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Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. NaNoWriMo is finally over, and I can breathe.  I completed my 50k, but the story needs lots of work. The end got a little rushed, and I have some fluff to remove. But that’s what rewrites are for.  I have introduced Simon,  Topher,  and Max.  If you missed it, you can  click on their names to catch up.

This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is quite the character and experimenting to find himself. Another difficulty is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

I don’t know if I will continue posting from this story or what comes next. Stop by next Tuesday to see.

WARNING: There is man on man sex involved and it may be a little steamy. If this isn’t for you. I understand. 

This Scene is Topher discovering something he suspected but wasn’t sure.

Simon Plus Two Copyright 2016

I wake up feeling like I am trapped under a massive block. I look down at the wide down pressed tightly against me. I try to heave the massive arm off my chest so I can get up to go to the bathroom. Guns snuffles and presses tighter. Shit. I slept with a man. We didn’t have intercourse, though we did some erotic stuff. I can still feel him pressing against me his thick length against mine. Our bare chests rubbing together. His soft and more urgent kisses. I finally can move the boulder off my chest. In the bathroom, I glance in the mirror. I don’t look different.

Well, My mother will say I do with the eyebrow and nose piercings and the new haircut. I am going today for the lip and tongue piercing. If it doesn’t hurt too much, I may go ahead and get that ear gauge out-of-the-way. Guns said that would look hotter than a regular piercing. I put a dab of the antiseptic on my nose and eyebrow after washing my hands.
“Baby?” Guns voice is husky and sexy as hell.
I gargle before heading back to the bed. Shit. Guns is leaning up on one elbow. The soft, expensive sheet pooled low on his trim hip.
I stand staring at him in awe.
“You gonna just gawk or come back here and let me show you more of what you been missing?”
I hesitate. Will he want to fuck me? Will he be pissed if I don’t?
“I see those wheels turning in that pretty head of yours. I promised I wouldn’t do anything you don’t want. I only want to show you why you should get that juicy tongue of yours pierced.”
I go from half mast to full-fledged hard. Guns eyes darken further as his gaze travels down my body to my cock trying to escape the tiny underwear I am wearing. He grabs me as I near the bed; his lips take mine in a hungry kiss. His beard feels rough, yet good as he travels down my body stopping to taunt both nipples, then wasting no time going down my stomach licking the thin patch of hair from my navel to my waistband. Damn, I should have manscaped or shaved it bare. I don’t know what he likes. I had no Idea I would be going this far with a man. My hands roam over his broad should.
“Raise up baby. Let me get these out of my way.”
“You don’t have to do this,” I whisper.
“Baby I never do anything I don’t want to do.”
He licks across the tip of my cock taking the pearl of fluid that has begun to leak.
“Oh, Baby you taste good.”
Somehow I can’t believe that. I never liked going down on women much. All the romance books may say how sweet and yummy it tastes but to me it was bitter and salty. I shudder. Not at the thought of eating a woman but at the wet heat engulfing my hard cock. I throw my head back and moan. I can feel the silver ball in his tongue scraping up the underside of my dick. I can barely hold back.
“Gonna…come” I pant out.
He wraps a hand around the base squeezing tight.”Try to hold on for me. I want you to see how good I can make you feel. Before I can say anything else, he engulfs me again this time taking me to the base. His hand moves to my balls rolling them gently as he swallows.
“Guns! I scream out. I couldn’t warn him; I shot so fast. He continued to suck and lick my length. I was still shaking when he pulls me into his arms for a kiss. I can taste myself. It isn’t as bad as I thought mingled with the taste of him.
Let’s get a shower and get dressed. I will take you to breakfast.
“What about you? I’ve never. Uh. You know. What you just did. I can try.”
“Not today Topher. This is all about you. I hope you stick around. I’ll get my shot later.”
“Yeah. Breakfast sounds good. Coffee sounds better.”
“That stuff is bad for ya.” I admire his naked form as he rolls off the bed. When did he get naked? Why isn’t he hard? I reach over to find my underwear and see a large wet spot near the bottom of the bed.
“You do that to me, sexy.” He winked before disappearing into the bathroom.

I pick out a clean outfit from the small closet. I can imagine how good Guns must look with water sluicing down that muscular body. I find my clothes from yesterday.  All  I find of Guns is his boots and socks sitting at the foot of the bed.

