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Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. NaNoWriMo is finally over, and I can breathe.  I completed my 50k, but the story needs lots of work. The end got a little rushed, and I have some fluff to remove. But that’s what rewrites are for.  I have introduced Simon,  Topher,  and Max. If you missed it click on their names to check it out. Last week we had a first for Topher. You can find that here.

This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is quite the character and experimenting to find himself. Another difficulty is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

I don’t know if I will continue posting from this story or what comes next. Stop by next Tuesday to see.

WARNING: There is man on man sex involved, and it may be a little steamy. If this isn’t for you. I understand. 

This Is Simon’s first date with Max. I hope you can see the contrast of characters.

Simon Plus Two Copyright 2016


Sunday comes not fast enough yet too fast. Mark still hasn’t come back to the farm. Annie says she gave him some time off, telling him Ike and I could handle it. She didn’t offer any information, and I was too ashamed to ask. I guess I will need to call him if he doesn’t come back Monday.
Max wanted to come pick me up. After a couple of times, my GPS rerouted me I wish I had taken him up on it. I was emotionally a wreck when I arrived an hour later.
“I was getting worried you changed your mind. You weren’t answering any texts.”
“Sorry, I don’t text and drive. I got rerouted twice.”
“Yeah the GPS isn’t very good finding country roads and drives.”
“We ran into that on the drive to Annie’s. That was a nightmare.”
“Where did you drive in from?”
“West Virginia.”
“Is that where your from?”
“No. That’s one of my parent’s summer homes. Our main home is in Colorado. He owns a few resorts around the country. They travel a lot.”
“Wow, that sounds cool.”
I shrug. I guess it is if you aren’t used to it.
“Was he gone a lot when you were little.”
“Not really. He worked from home a lot; he did have to see investors, board meetings, and stuff. He tried to do a lot of the traveling when I was out of school and took mom and me along.”
“How about you? Where are you from.”
“I’m from here. Born and bred. Dad has a farm. Mom is a veterinarian.”
“That’s cool. That s what I am studying to be.”
Max smiled. “You ready to ride?”
TJ’s remarks mixed with the wicked grin on Max’s face made me blush.
He led me to a barn behind the house. He had two horse already saddled waiting. Both had saddle bags on as well.
“This is Ginger” he pointed to a lovely red quarter horse with white markings. “You will be riding her.”
“This big boy is Ace.” He patted the head of a Large black horse with white on his head and rump. ”He is a mix of this and that.”
“Do you know how to ride?”
“Yeah but it been a long time.”
He helped me mount. “Ginger is a gentle horse and will follow Ace and me.”
We rode at a slow pace, Max pointing out different things on the property. We came to a narrow creek and Max pulled us to a stop. I was glad when we dismounted. My butt is aching like crazy. My thighs were worse.
“This is beautiful.”
Max stared at me as I stretched. “Yeah it is.” Max’s voice was low and husky.
He turned quickly unpacking a blanket and some food. He handed ma a water bottle which I gladly accepted.
“I hope you don’t mind mostly meat and bread. I didn’t want to chance slaw or potato salad, and that canned stuff is nasty.” He wrinkled his nose.
We sat down with fried chicken thighs and legs, bread and fruit. Max gave each of the horses an apple to munch on.
“We talked a little about our likes and dislikes. I found he and I liked most of the same movies, and things. He evens likes the holiday shows on Hallmark and loves the cooking channel. I found he did most of the remodeling of his house and couldn’t wait to see it. After we had eaten, Max wrapped me in his arms, and we laid looking at the clouds, trees, and water.
We took a different route back t the house. I was amazed at how peaceful it is out here. I always considered myself a city boy, until we got to Annie’s. Now here at Max’s, I could see myself here.
We worked together brushing the horses down and putting them up for the evening.
“Can you stay a little longer?” he asked. “I’d like to show you the house.
“I would love to.”
He took my hand as we walked down the lane to the small, quaint-looking home. You could tell it was very old. I was shocked when we entered. I had expected a bachelor pad with state of the art appliances, and gigantic masculine decor. Instead, it fitted to the house. The kitchen had new appliances all white. The cabinets were painted a soft green. Not wood and chrome I expected. The windows had soft curtains in a darker green, checked pattern. The table was a retro 70’s in good condition. The living room was a little more modernly furnished with a wooden tv stand that looked like a fireplace and large TV on top. Facing it was a plush suede couch framed by two matching chairs.
He showed me to a bathroom down the hall. I noticed a staircase. I guess his room is up there.
I washed up and met him in the living room. He was sitting on the couch. I sat beside him.
“Can I kiss you, Simon?”
I nodded. Max leaned over me touching his lips to mine. We kissed softly. I could feel his heart beating fast against my chest. He licked my bottom lip I gasped, and his tongue darted in. He leaned me down onto the soft sofa, stretching his massive body over mine. I could feel his erection pressing against me. Our kiss grew deeper, more passionate. I could kiss him forever.
“Jeez, Simon. I want you.” He breathed huskily against my neck as he trailed kisses down. I tensed beneath him. There is no way I could get this man off me in the position we were in. One hand trailed down to my shirt lifting it. The calloused hand felt good on my smooth skin. He explored my stomach, easing up to my chest, avoiding my nipples.
“Simon, can I touch you.”
“Yes. Please.” I begged. I wanted him. All my fears vanished. If he was asking to touch my nipples he wouldn’t do anything I didn’t ok.
He raised up, took off his shirt. “ Is this ok?” I nodded. Can I take yours off? I nodded again. I sat up removed my T-shirt. He scooted me up until my head rested on one of the couch arms. Knelt taking off my shoes, easing my legs back up onto the sofa.
“You look so good stretched out on my couch, Simon. I have thought about this since our first date.”
He knelt back on the couch, moving me more to the center, straddling me, he eased back down. He kissed me again, his hands trailing on my bare chest. I jumped when he twisted my nipple.
“Did I hurt you?’
It hurt yet it felt good. I wasn’t sure how to answer. Wet heat engulfed the tingling nub. I bucked up into his body. He nipped and licked as I bucked under him. “You like this.” It was no longer a question.
I began kissing his neck exploring his wide shoulders with my hands. I felt a firm hand on my length. I paused for a moment. I still had my jeans on. He moved his hand.
I realized I wanted that heat back. I took his hand and guided it back. R He raised his head gazing at me in question.
“Tell me what you want Simon.”
“I don’t know,” I whispered.
He sat back up pulling me up beside him. He unfastens his pants; then unzips mine.
Touch me Simon. The soft command in his voice sent shivers all trough me. He Slid his hand beneath the waistband of my briefs. “Well, well. My Simon isn’t little all over.”
I slid my hand into his boxer briefs. He wasn’t all that little either. He raised me up pushing my jeans and underwear down, doing the same with his. He began a slow pace, rubbing me. I followed him. His mouth met mine. The scent of man and sex filled the room. Heavy breathing and moans were a sexy music. I could feel my balls draw up. “SIMON!” Max shouted as warmth filled my hand, pushing me over the edge with him.
“Damn baby that was good.” He panted, Standing he pushed the jeans off, walking down the hall. He came back with a warm cloth.
I pulled my clothes back up after he gently cleaned me. “Simon I know this is fast. If it’s too fast just say so.”
I sat wondering what he was talking about. I guess my mind hadn’t come back from the high.
“Will you consider dating me.”
“I thought we have been dating.” I grinned. We’ve been out three times in one week.
“I want you to be my boyfriend. Mine.”
I wanted that too.


I hope you can see how different each of these men are. Does Simon come off as too sweet and Naive? Is it too fast for Max and Simon to begin a relationship?

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