorite books to read? Let’s go see what the other Authors like to read.


12 responses to “Romance~ take me away #MFRWauthor #blog challenge #books #TBR”

  1. It was late when I wrote my post and obviously misinterpreted the Title. We share a common habit of curling up in bed every night reading a Romance until sleep arrives. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am at 110 9 books behind at least I should come close and next year I will back that goal off to alt least 225 or less

  2. When I first joined Goodreads, I actually met my goal of 200 books per year. This year, I cut it in half, and am now 4 books behind. But since I’ve now spent 2 weeks on the same book, I’m wondering if I’ll ever catch up? LOL!

    BTW….I read nearly anything….thrillers, romance, historical fiction…anything which catches my attention!

  3. I’m with you on leaving the daddy and stepbrother books. To me family is family blood or not and it just hits too high on my ew factor. LOL I’ve not read any M/M or even F/F books. That’s something I should consider. Wow your goals are high for the book challenge. I set mine low at 12 and I’m still behind. LOL I need to do better.

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