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Hi,Y’all! It’s time for another Snippet Sunday. This week’s plans all went to the proverbial hell in a handbasket. I only got one scene worked through. I had all sorts of family and business stuff come up. The business one I may rant about later this week.  But I did get a little and would like you to meet TJ my sexy but young leading man and his best friend Simon.

Remember this is still a draft. It has not  seen professional eyes so please be easy on me…though if you see any big issues I would you to bring it to my attention. Just please be polite about it.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats Copywrite 2015

Chapter one~~ TJ

The ride to Bloomville Iowa seemed to take forever. After school was out, Simon  Beckner(do I need his last name here?Or let coach introduce him, later on, > invited me to go home with him. Not only has he been my roommate and best friend for the past three years, but he is also like a brother. I don’t know what I would do without him. His family treats me as one of their own. It was nice spending a week at Virginia Beach in their summer home, but man did it make for a long ride back to Iowa.

  I jumped at the chance when Rick  Davidson,  Head Coach of the Edenfield Eagles, called with the offer to stay on a hobby farm if I would donate a couple of hours a day to some farm chores. Finding out our host had horses, I nearly screamed in extasy. I think I scared Simon half to death when I got that call. Not only do I get to play baseball in a prospect league with an opportunity of draft, I finally get to work on a real farm.  It’s like a double dream come true.

 Later that day Simon got the same offer. I was overjoyed. Playing ball, working with horses and my best friend. I couldn’t ask for more.  There is supposed to be a total of six of us staying at the same farm. Having so many men in one place could be interesting.

So what do you think about my leading man TJ and his best buddy? Do you like switching views or is it too confusing?

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If you can dream it…You can do it!


7 responses to “#snippetsunday~~Incoming hotness!”

  1. Yay! More book boyfriends for me. I love it, Cat. Great job. I will read any sort of POV if it fits the story.

    • Thank you. I was worried at first when I read so much about first person anyways, especially odd view points. I decided to write may way and reach those that like it. If i conform to the standards I am just one of the same. daring to be different could be that one thing that sets me apart/

    • Thank you! at first i felt liekk trying to conforma nd write witin all the rules then i was like.. I would be one in a sea of billlions.. this way i am one is sea of less LOL

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