Hi Y’all. Welcome back! This week has been hectic and I haven’t gotten to experiment with the quinoa like I said I was. I am still at my friends house. I introduced plain, baked sweet potatoes to her husband and he loved it.  I found a box of cereal called Great Grains.

It’s a combination of ancient grains like spelt, amaranth and quinoa with a touch of honey. I liked it a lot. I also found a  granola bar  that is also made from the same grains it had cacao and coffee in it as well. I believe it was a caramel Machiatto bar.


It too is quite good. I found them at Wal-Mart

What are ancient grains? Spelt, Amaranth, millet, sorghum, teff, freekeh, chia seeds, farro, and quinoa are among the one rising to the top of the food chain.  These are mostly gluten free with the exception of farro, spelt and Kamut though some  people can tolerate these. They have  vitamins and minerals and make a great side dish to replace pasta and starches.

Here is a great site with  more information…http://wholegrainscouncil.org/whole-grains-101/ancient-grains


I found a couple recipes I plan to try when I am back home.

I have never tried curry. Since its back to hubby and I and we both like spicy I want to try this. This looks quite yummy.



This also looks good.






How’s the excercise going not going to the trainer you ask? I admit I am not doing an hour a day. He told me as long as  I choose a set and do those I am ok. I packed my suspension strap and resistance band. I have done about 20 minutes of squats, rows, presses with both of those.

Are you glucose intolerant? Have you tried any of the ancient grains? Which is your favorite?  Feel free to share any recipes  you love!


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  1. I am not glucose intolerant as far as I know, but I avoid breads because of the carbs in them. I wonder if the ancient grains have as many carbs as the more common wheat, rye, etc– do you know? That curry dish looks tasty.

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