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Hi Y’all as you see I decided to bring back Serenity Sunday.  The week of Christmas Bella gave us a gift. We had a baby Guinea pig. I called it Squeaky since it squeaks all the time. LOL. Guinea pigs reproduce fast and it was time to separate them.  Papa decided we needed a larger cage for his babies. It was meant for Bella and Squeaky as we thought Squeaky was a she, but… Now we think we are wrong so  Fred is on with Squeaky.

Chloë kept a good  eye on Fred while  we moved them around

The Condo is ready

we are going to get another of the larger cages soon

Bella                                                   Fred                                                  Squeaky

It looks like  I may be introducing you to some new additions in March then being separated hopefully that’s it.

Do you like the photos on Sunday or did you prefer Monday?

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  1. I enjoy all your posts no matter what day. Sunday is for relaxing, piddling, and coffee. Monday as a rule is not my favorite day for anything, except lots of coffee. Even though I’m retired from my day job, I still can’t cotton to Mondays.

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