Serenity Sunday ~Grandie Girl turned 13 #ohnonowateen

Hi Ya’ll . This week’s post isn’t so serene.  My Oldest Granddaughter turned 13 on Friday. I let her have a few friends which turned into like 6  over for dinner. Her choice was a brinner which is  eggs sausage biscuits and gravy. I threw in hashbrowns for the hubby who doesn’t eat gravy and biscuits. I spent Friday afternoon baking a cake to surprise her. It was supposed to be a Cellphone with the message in text and some emojis. the cake is tie dyed.

Kiras cake unfrosted

This is the unfrosted version. I was going to leave it this way but the gel decorating stuff didn’t show up.

kira 13 bday cake

This is the finished version. They all called it a grave, not a cell phone. She also kept switching the numbers to 31. She acts 31 LOL. I can’t believe I have a teenage granddaughter.

Do you bake cakes? Whats your biggest success? Biggest flop?

4 responses to “Serenity Sunday ~Grandie Girl turned 13 #ohnonowateen”

  1. I was never a huge cake baker, but when I was I often used mixes, because that’s what I saw my mother do. But as far as special desserts go, once I made a Grand Marnier Soufflee, and it was high and perfect and delicious. I never made another one–quit while I was ahead–so have a perfect record. 🙂

    • You go girl! I’ve never made a souffle but have wanted to maybe for a special occasion I may try one. A grand Mariner sounds yummy.

  2. She sounds delightful! Happy Birthday to her. Cake is one of my fave things to eat of course but also to bake, though I don’t bake them often, just for the occasional special event. As far as disasters, yes I think we’ve all had them with cakes.

    • Thank you! It may not have looked like I thought it would or gotten the reaction but as for taste it was awesome. Her other family got her a bakery cake and she preferred mine said it was dry and the frosting was too sweet. All her friends were impressed with the actual Tie died inside lol

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