Tease Tuesday~~ The Boys are Back.

Hi, Y’all. As you see I’m having a hard time making up my mind on both my blog and writing schedules I think I have finally decided On BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats I think This would be a good one to get released by summer. This week I am going to post another Teaser for  Simon Plus 2 (working title). Simon Plus Two is the story I started for NaNo and is a spinoff of BaseBall Bats and Cowboy Hats.

I am into the story a bit and Where Simon finally meets Christopher.

This is in Topher’s View. It is very raw. a very quickly written first draft so forgive any error it has not seen any revisions at all.

Simon Plus Two copyright 2016


I went to the office door and found my suitcases sitting in the hall. There was a note taped to the door. Your bed is empty.Put your shit in there in the morning and don’t wake Simon up. Fuck with him, and I WILL KILL YOU! TJ.
Who does this Fucker think he is? He isn’t my dad never will be!
I walked into my room and not quietly. Yes, I’m still an ass. Besides, I may be little, but I don’t take kindly to threats. I learned when I was younger to take up for myself. Caleb took me for several Martial art classes, and we would also box and brawl in the workout room. I can hold my own. At least in a fair fight and against one person.
I’ve had the last three days from hell. Guns and I argued about my leaving, the drive was long and tedious and now fighting with mom. I look at my phone. I have missed several calls from Guns. I look at the little lump in the other bed. Dam this guy is smaller than I am. How old is he 18? Or younger? Maybe one of those child genius’ that went to college at 16? I think about calling Guns and bellowing into the phone. It is my room. Why should I respect a trespasser? I toss my duffel on the bed where I could find some sleep pants. Standing at the head of the bed, I got a closer look. The boy or man or whatever had golden brown hair. Sun-kissed. His cheeks are high and prominent. He has the thickest kissable lips I’ve ever seen. NO. I cannot think about kissing his lips. I have a boyfriend. Waiting for me to get my business in order and come home. I don’t need Caleb’s money. Guns will teach me to tattoo and hire me he.  He told me so.
My phone buZZes. I decide not to wake the sleeping angel. Don’t ask me why. Maybe my cold heart grew a couple of sizes.
I text Guns. Hey, babe. So sorry I didn’t text back. It’s been a hell of a mess here. T
I’ve been worried sick. You should’ve let me known when you got there. G
It was late when I got to Caleb’s. We went to an all-night diner and ate and he filled me in on stuff. It was into the morning when we got to his place. I didn’t want to wake you. T
Like I was able to sleep with you driving so far home alone? G
I’m sorry ok? It’s been hell. When we got up we came to moms. All that she has done is scream and yell. I’m exhausted and want to sleep. You probably need some too. T
I need to hear your voice. Can you call me? G
Not tonight. There is someone sleeping in my room. They have to get up early for chores.T
I look at the beautiful boy and wonder why I suddenly cared if he slept or not.
How long do you think this shits gonna take? G
I look at the phone. This doesn’t seem like my caring Gun’s; now he seems possessive and demanding.
I don’t know. I will keep in touch.
I sit on the edge of my bed. When I came in the room, my plan was to flip on the light and unpack my stuff. Loudly. I pull out my shave kit, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.
I drift off into sleep instead of dreaming about being in Guns big arms. I dream about curling around a sweet angel with lips to die for.

I hope you are enjoying the story I may drop one more teaser next week or I may move on to BBB.

Do you like stories with spinoffs? Do you like sports romance? I am not a big sports enthusiast but found that some are pretty good if the sports isn’t predominant.

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