Writing Romance A-Z–Letter H

Hi Ya’ll welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter is H. I had fun with this one.

First of all, there is Hate. We will get the bad one out of the way first. No matter what you write sometimes hate can be a catalyst. This may be the case in paranormal where there are clan wars. Historical stories where there are wars or as above clan wars, arranged marriages. Even mystery suspense hate could be a significant catalyst. Let’s just hope Love beats out the hate in the fiction stories.

Help can be a noun or verb. As a verb, people can help each other. As a noun, it could be used as the help, such as maids, gardeners, etc.

No matter what we write, there has to be a hero or heroine. Someone has to right the wrongs or at least win the other’s heart. (in slips another big H word)

And for a funny one let’s pick huge. We can have huge animals,(this is good in shifters), a man can be huge, or a man’s parts can be huge (blushes), or we can even describe a woman’s bosoms as huge.

One of my favorites is hunk. I don’t mean a hunk of meat but a hunk of a good looking man as a man in uniform, a military man, a man in a suit or especially a cowboy!

What is your favorite H word?

Remember“ If you can dream it~~you can do it!


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