I’m embarrassed at the stains on the sheets. The person that comes to clean the room will know what I’ve been up to. I am sure they have seen worse. I think about calling down to ask for the sheets to make my bed when Guns calls to me standing in the bathroom door. My heart leaps when I see him shirtless. His tight jeans encasing his muscular thighs like a second skin.
“Do you mind if I use your mouthwash and brush? I didn’t plan on staying over when we came here last night.”
“Sure. There is an unopened toothbrush in the top drawer by the sink. The hotel provided it. I had my own.”
“Thanks. I appreciate it.”
I slip into the shower while he brushes his teeth and retreats to the other room to put on his boots.
“We can get coffee and breakfast down in the lobby. There is a restaurant there. They have pretty good food.”
“If ya want. I know this café not far from here that has the best breakfast around.”
“Okay.” I make sure my laptop and tablet are in the safe along with my extra money. I never carry it all on me. Especially not in a strange town. Everything is put away and neat. I glimpse back at the bed as we walk out the door. Oh well. I will leave an extra tip .
We walk back to his shop and go behind it.
“Ever been on a motorcycle?”
“ It’s been a while. Why?”
“The cafe is a couple of miles away. I figured we could ride instead of walk. I need to be at the shop by eleven.”
He leads me to a Harley. It wasn’t tricked out like I imagine when he first mentioned it. It is a nice one though. He unlocks the saddle bag and pulls out two helmets. . I nervously get on behind him glad we aren’t going far. The ride was exhilarating. The throb of the big bike under me and the heat front the big man in front of me had my body humming. I never thought of myself as an adrenaline rush kinda guy. I guess I was wrong. I could get used to riding the motorcycle. As long as I’m with Guns that is.
We pull up at a truck stop with a café attached to the side.
There is a sign that says seat yourself. Guns leads me to a booth near the back. We didn’t have to wait long for a waitress to show up.
“Would you like coffee while you look your menus over?” she sits two glasses of water on the table.
“Yes please.” I say eagerly.
“Cream and sugar?”
“Yeah. Extra cream.”
She turns her attention to Guns.”Your usual.”
“Yeah. Give us a few minutes before you put in my food. My friend Topher needs to look at the menu.”
“You got it.” She winks.
I can’t help fight a jealous tingle in my gut. This woman acts like she knows Guns on a personal level.”
“I like that look on your face.”
“What look?” I pull the menu higher to hide my face.
“The glare you shot Lucy.”
“I wasn’t glaring.” I say through gritted teeth.
“Don’t worry. She is my best friend Damien’s girl. Even if she wasn’t taken, she isn’t my cup of tea.”
“’Oh? You don’t like the curvy, busty girls with a lot of sway in their hips?”
“No. I swing one way only. I like my lovers, slender, with bubble butts and firm thighs. And dicks are a must.” He takes a sip of water and chuckles. “If you noticed all that about her, it’s you I have to worry about. You did tell me you were here finding yourself.”
“Nah even when I dated women, I liked them smaller, less fluff.”
“Seriously? You didn’t like big boobs and meaty butts?”
“Nope. Petite and small breasts.” It hits me. I liked my women more boyish built. Even if they had long hair and pretty faces they had boyish figures. Come to think of it I like short hair on them better than long.
“There you go again over analyzing yourself, Topher. Relax. Be yourself. Don’t worry about labels. What would you like for breakfast. I get the hungry man feast with bacon, sausage, two eggs, hash brown casserole and pancakes.”
I gulp. Shit that’s a lot of food. Then again he is a lot of man. Lucy comes back with my coffee a little pitcher of cream and sugar and a cup of hot liquid for Guns. “
I order biscuits and gravy, two eggs and bacon.
It doesn’t take long for our food to arrive. Lucy refills my coffee and brings Guns another green tea. Guns was right this is good.The gravy wasn’t instant and neither were the eggs.
I was hungrier than I realized.
“What are your plans today?” Guns asks between bits of fluffy pancakes oozing in maple syrup. My mind wanders to how good that would taste on his lips.
“I don’t know. I thought I’d look through the guides in the hotel and see what was close.”
“Do you not have a car?”
“Yeah. I figured I would check out things close by first.”
“You could come by the shop. After you look around some.”
“I thought I would get my lip pierced, maybe take you up on the tongue piercing too.”
“Oh yeah, baby. I have a couple of clients this morning. I don’t have anything after two. If you get done before then you are welcome to come and look through the books.”
“Yeah. I will.”
Guns took me back to the hotel even though I told him I didn’t mind the walk from his shop. I decided to get on my computer and look up more things about man on man sex. If I was going to see Guns again I needed to know how to please him like he did me. I also needed to see what anal sex was all about. I still wasn’t sure if I could ever go there or not. Would that be a deal breaker for Guns? Would I care if it was?


This is a very rough draft. It needs lots of work.  So what do you think of Topher? This shows his dilemna and him finally coming to terms with his sexuality.  Did you get that from this clip? What did you get from it?  Was there too much fluff or anything confusing or didn’t belong? I love to hear your comments.

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