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Hi Y’all!  We are rounding out this month of romance in the air specials with Melissa Keir and her book Forever Love. I asked Melissa what her five favorite  movies to watch on Valentines day. Here are her picks.

The five best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day….There are so many movies to choose from. I am only touching the tip of the romantic movie iceberg. You may have your own favorite romantic Valentine’s Day movie, and watching it with the one you love while feeding each other is a perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

  1. Ghost– Love doesn’t have to end with death. In Ghost, we find out that love never dies. You will want to recreate the clay scene but use whipped cream. Easier clean up and edible!
  2. The Notebook-This movie is about a relationship that lasts a lifetime. I love how they weave the tale between the past to the present. It made me remember my crush on James Garner. It gives me hope that even when I’m old and grey, my husband will still be by my side.
  3. West Side Story– A modern day Romeo and Juliet tale with music and dancing. Opposites attract and friends battle as young love blossoms among the city streets. I couldn’t decide if I was more Natalie Wood or Rita Moreno, so I often did both! And the songs will stay with you long after the movie ends.
  4. Love Actually– It’s about more than just love but also the mistakes me make in relationships. My heart broke for Emma Thompson’s character whose husband didn’t see the value in her but chose a shiny new toy. There’s a couple for everyone to relate to in this movie.
  5. PS I Love You– Love is sometimes letting go. Two words- Gerard Butler. His sexy accent and the way he helps his wife through the roughest moment of her life, make him a dream come true. Not to mention, singing while wearing suspenders and silky boxers…*sigh*. Have your Valentine recreate the fun dance. You will thank me.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Great picks Melisssa I agree with them all. I will add in my favorite…Best Friends Wedding. and a Bed Of Roses

Forever Love LRG

Title: Forever Love

Series: A Wilder Sisters Novel

Author: Melissa Keir

Publisher: Melissa Keir (September 17, 2015)

Pages: 35 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance, second chances




Fifteen years ago, Syndie Wilder left her small hometown- Amherst, Ohio- to escape the pain of losing her best friend and boyfriend. Deciding that Chicago offered more for an up and coming jewelry designer, she enjoyed the big city life until she chooses to return and care for her father. Taking care of her father and relocating her internet business, Syndie has no time or desire for romance but fate has a way of playing with best-laid plans.

Thom Johnson broke Syndie’s heart all those years ago and regrets it every day. As a firefighter, Thom sets out to protect Amherst and redeem himself for his bad choices. However, he never has forgotten Syndie and the hurt he caused her.

When a chance meeting happens, can the two former friends allow themselves the chance to become friends again, or will the sparks turn a childhood friendship into a forever love?

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My Review:

5 meows!  1 Purrr-Low heat 

Sexy Firemen. Second Chances. Forever love!

Coming back from Chicago to take care of her ailing father, Syndie only dreads one thing. That is seeing the man that broke her heart so many years ago, but she will do anything for her father. Even risk getting her heart broken again. Forever Love is a beautifully written short story about life, growing up, facing your past and second chances.If you are looking for a very short but sweet romance for a quick read, you should grab this one.

If you are looking for a very short but sweet romance for a quick read, you should grab this one.

*I was given a copy of this book for an honest review*

A little more Forever Love:

“I remember your best friends. They loved to torment me in high school. I think their nickname for me was inaccurate, Sinful Syndie. Too bad I wasn’t sinful, I might have had more dates,” I added sarcastically.

“I missed that—your sense of humor and possessive nature. No one was like you. Do you remember the night of your big sleepover? When you got so jealous that you froze that girl’s bra because she came on to me? I wish I could have seen her face! Syn, there were times you were hell on wheels.” I gave him a shove. He started to laugh as my face warmed from embarrassment, and continued talking. “I’m glad you’re back. I missed you.”

“I missed you too. You were my best friend. I’m sure if my mom was alive today she would’ve already had out those old photos of us in the sandbox and been rambling on about how cute we were.”


Meet Melissa

author pic

Melissa Keir has always wanted to be an author when she wasn’t hoping for a career as a race car driver.  Her love of books was instilled by her mother and grandparents who were avid readers. She’d often sneak books away from them so that she could fantasize about those strong alpha males and plucky heroines. In middle school and high school, Melissa used to write sappy love poems and shared them with her friends and still has those poems today! In college her writing changed to sarcastic musings on life as well as poems with a modern twist on fairy tales and won awards for her writing. You can find many of these musings along with her latest releases on her website and blog.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time.  She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice—a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature happy endings and is often seen plotting her next story.

You can stalk—oops—follow Melissa

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I hope you enjoyed The interview, blurb and review.  Next month’s Theme is getting lucky! I hope I am lucky enough to find some leprechauns and magic for us.

What is one of your favorite movies for Valentine’s or just any romantic date?




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  1. Thank you for having me over and sharing what you thought of Forever Love. 🙂 It’s very near to my heart. You’ve read two of my Wilder Sisters stories. They are short but fun!

  2. Great movie choices. I don’t know which my favourite romantic movie is I’m more of a scifi kinda person.
    Melissa Keir writes fabulous characters in her wonderful books.


  3. Hi, Melissa! And congratulations on the novella. Love, Actually is one of my favorite movies. I didn’t specifically watch a movie on Valentine’s this year. Should have. LOL

    • Thanks for stopping by Vicki. I like Love Actually as well. I think staying in with a movie is a great way to celebrate the holiday if you do. I wish we had watched one too.Though the Hubby would wnat a war movie and I would want Best Friends Wedding or Fifth Element LOL

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