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Hi y’all. I know it’s been awhile since I have posted. Things have been crazy. I am doing NaNo again this year. It started out a real challenge now I am into the story and its flowing. I fell in love with my characters and though this story is way outside my comfort zone, I have decided to add it to my list of goals for next year. So I thought I would let you have a peek, meet some of my characters and see what you think.

I have no Title I am calling it Simon plus two for now. This is very rough since in NaNo you strive for word count. It has not been edited  at all and is extremely rough.

In Chapter one, I introduce Simon. He is from a story I plan to release by next spring (If all goes to plans). I loved him so much i felt he needed to tell his story and have a happy ending.  The story that unfolded was a surprise to me and not what I had planned.  I am writing this story in both Simon and one of his love interests, Topher’s view.  Simon is arriving to stay at Topher’s mothers Hobby farm. He plays on the prospect team she is hosting several of the players.  In Chapter One Simon’s view,  I have mostly his arrival. Topher is much more complex wanting to get away from the farm and find himself. Today I want to share a little of Topher.

Simon plus Two copyright 2016

New Orléans sorta freaks me out. I may not stay here long. California was fun and I went to my first pride parade. I still am not sure about myself.When I was in junior high I dated girls. My first two years in high school I did as well. Then that terrible incident in my junior year. We were playing flag football when Sam Galloway tackled me. As we scuffled playfully for the ball he flipped me on my back and pinned my arms above my head in one fell swoop. He laid on top of me his breath warm against my face. My dick throbbed in my shorts. His eyes got wide and he hopped up quickly. I was mortified that he would shout obscenities until my gaze landed on his crotch. Seemed he had a similar reaction. He showed up at my house later that day threatening me if I spoke of the incident again. He swore he isn’t gay, that it’s just a normal reaction from the contact we had. Young guys get horny that’s all, he had said. He was a couple of years older so I believed that. Then Junior prom came and I found myself in a hotel room with my date once again humiliated. No matter how much I touched her, kissed her or she touched me, nothing happened. I thought about Sam’s hard body on mine and my cock inflated up like a balloon. Then she crawled on top of me, kissed me, I felt her curves, smelled her sweet perfume and I nearly tossed my cookies. I blamed the punch and extra alcohol we drank. That night got me to wondering though. Could I be gay? Surely not. I kept busy the summer before my senior year working in Uncle Caleb’s feed store. I flirted with the girls and everything seemed fine. I even went out one night and had sex with a lovely girl, though I did think about some hot, beefy actors. If I can have sex with a girl who means I’m not gay. I was more confused than ever when I entered my senior year. I kept myself busy with baseball, football, homework and working at the feed store. Graduation snuck up on me and I still hadn’t had the guts to talk to mom like Caleb suggested.
I had decided to travel during the summer to find myself. Mom was upset with me, withheld my college funds and trust. She said it would be there when I did go to college. If she thought that would stop me from traveling she was wrong. I had already mapped out a plan, found some boarding houses in each state I wanted to stay in and decided to use my graduation gifts and money I saved from the few years working at the feed store. All I needed was room, board and food. I could do it on what I had.
I spent my first 2 weeks in California. San Francisco has a lot to offer. I was shocked at the cost of living compared to our little town in Iowa. Oakland is a little less expensive but then I had to drive over to San Francisco to go out and to sight see. There were some hot guys there as well. I have figured out that I am attracted to tall, rather husky men. That shocked me since I am only 5’9 and weigh 160.
After visiting a couple gay bars I found out that I needed a new image. My clean-cut pretty boy image got me the wrong types of men. I decided one thing at a time. I found an awesome salon and got my hair cut into a faux-hawk and dyed a very dark bluish black. Mom will shit a brick when she sees me. I don’t plan on going back anytime so and if I do I will have to decide if I am going back as the old Christopher or the new me. Topher.
I arrived here in New Orléans a few days ago. The vibe is very different here from California. The people in California were laid back. Here people seem more intense.
“Hey Caleb.” It is time for my weekly check in. He puts cash in his account if I call him and let him know where I am and how I am doing. I like Caleb a lot. He stepped in when dad died and became a father figure to David and me. I think he likes my mom more than as a friend too.
“Hi Son. How was the trip to New Orléans?” He didn’t sound his usual happy, overconfident self.
“It was cool. A long drive but cool.”
“How long do you plan to stay in New Orléans?” He asked.
“I don’t know. It’s different here than n California, but I kinda like it. I think I’ll stay at least another week and check out some sites, try some different foods. Maybe get a piercing.”
“Man Christopher.”
“Topher” I cut him off. He has been real supportive in my changes and going along so far with the things I have done.
“Topher. You know what kind of fix you will have me in when your mom sees you all changed up like this?”
“I have to be myself Caleb. I need to figure out who I really am before I come to home and talk to her.” We go through this every call. Him threatening to cut off my money if I don’t call mom. In the end, he will deposit some cash in my account anyhow.

So what do you think of Topher? Does this sound like a story you might like?  Tune in next week to meet Simon. Or Maybe the man that makes Topher want to stay in New Orléans.



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