This n That Thursday ~~Spring Cleaning

Today I continue the spring cleaning post with a guest post from (I am not affiliated. I am strictly sharing some interesting information and checklists) They messaged me and would like to share some expert tips and some checklists.

Take a long, slow look around your living room. As the winter weather fades with its many death throes, and the warmth of the Springtime sun reaches out into the corners of your hours, you’re probably noticing the same thing that most everyone across the Northern Hemisphere is noticing: dust, dirt and the evidence of a well-used living space. It’s an inevitable cycle of life, of course. Winter weather drives us indoors. While we may head out into the biting cold every now and again, we spend much more time indoors during the winter, evading Jack Frost as much as we possibly can. It comes as no surprise that the yearly flu season often tends to trickle ebb and flow with the seasons. We’re stuck inside our cozy walls, caring less about making a mess and more about staying warm, spending time with family and spreading a few communal germs around in the process.


This only leaves one question left burning deeply in your winter-worn brain: Where do I even start? As with many things in life, the good organization starts with a List. After coming to terms with the fact that the cleaning must get done, you’ll want to begin the arduous task of cataloguing all of the many areas that you know are going to need attention. Of course, even Santa Claus had to do more than make a list and check it twice. His schedules are about as complicated as they come. At the end of the day, he’d be remiss if he didn’t have the helpful assistance of his cheery elves and loving wife. If you lack either of those (or if you have them, and they’re somewhat less than cooperative), there are always some experts to turn to who may know a thing or two about getting the job done.

I hope you find a list or two that will help you start you cleaning projects. Next week I hope to share my office (If I get it completely cleaned LOL)

If you can dream it~~You can do it!

4 responses to “This n That Thursday ~~Spring Cleaning”

  1. A word to the wise about a strange phenomenon: sometimes the planning makes you feel as though the tasks have already been accomplished, and then you can feel discouraged. Neatorobics’s list is good, because you “eat the elephant” in bites, and feel a sense of achievement.

    • I have learned the the best laid plans can fail big time. I started one room the other day to share for next week and now I busted my ankle and that’s out. I do love a good checklist though.

  2. Tricia’s comment struck me from the standpoint that talking up plans effusively often steals energy from the doing of the plans. I find in writing, for example, that I’m better off to keep it to myself for a while and allow the energy to build. Thanks for the post, Cathy. I’m a list maker too.

    • I agree with you both. Making a plan can feel like an accomplishment. I do have to have my lists and even in writing, I find that a loose outline works for me. When I began writing I did complicated outlines and it did feel like the book was about done and I had less joy experiencing the spontaneity of it all. now that I make a looser guideline it’s fun discovering the story as it comes. The same with the house work. I try to keep it flexible. write down what needs done but not when that way i can change my mind as I need to . Thank you for your input.

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