Serenity Sunday~New from~#recycledwood #heirlooom

My husband has a hobby. He goes around and finds cut down trees and brings them home. He even bought a lot so he could put his sawmill (yes he has a sawmill ) on it to make boards from the trees. He spends hours cutting these trees into boards sorting the good from bad cutting the parts that can’t be used for firewood that he gives away to the people in town that need it. When he has the time, he makes benches and tables.  This bench is the latest, and I asked to keep it. It sits in the front of my yard by the trees. Hopefully next year I will get to sit outside and relax there or watch the children and four legged children play. I know with my asthma and allergies it’s a dream but hey it’s a good one.

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He made these for his niece to use in her photo studio

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these are two about 6 or 7 foot long.

He is working on a table now that we also decided to keep. I have always wanted a round dining room table and he has one piece big enough to suit my needs. he has counted the rings and he thinks the tree dates back to around the early 1900’s and has also dated a flood time by the rings. It’s pretty interesting. When he gets the table and history completed Ill show ya more. He also bought an attachment for his lathe so he can make chair legs.

Do you like rustic looking furniture? Do you recycle anything?


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