Writing Romance~~The letter M

Hi, Y’all!Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today I am on the letter M.  At first I couldn’t think of anything then a few hit me.

Magnificent. I like this word. It puts oomph in a phrase.  She has pretty hair. She has magnificent eyes. See?

Mundane gives the impression of boring or dull. Your character could be in a slump.

Multitude is a good word to use in place of many or a lot.  A multitude of people gives a bigger impression than saying that’s a lot of people in that crowd! It also makes the speaker sound more upscale or educated so if your character is a drop out or street kid maybe stick to the other words. The character has a lot to do with the words we use, but perhaps I will address that another time.

Millionaire -money. These two go hand in hand. Money is a significant catalyst in a story, whether the characters are rich or poor, there has to be money to eat and live. Money makes a setting. Do they live in hovels or mansions? ( I am good at slipping in words). There seems to be a huge run of Millionaire stories. Some are sweet some are the BDSM kind. Maybe you would like to go check some out. Google them or look on Goodreads even Amazon freebies.

I found this one ( free at time of this post-July 27) I chose it at random and have not read it before.

Romance: Undercover – A Billionaire Romance (Harris Thorn Series, Romance, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance Book 1)

Magenta is another descriptive word. It would make a nice outfit choice instead of the usual red dress.

Manly. This one speaks for itself.   You have manly men or even a manly acting woman.

Mellow— This reminds me of an old song when I was a teen… Have You Never Been Mellow?


Mezmerizing I love this word. ” One look into his eyes and I  was mesmerized.” Yes, this is from my contemporary story that I am working on.

Majestic.A mountainscape could look Majestic in the horizon. A person can look or be majestic especially in a historical story.

Meow! It’s time for me to go to the post office and mail my daughters birthday card! I’ll see ya next week!

Do you have any favorite M words?


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