~Held Hostage by the Muse

Hi Y’all! I have a special friend visiting tomorrow so I thought I would do my Writerly Wednesday a day early. I had a post set to write-up, but I had a muse attack me the other night. Next week we may be Drafted. This week  I am talking about ideas and how they can come. The post may be short since I am having some respiratory issues and feel like crap.

This week  I am talking about ideas and how they can come from left field. I was watching TV with my husband and the Farmers Only .com commercial came on.  One of my muses whispered in my ear a secret title. I think this new idea could be a lot of fun. After talking to my friend Misty, I came up with a couple of names for a contemporary story. There will be cowboys!  While brainstorming my MM muse whispered in my other ear, wanting the story for himself. After a little more brainstorming I took my title and turned it into a world and may do two books.  There will be cowboys in both two entirely different stories.

I need my muses to help me with these rewrites and edits instead of bringing me new ideas so often. I can’t wait to write a fresh story. It has been a while. I still plan to finish Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats and Simon Plus Two first.  After that, I think I will begin one of these.  I wrote the ideas down and can work on it on the weekends after my blog work is all done.

I’m not crazy, and I know muses are not real entities. Some authors don’t believe in muses at all wanting all the credit for themselves. Some authors have real muses like artists have. These can be friends husbands pets or whatever. Others, like myself like the imaginative muse that keeps us company finds us ideas and pushes us forward. I don’t think it matters what muse we use as long as we create fun, imaginative stories I think it’s all good!

Do you like cowboy stories? Which genre do you prefer M/F or M/M or both?  Do you have a muse?  I have many.

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  1. I’ll always be here to chat out ideas with you and really the next novels sound amazing. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. As for editing and muses. I don’t consider them the same thing. I like to imagine my editor is a cantankerous newspaper man with a stogie poking out of his mouth. A plume of smoke encircles his head as he tosses the pages of my ‘baby’ novel down calling it crap. Haha.

    My muse is more of a shapeshifter, like boggarts in Harry Potter. Instead of coming out of the closet as the thing I fear the most it comes out as a character from my next novel. While sometimes it can still cause fear I imagine them sitting beside me and telling me ‘their’ story. I find it truly helps me get into my characters better.

    Wow, this turned out much longer than I expected it too, but it was fun to write.

    • I loved your comment! I cansee your editor and muse LOL. My muses are different fairy type creatures that sit with me. my editor is more Librarian, strict teacher type with a ruler LOL

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