#SundaySnippet~~and who is this sexy cowboy?


Snippet Sunday Hi, Y’all! It’s time for Snippet Sunday again. This has been a rough week. I have gotten a chance to work on a couple chapters of Baseball Bat’s and Cowboy hats.  We have met Annie and TJ now let’s skip down a bit for a little surprise.

This is a rough draft and the only eyes on it has been mine… so remember this is a diamond in the rough please be kind. If you do see a glaring typo or something you feel needs fixing I am up for suggestions.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats copyright 2015

Odd that she mentioned this Caleb as a friend, not a family member. These are some very expensive gifts.

“I like to ride. My friend Vicki comes over sometimes and rides Sammy. Caleb comes over a few times a week, whenever he can close up the shop early enough for us to get a ride in before dark. Do you ride?” She twisted her head a bit to glimpse back at me. I noticed her eyes trail down my body then slip back up. Oh yes! She is interested. This could be my best summer yet!

“After dad passed away we moved to town. The rancher papa worked for decided he didn’t want me around. Mama found work as a housekeeper.” I could feel my voice tremble as I spoke about mama and papa. At least my erection faded. I put my hat back on the head it belongs on.

“It’s a lot like riding a bike, it comes right back to you. Maye someday if you have some free time we can tour the grounds on the horses.”

“I’d like that.”

“This is the loafing area for the goats.” She points to the larger pen. “I bring them in at night along with the cow and horses. I let them roam during the day if it’s nice out. Over here is the hay and grain bins.” She waves her hand to the bales and wall with accessories. “Behind that door is the tack room. The smaller door on the other side is the office. There is an intercom system and a land line phone as well. My husband had those installed soon after building the barn. We also have walkie-talkies. I would like each of you to use when you’re out here in case of emergencies. Out on the side of the barn you may have noticed a small building. That is the milking parlor.” I watch as she leans against hay bales. I try looking anywhere but at her.

“What do we need to do tonight?”

“It’s a little early but since we are planning the meeting, tonight lets go ahead and bring in the animals and feed them.  Here is the food I give them a fork of hay each and the horse will love you if you give them oats.  There is grain for the goats you will see the feed bin I put that into and for the cow as well in her pen.” I’ll gather them then feed the chickens.”

“Why don’t you just bring them all in, I will feed and water them all, and you can shower up and finish setting out dinner?”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be inside getting to know the other boys?”

“No ma’am I have plenty of time on the field to meet them, and we aren’t boys. We are all men now.” I didn’t mean to sound angry

“I’m sorry I mean disrespect. I just can’t help thinking of you all that way since you are close to the ages of my sons.”

Ow. That hurt. I don’t want her comparing  me to her son.  I am attracted to her and can’t help it.

I went to work feeding and drawing water. She made quick time of bringing in the animals. I watched her go over to a coop of chickens, go inside, then come out later with a basket. She must have found some eggs. As she walked in the direction of her house I heard a car coming up the drive. She hurried her steps heading toward the car. A tall, well-built well-dressed man stepped out and embraced her. My heart sank into my stomach. I guess now we get to meet the husband.

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