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Writing Romance A-Z~~The Letter B

Hi Y’all. Welcome back to Writing Romance A- Z. Today is another easy one with the letter B.  The first word to mind is Beautiful. It brings to mind so many things. It can be descriptive or  something you call your character.

Babe: Another word that is used a lot in conversation. And of course baby. This too can be a pet word or  perhaps a plot. A lost child, a character shows up with a baby. lots of options.

Billionaire: You may wonder how this is a romantic word? It’s a very popular trope in romance. there are so many Billionaire books out there in all genres.

Beloved: dear to the heart,  darling, precious.

Bellissimo or Bellissima:  love foreign words  slipped in a romance. This is an Italian word meaning most beautiful or lovely ( what I  found on the internet) The Urban dictionary says its Italian slang for hot chick. That takes the romance right out of it for me Lol. I like to think it’s more like beautiful.

Belligerent; we have to have words to move action.  Belligerent means hostile or aggressive.  It’s fun to have a hostile villain that the leading woman tames or vice versus.

A Bacchanal is a drunkard…this would be fun to use.

Baculiform means rod-shaped I will leave that to your imagination.

Your character could be a barber or beautician.

A bayonet could be used to fight for the damsel or dame in distress.

One of my favorite is beckon. You could beckon in so many ways. You could motion seductively for your loved one  to come to you beckoning him or her or a bright light could beckon leading your lover away.

Do you have a favorite B word in romance? Is there one I missed that is useful in romance?

I hope you are enjoying  this series. It’s fun looking for these words and I am finding a few new ones. And as always,  If you can dream it ~~ yYou can do it.

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