A new Year, New goals

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the 4th day of the New Year. It’s also my Birthday.  This year I decided to bake myself a cake. The jury is still out on whether it will be Carrot, Texas sheet cake or Boston cream cake. All my favorites LOL I am leaning on the Boston Cream cake also known as a Boston Cream Pie since it is what mom always made for me. It will depend on how I feel that one has several steps.

I didn’t make resolutions this year. I figured to try something different and make small monthly goals. This month is mainly gearing everything up and getting ready so I can begin.

I have worked on my craft room and should have it all organized and labeled by the end of the week.  If I do, I will share photos.

I hope to do a room a week to get the clutter out and organization set in. Some rooms may not take so long others may take longer. I will see how far I get with this in January and what needs to be moved to February. I am taking it small steps at a time.

I am also cleaning files on my computer. I got the photos halfway done yesterday and plan to finish today. Then I will work on other document files till I had it all clean and backed up.

On my job front, I am determined to get out one book. I hope for at least three, but the small goal is one and go from there.  I am finishing the edits on Love Bites, to get back to the editor. Then I hope to finish Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and the Spinoff MMM that goes with it. I am going to try a 30-day thing like I did with NaNo. If I can write 50 k in 30 days surely, I can self-edit it and send to a Beta in that time as well.  If all goes accordingly, I hope to have something out by summer.  I have several books in nearly finished status in my files, so I will see what is next if I manage to stay focused and the beta and editor doesn’t find too much wrong with those three.

On my blogging, I am cutting back. For now. I have cut my guest posts/reviews out except for a few friends. I am still reviewing, and you can find my reviews at TTC Books and More.  She has both mine and her reviews and monthly giveaways.  I will have a Teaser Tuesday still and Serenity Sunday. I am thinking about a week in review where I tell you about what books I have read and listened to, but haven’t quite figured that post out yet.

I am also cutting down on my email time by adding it with my walking on the treadmill.  What I can’t get through during this period I delete. That’s newsletters, recipes, free ebooks, etc. So far I have done this every day since Saturday.

All of this will free up my afternoons so that I can keep up my house and do crafts. By summer I hope to have a few crafts done to sell and set up a website and Facebook page for that. DO you have any name suggestions? I am considering Cat’s Crafty Corner.

That’s my plans for January is mostly organization and planning for the next few months.

Did you make resolutions? Do you think small monthly goals is a good idea?





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  1. First of all, did you make the Boston Cream Cake??? I’m so jealous . Yes, I like the idea of your monthly goals. I bought 5 different calendars in a effort to get better organized. I think part of the success of it would be to be happy with achieving smaller step goals instead of being obsessive about everything being perfect, which won’t happen. Best of luck to you and please keep us updated. I am interested to know what works for people. Decluttering is something I am also doing at this time. I have found treasures and a lot of trash that I loved tossing.

    • I did not get to make my Boston cream cake. I had a bit of issue with the grandkids getting them off to school then one forgetting to tell me she was staying till five 3o for volleyball and I sat 3o minutes two times awaiting her. And the boy was a handfull I did manage a boxed chocolate cake which was delicious and put a turkey breast in the crockpot, so turkey breast baked potatoes and the cake. our Walmart is closing and they ran 50 percent off so hubby took me there in the afternoon also killing my time ot make my cake. I will make one sometime this year. its a small goal LOL!
      I plan to start my writing schedule back next month and see how that works with a monthly goal in mind. I’m using a simple calendar planner. Good Luck to you and your writing I really want to read the book you are doing on Tuesday tales so hurry and publish it LOL You already have one sold!

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