Writing Romance A-Z ~~The Letter A


Hi, Y’all welcome to my new feature Writing Romance A -Z. Last month you may have seen many blogs writing daily posts using the alphabet. I thought instead of daily post I would do one weekly. Since I write contemporary romance in multiple genres, I will be using romance as the topic.

This week we have the letter A. SO many things spring to my mind. The first is Amore. Many things pop into m mind when I hear this word.  It is an Italian Noun that means Love or great adoration. It sounds so hot when you hear  My Amore.  So much sexier than just my love. I also think of this song…


Adoration brings other words to mind such as Adore—another way to say, love.

Adorable is another good A word. It is an Adjective that means inspiring much affection, delightful, charming, cute, cuddly and much more.  I love using this word mostly to describe animals and babies.

Alluring is another one I like it sounds more mysterious than saying pretty or beautiful.

 With her red hair like a brilliant sunset and emerald green eyes, she is alluring.

Though not the most handsome man in the club, something about him allures me like a  powerful spell.

Angel Is another word that could mean so much. If you write paranormal, your character could truly be an Angel.  Or you could use it like Amore and adore above and say something like my angel.

Awesome. I know this is on the overused and not to use the list, but sometimes it just works. I like it.  Things sometimes are awesome so why not say so? * tear the list up and tosses in trash*

Attractive. Another good word or description. Also other forms of it such as attracts or attraction.

Aggressive or Aggression.  He pulls me in his arms and kisses me aggressively. His aggression to  Jordy, my best friend, is completely out of line.  To me, the words show some hidden passion or jealousy.

Alimony. There is lots you can do with this in romance.  It could be a catalyst or a second chance.  The MC could be a lawyer helping a client and fall in love. Lots of options.


Aphrodisiac. *hmmm Clears throat*  This is something that inspires lust or desire.  It could be a food drink drug or anything that causes excitement.  The word originates from Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. There are many stories about her, and she would be a perfect character for romance.

I can’t mention Aphrodite without mentioning Adonis. He was loved by Aphrodite,  killed while hunting by a wild boar and restored to Aphrodite from Hades for a part of each year. Isn’t that a sad story?  A remake on that could be a lovely romance.  We ( us romance writers) also use the word Adonis to describe a very handsome young man.

I hope you enjoyed my first edition of Writing romance A-Z.  Do you have a favorite form te list above? Is there one I missed that you like?

As always~~If you can dream it~~you can do it.


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