Serenity Sunday~~A Moment of Silence

Today’s Serenity Sunday is a little different. I haven’t been out of the house to take any pictures and haven’t done anything lately. I had nothing. ( except more photos of Molly, Chloë, Kitness, and the Guinea pigs).

Yesterday in our writing group we were talking about some music and this one came up. We were discussing both versions. I like them both. ( some of you won’t remember Simon and Garfunkel)


This is the Original from 1964


This is the newer version by Disturbed.


I think this is one of the best remakes. It gives me shivers! ( Thanks Misty for getting it back in my head and Margaret ( my Daughter ) for originally introducing it to me.LOL) I still like the original but this just is awesome. I love his growliness near the end! I also think this song is timeless.

What do you think? Which is your favorite and why?

3 responses to “Serenity Sunday~~A Moment of Silence”

  1. I have to admit to being more fond of the Disturbed version. There is something about the song that sounds better slowed down and given to more of a bass singer. I think it gives that song not only an edgier sound but that chills effect as well. However, that being said. Had Simon and Garfunkle tried to do that all those years ago…it wouldn’t have gone over well. That simply wasn’t the style of music back then. So I shall agree with you that, the song is timeless and sounds fantastic either way.

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