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TITLE – Snow in July
AUTHOR – Kim Iverson Headlee
GENRE – Paranormal Historical Romance
LENTH (Pages/# Words) – 386 pages/94K words
PUBLISHER – Pendragon Cove Press
COVER DESIGNER – Natasha Brown

Snow in July - Book CoverBOOK SYNOPSIS

Sir Robert Alain de Bellencombre has been granted what every man wants: a rich English estate in exchange for his valiant service at the Battle of Hastings. To claim this reward, the Norman knight must wed the estate’s Saxon heiress. Most men would leap at such an opportunity, but for Alain, who broke his vow to his dying mother by failing to protect his youngest brother in battle, it means facing more easily broken vows. But when rumors of rampant thievery, dangerous beasts, and sorcery plaguing a neighboring estate reach his ears, nothing will make him shirk duty to king and country when people’s lives stand at risk. He assumes the guise of a squire to scout the land, its problems, and its lady.

Lady Kendra of Edgarburh has been granted what no woman wants: a forced marriage to an enemy who may be kith or kin to the man who murdered her beloved brother.

Compounding her anguish is her failure to awaken the miraculous healing gift bequeathed by their late mother in time to save his life. Although with his dying breath, he made her promise to seek happiness above all, Kendra vows that she shall find neither comfort nor love in the arms of a Norman… unless it snows in July.

Alain is smitten by Lady Kendra from the first moment of their meeting; Kendra feels the forbidden allure of the handsome and courtly Norman “squire.” But a growing evil overshadows everyone, invoking dark forces and ensnaring Kendra in a plot to overthrow the king Alain is oath-bound to serve. Kendra and Alain face a battle unlike any other as their honor, their love, their lives, and even their very souls lie in the balance

My Review

 4 Meows 0 Purrrs (no sexual content)

Sir Robert is given a duke’s daughter as a way to show peace between the Saxons and Normons. He has been betrayed by his fiancé that left him for his half-brother that has a title and money. He doesn’t want an arranged marriage but wants to see if he can win the damsel’s heart. Once he sees Kendra he is smitten but still wants her to love him.

Kendra  has made a vow to her dying brother to find happiness. Yet she has made a vow to not marry a man from Normandy that was responsible for her brother’s death.  she told him on his death- bed she would marry when it snows in July. She meets the Squire Alain (sir Robert posing as a Squire that is scoping out some rebel rousings in the area) and she is smitten but knowing he is Norman she can’t act on her feelings. Her Cousin keeps asking for her hand yet she refuses. Ulfric needs Kendra and plots to have her abducted. He will go to any extreme to get what he needs for his ow reasons

There is a lot going on in this story. It is told in many viewpoints but it’s not too hard to follow. You have Alain and Kedra as main characters but also get some viewpoints from her father, Ulfric,one of the abductors and Alain’s partner and friend.  There are little illustrations that seperate each view that adds charm to the story. There is lots of action, and so many twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Snow in July is a sweet, exciting  historical romance. It says it’s paranormal but I didn’t see much paranormal in it. However, It does have one shifter but I would say it’s more magic. So I suggest don’t go into this expecting a lot of paranormal activity but read it expecting a fabulous story set in historical times with Knights and Kings.

If you like knights in shining armor, sweet romance, lots of action, a touch of magic and a very romantic ending I highly suggest this story.




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(Story setup encapsulation, heroine’s POV)

Kendra genuflected again, grasped her basket’s handle, and turned to accompany Waldron from the church. Not across the yard to the feast hall, as she’d expected, since that was where most Edgarburh business—including private matters—transpired, but past the garden toward the manor house. In silence they ascended the outer wooden staircase, entered the building, and trod the corridor containing the bedchambers. Specifically, she realized with a start when their course became apparent, Waldron’s.

Several paces from their destination, curiosity compelled her to blurt, “What’s wrong?”

Pulling up short, Waldron gave her an odd look. “Wrong? Let me see.” He snorted, ticking the points on his fingers. “Taxes are due ere long, and the tenants have barely recovered from the war to scrape together their payments. A Norman is on his way to take possession of my daughter and the estate.” His gray eyes gazed at her levelly. “My son is dead, and my daughter acts like a widow rather than a bride.” He inclined his head at the black woolen veil she wore even as these final spring days warmed toward summer.

This time it wasn’t the sun that made her face heat. “My choices honor Del’s memory.” She gripped the basket with both fists, raising it before her like a shield. “Do yours?”

Author Photo - Kim HeadleeAUTHOR BIO

Kim Headlee lives on a farm in southwestern Virginia with her family, cats, goats, Great Pyrenees goat guards, and assorted wildlife. People and creatures come and go, but the cave and the 250-year-old house ruins—the latter having been occupied as recently as the mid-twentieth century—seem to be sticking around for a while yet. She has been an award-winning novelist since 1999 (Dawnflight, first edition, Sonnet Books, Simon & Schuster) and has been studying the Arthurian Legends for nigh on half a century.

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