Do you Judge a book By It’s Cover

Do You Judge a Book By Its Cover?

I read a lot. I mean   A lot. I generally read over 100 pages a day that’s a minimum.  On a good night I can do 200. That’s not counting e-books I listen to while doing chores or crafting.

I get emails offering free and bargain books in my email. I get 6 to 10 a day.

How do you shop for a book? Do you have the title and authors name in hand go to the bookstore grab it and go…or if buying online type in the title, push buy, and it’s all over?

Or do you walk in the books store or sit at you computer browsing row after row of colorful covers? When one catches your eye, then you pick it up and look further.

Ok, the cover got your attention than what? If it’s not an author you know would you return it to the shelf? Probably not since you were browsing covers not authors. If you were looking for a particular artist, you would have gone straight to that section.

What do you look for on the cover? Do you like people?  Is it a hot, sexy man in next to nothing that gets your attention? Is a part of scene acting out?

I do like people on the cover. I will admit I am tired of the headless or half headless men or women. Ont gets me wrong I still buy some of those if the cover is eye-catching enough to make I pick up the book because next I read the blurb. Yeah, the cover makes me pick it up but not automatically buy the book. I need a little more information. I need to know the genre and me this is part of a series if it is a series which book in it. That’s imperative to me. There is nothing I hate worse than starting a book to find out I missed something. I look everywhere and nowhere can I find its part of a series. Then I may run into some inner circle discussing the series. It would be nice to know when purchasing the book it is.

The second thing I look at after the cover is the title. Does it blend with the cover to catch my attention?  I don’t like silly titles. I won’t mention any here because I also don’t like bashing authors, but anything close to Debbie does her boss and everyone else… please..  Or My boss is my Master? Or my sex life with a  slimy alien… just yuck.  I have to admit I get some good chuckles at titles. I get several emails offering free or reduced books daily, and some make me laugh. A few bring me to tears they are so bad.  I’m signed up for romance, and romantic suspense and westerns for the most part and some days all I get are an erotic millionaire or bad boy bikers. Again,  Not a bad thing always. I have taken a few. But I am not into the pure erotic stuff. I like a good storyline and moderate to mild sex levels.

That’s why reading a blurb is important. Ok, I just said Millionaires weren’t always my thing. But the cover got my attention, perhaps the title too so I read the blurb. I am almost sold. It sounds like I could like it. There is a way to be sure. Go to Amazon and order a sample.  They will send you a couple of chapters; then you should know if the book is for you.  This way you avoid returning a book you dot like or if you are like me and don’t return it just deleting and the author never knows how the book went over.  Reviews are important. So if you read a book, please go to Amazon and leave a review it doesn’t have to say much, just say if you liked it, a small bit of why, if there was something you didn’t like, bring that up to in a nice way. It’s good to get positive feedback to help us in our future end

What sells you most on a book?  Is it the cover, blurb or combination? Or do you only buy from authors you already read?

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  1. Really good description of how you choose the books you read! I go a lot by the cover, too. One thing that tends to turn me off–I know I’m probably alone in this, judging by my facebook feed–is an oily bare male torso. Put a nice shirt on him for goodness sake. Than we’ll talk. I don’t even like the word torso. Or, put his face or his whole body on the cover, not just the torso.

    • I agree with you so you are not alone. I like shirts too. I also like faces. Not saying I won’t buy one with only a bare chest, but it has to really inspire me with a background or title. (not a fan of Torso either sounds like it belongs in a morgue! Blech! LOL

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