Caging the Time-sucker

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I have this little creäture in y house. I know it’s here even though I can’t see it. Yes, I have an invisible Time-sucker on the loose. I make great plans but this little devil likes to add things or hide things making me hunt them.

I have dedicated this month to clean up the mess my Time-sucker made last year. I need to find him and cage him, but I bet he has siblings to go behind him and continue to stick shiny things in my face or on my Facebook wall, or in my email.

It is almost the end of January and I have made no headway so far in eliminating this mess or finding the nasty little creäture. I do have a list to work through. Some of it as it come such as Emails.  Through Insta-freebie I have a gazillion Newsletters. No disrespect to those authors but if I am not going to keep reading them or following them or possibly buying their book I don’t need to keep those emails coming. Lesson learned. Only take the Insta-freebies I am truly interested. Not just a freebie. I also have a habit of signing up for lots of free eBooks and recipes or crafts. I am cutting those back too.  Each day I do this when emails show up I decide to stay or go.

*Song pops in head*


I have a list for Goodreads as well. I have already cut back on the groups there. Most of them didn’t have any forums or anything current.  I still need to cut a few more. I also need to go through my book list and check my currently reading and to read pile. This is at the end of my list, though.

On Facebook, I need to work through Groups, pages, and friends. I have started on each. I cut my groups way back and still need to cut a few more.

These are my three major problem areas. I think linked in twitter and Google plus could use some going through too.  Maybe later in the year.

Another issue I have before making my schedule is a friend suggested combining the Bites Trilogy into one long book instead of three short ones. I haven’t decided but that will mean a revision on my schedule. Speaking of which I need to make one…February is fast approaching.

I do have my blogging sorted. I will be doing a Tuesday Teaser, a Blog hop post on Friday, A week In Review on Saturday and a cute animal or babies post on Monday.  I may add in personal post now and again like today.

Speaking of all this work, I better get back to it.

Do you make lists and schedules? Does the Time-sucker visit you too?

Any tips are appreciated!

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