Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday

 Hi, Ya’ll! Welcome to the first Snippet Sunday of the New Year. Sadly I don’t have a snippet to share this week. It’s one of those out like a lion things and this past week hit us with a vengeance.  I didn’t get much writing done this week. I worried with trying to come up with a new writing goal until I nearly cried. Finally, when I gave up a friend of mine and I was talking about the what’s next phase of Nano. We had been excited to find it was t like Nano at all. I don’t do forums and wanted something more personal and day to day. We decided to edit a chapter a day. I decided to keep with the writing and also do at least a chapter a day These are goals. If I am on a roll, i can always do more. I am hoping by keeping it small it is more attainable and by writing and editing, I’ll always have a book in the fire and more chances of finishing and publishing one this year.

Which brings me to the next dilemma. Did I want to pub or sub? I am still out on that. I have found two new publishers that look interesting that Both Dark Magick and Love Bites would fit.  I have not ruled out self-publishing at all. My decision was until I had a book completely through my self-editing and beta process not to worry about it. That gives me, at least, two months to figure that out.

I am also rethinking my blog temporarily to give me more time to write, work on my house, enjoy a hobby and exercise. I have made the decision to cut back to 4 times a week.  Untill March I will be doing Sunday Monday Tuesday and Friday. If u don’t change it, I will eventually have it Sunday Monday Wednesday and Friday.

This is what my goals look like at this point.

Writing: I am pulling out a book I started at the end of 2014. I will l simply call it Rose as a working title.

Editing: I am cleaning up and having My Nano story Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats ready to beta read.

I will do this Monday through Friday and Sat is my blog scheduling and planning day. Sunday will be plotting on my series such as Dark Magick and Love Bites. This way I should be able to focus on the task at hand and not be so overwhelmed.

I should be back next week with a Snippet from Rose. I can’t share any more Baseball Bats without spoilers.

If you’re in the mood for a sexy snippet skate on over to my friend Vicki’s blog( I love her catch-phrase) and see what she has for us. I don’t now what it is this week …but I can promise it will be good. Her stuff always is. V.L. Locey

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  1. Great goals. Editing a chapter a day in addition to writing is a hefty goal too, it seems to me, quite worthwhile. Best of luck with your writing, blogging, and publishing plans. I look forward to sharing the road with you. I hope healing keeps going for me so that I can get back in a good groove.

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