Snippet Sunday~ Why did the chicken cross the road?

Snippet Sunday

Hi, Ya’ll. It’s time for more snippets! Today I decided to give TJ’s view of last weeks snippet. If you missed it and wanted to see what happened to Annie, you can catch it here…Not One but Two Broken Hearts.

Remember this is very raw, being a first draft.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats (Copywrite 2015)

I didn’t think this day could get any worse. Simon left practice early and brought me home. He assured me everything would work out. I walked into the house to talk to Annie and the day just got worse. There she sat nearly nose to nose with Caleb holding an engagement ring.
Perhaps I should take the offer to go to Indiana. At least, I wouldn’t have to see her with Caleb. I should have know he would win her over eventually. They have been friends forever and shared a lot of history. He is also closer to her age. I look for Simon in his room but can’t find him. I see his keys on the bed, so I grab them and head back out. My eyes burn as I sped out of the driveway.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Caleb weren’t behind all of this. It is not common for a college to recruit anyone in their senior year. It is also very convenient that the homeless center rescinded their offer of a job and me coaching the boys as well. My having an Uncle that was selling drugs and a cartel and me getting past that life and making a new one should have been an incentive to help me, not hinder me with that job.
In my rear view mirror, I see Caleb’s car catching up to me. Don’t need him gloating on top of all that has happened today so I speed up.
Suddenly a damn chicken decides to cross the road. I swerve to miss it winding up in a wet ditch. The more I spin my wheels, the more stuck I get. Simon will kill me.
“TJ! Are you ok?” Annie yells, running down the ditch.
I can’t fathom why she would be chasing after me. She grabs me pulling me close. Her hands run over my arms, and then she grabs my face kissing me harshly. Next thing I know I feel a sharp on the side of my face.
‘What the hell were you thinking! You could have killed yourself.”
“What would it matter to you?” Harsh? Yes, but my heart was bleeding.
“I’ve had the day from hell. Go back to your fiance. I will be leaving for Indiana soon, and you can move on with your life.” Now my mouth seems to have developed diarrhea.
“What are you talking about TJ? Indiana?”
“Yes. Ask your Fiance! He probably set up the whole thing to get me as far away as he could. Congratulations it worked!”
I turn away not wanting her to see me cry. No matter how macho we may think we are. Sometimes feelings seep out.
“TJ honey. Come home let’s talk about this? You haven’t signed anything yet?”
“No, the damn chicken stopped me!”
“Chicken? How many painkillers have you taken?”

I hope you enjoyed this clip. I am having a lot of fun with this story, but it is soon over. That is a good thing though. That makes it closer to time for you to get to read it.  I am not sure what next week holds. I f I will be pitching a new story idea or one last snippet of Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats.

If you want more snippets from some awesome authors check out V. L. Locey and her sexy MM Hockey Romance  I just love Victor and hate that it his last story.. Sigh… but I know Vicki well and there will be something fabulous next. so follow me to V.L.Locey’s blog.

And My lovely friend Ellie Mack has a little something for us from her first release…Red Wine and Roses. so stop by and congratulate Ellie!

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