Cat’s Meow~~Beyond the Ghosts~~A Legacy Falls Novella @JodyPardo

Title: Beyond The Ghosts 
Author : Jody Pardo 
Genre: Military, Romance 

First Sergeant Peter Toledo returns home to Legacy Falls after last deployment to his hometown where time has stood still. He is faced with a decision to re-enlist in the Army or retired well decorated and return to civilian life. 

Christina walks into his life with her sweet smile and Southern charm and a world of possibilities and what ifs begin to come into play as she steals his heart. 
First, he must exorcise his demons and deal with tragedy too close to home before he lets her into his life. 
Together, maybe they can live beyond the ghosts.

4 Meows
Peter has come home  to visit his family. It has a been a very long time and he isn’t sure if he is staying or going back. He has a month to decide.
Beyond the Ghosts is a very good short story.  I loved Peter and his family. The characters are amazing, the storyline is interesting and I wanted more. It stopped abruptly and I could have read  for hours longer.
If you like military romance you will love this.
Jody Pardo was born and raised in New York City and is the only child of an English professor. After 9/11/2001 and a line-of-duty injury, she left her role as an EMT with FDNY-EMS for a quieter life. She pursued Bachelor’s degrees in Molecular Biosciences and English. Her love of books and introduction to the Indie book world led to many wonderful friendships, and the drive to write and publish was ignited. Jody loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in five states and visited 48 out of 50 US states. Known for her goofy selfies and love for peanut butter, she is easily swayed to dares and shenanigans.
Now a resident of Oklahoma, Jody is an elementary school teacher and a single mom to her daughter, Ariel Elizabeth, and her cat, Bullet.


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