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Hi, everyone. This is a new thing I am trying. I hope you like my play on words!  This post is a little long, and I will be working the bugs out to get it smoother soon.

I will tell you a little about each book or audio and link you to my Goodreads link for the full review. At Goodreads, you can usually get the buy links by clicking on the get a copy, and it will pop up a list. I will also tell you who the publisher is that way you can always go there to purchase as well.

You can also find all of these reviews at TTC Books and More  where she has fun giveaways and prizes each month too, so leave a comment on the reviews! To find each review just search the title and author of the book. Some of them have a blog tour as well with extra giveaways!

This was a slow week for me. I’ve been sick and going to bed early.


Love is Heartless (Love Can’t Series #2) by Kim Fielding Dreamspinner Press

4 Meows

254 pages MM Contemporary, PoliceProcedural, Mystery Suspense

Nevin Ng was raised in the foster system. He is foul-mouthed, bitter and a one night stand guy. He doesn’t do relationships. Heck, he doesn’t do monogamy. He is a police detective in the Aged division and also works with Manuel at Bright Hope a community for LGBTQ senior citizens.

Colin works for his father in land development. They buy old houses, tear them down, build townhouses to sell. They have a few rental homes that Colin takes care of. One of his tenants calls him to work on her plumbing, and he finds her beat nearly to death. He meets Detective Ng and sparks fly.

I enjoyed this story and the slow build between the two men. I liked Nevin’s snark and his nicknames for Colin and the internal struggle in Nevin.

You can find my full review at Goodreads: 

Afraid to Fly (Anchor Point #2) by L.A. Witt RipTide Publishing

Meows 4  Purss 4 (sexy, sensual and hot)

Genre: Contemporary M/M,  military, two silver foxes, workplace romance. Pages 347

 This is a book two of a series but stands alone fine. I think Anchor point may be what ties it into a series. I have not read the first ( but added to my to Read list) and really enjoyed the book.

The two main characters are both in their Forties. Both Military men with PTSD and Travis also have a disabling injury. Both men are now confined to desk work.

Clint comes out at the Navy Ball in a big way and also dumps his boyfriend after because he can’t be around that much drinking. He finds out that Travis is also Bisexual and they hit it off. I guess you could add friends to lovers in the category.  I found the story good, the romance good and loved the dealing with trauma. In the beginning, it was a bit slow, and no real action happens. It’s just a good romance of two men dealing with a lot, and life.

You can find  my full review at Goodreads  


Audio: Beneath the Stain Amy Lane  Nick J Russo  Audible

Rock band books aren’t my favorite but I heard so much about this I jumped at the chance to review it. Man am I glad I did. There is a lot of angst, but It’s worth it.

I think Nick J Russo brought so much passion to this story that you wouldn’t experience on your own. He didn’t just read the book. He became the characters. Each had their own voice, and the passion between Trav and Mackey was unfathomable. Nick made those love scenes with every breath, moan and whisper. He gave me shivers.

You can find my review at Audible 


 Movie: I haven’t felt well, so there wasn’t many movies or TV this week.  We did watch a movie last night called  Rampage President Down.

I’ll keep my lips zipped on this one. It was like looking at a train wreck…I wanted to walk away but was stuck.  I think I needed eye-bleach after. There was lots of violence.


I hope you enjoyed my week in review. I hope you find some good books to read an audio or movie. If you had a favorite this week, you would like to share, post in comments. I am always looking for good entertainment! See ya Next week!



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    • I do not recommend that movie it was propaganda and sooo violent. Shivers just thinking about it!

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