Snippet Sunday~~ Sweet and Spicy~~No not the latte

Snippet Sunday

Hi, Y’all! It’s time for Snippet Sunday again. Time to start the year off on a lighthearted, funny note.  Sweet Gypsy Rose is  a story I began in fall of 2014 after a visit to my dads. I loved the delightful tourist town and decided to make my own.  Riverton was born. Then I got sidetracked along the way with sickness and lots of family issues.

This year I plan to get a few stories written then decide which path to go on.  For those of you looking for a lighter, humorous story with a free-spirited female lead and a sexy banker that has no idea his potential, toss in a very hunky ex-boyfriend that won’t let go and a secret past, I present… Sweet Gypsy Rose… oh and don’t forget you cat lovers!

This is a rough draft and the only eyes on it has been mine… so remember this is a diamond in the rough.

Sweet Gypsy Rose copyright 2014

“Ouch” I shout a bit too loud as a pop to my derriere propels me forward bumping my head into the glass case.

     As I jerk, upright I find myself against a big bulky body. Definitely not my banker. I don’t have to turn around to see who it is since I’ve been up-close and personal to the body enough to know every dip, curve, and bulge. Especially the one growing bigger and harder against my back.

     “Raymond, what are you doing?” I try to tone down my anger at being interrupted in my little display of seduction.

     “I was wondering the same thing about you, sweetheart. The last time I heard you moan like that you had your mouth wrapped…” the rest comes out mumbled as I press my hand against his mouth, none too gently. Though most of the town knows about mine and Raymond’s odd relationship, I’m hoping the new man in town doesn’t.

    “What are you doing in here Gypsy Rose? You told me you were going straight to work this morning? That’s why I’m here in case you were wondering since you didn’t fix breakfast. What ya want and I’ll get in line and order.”

     What I wanted was Ray to leave so I could see if the new man was going to sit in here and have his coffee or take it to work with him. Maybe even see if he ordered something to eat so I would know something he liked. I tell Ray to get me the vegan banana nut muffin and my usual large buttered pecan mocha latte with soy milk. At least, I don’t have to pay for my breakfast today.

Uh oh! Looks like there may be a complication in Gypsy Rose’s plans in the form of her ex-boyfriend Raymond Patterson.

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by Ellie Mack.

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