Serenity Sunday

Coffee? Tea? Lemonade?


This  is a little something I inherited from my mom. It’s just a cheap plastic lawn set but she cherished it. It sat on her porch… then in her back porch off the kitchen. My granddaughter Kira and her cousin Alayna and mom would eat their lunches in there and called it the tea or garden room. Originally they were black. I painted them this green. hey were stolen a year ago and one of the local cops saw them in the evidence room and knew they were mine and returned them to me.  I am thinking of painting again this year.

Funny how a $10.00 table set can be so important.

What color do you suggest I am leaning Yellow or Orange though any suggestions will be nice.


6 responses to “Serenity Sunday”

  1. Wow for plastic that is a nice set and I see why it is important it holds memories. Loved the story. Personally I love the color that the set is now sort of has that antique look to it. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • I was thinking a lemon or sunshine yellow or bright orange but now Melon sounds real pretty. but I kinda like the green its hard to decide lol

  2. Orange or salmon. Menard’s had a couple really cool colors – one was called canteloup, one was orange sherbert, and one was more of a salmon orange – then cover with a polyurethane! That would look awesome. OF course, I’m partial to the blue myself.

    • You know I don’t like blue though an ocean blue would be pretty too. You and Flossie have me leaning to a soft orange like Cantelope or sherbet I usually use a good Krylon for plastic then let it weather out. this has been on there for a good three years.

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