Snippet Sunday ~~not one but two broken hearts

Snippet Sunday

 It’s time again for  Snippet Sunday. The story is nearly complete. I can’t believe it! There have been a few twists. This will be the last snippet from the story but I think next week I may give you a taste of the epilogue.

Here is this week’s snippet. Annie has to spring some news on her best friend, Caleb. Let’s see how he takes it.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats (copyright 2015)

“Hey, Caleb. Would you like some lemonade or tea?”
“From the look on your face, I think a shot of bourbon,” He said as he stood back, a forlorn look on his face.
I don’t think I can go through with this. I fix him a glass of tea and sit it on the table.
“ Have a seat why don’t ya?”
“I moved TJ into my room last night.” I went for the ripping off the bandage technique.
“So what does that mean? Is he not going to school?  Is he going to help you run the farm? Are ou moving off with him and selling out?”
I sit dumbfounded. I hadn’t thought any of that over.
“Do you love him? I mean truly love him?”
I can answer that one. “I do love him. I think I need more time and ur love will blossom more as the days go by. I care for him very much.”
“I didn’t want to spring this on you yet, but now you have pushed my hand. Caleb after she drops her news
The ranch is losing too much money. I’ve been covering the deficits. HI love you, Annie. I have loved you since the first day I saw you at school. I watched you marry my best friend because I saw how much you loved him. I wanted those looks for myself. After he had died I did all I could for you and the boys as if you were mine. I always thought someday you would come to me, confess your love.
I didn’t know what to think. I knew he cared for me. Eve loved me. But this. I couldn’t stop the tears from trickling down my cheek. I never wanted to hurt him. I also didn’t know how close I am to losing the ranch.
“You don’t have to lose the farm, Annie. I know how much it means to you. I can even forgive this fling with TJ.”
He reaches into his pocket and brings out a pretty wooden box. He presses it into my hand. Out of reflex, I open it. The ring is beautiful. It has one large chocolate diamond set in the center with Caleb and Steve’s birthstone on one side in a heart and David and Stephens on the other. I can bet the are real stones as well. I ts beautiful
I sat staring at the ring, trying to digest what Caleb had said. I didn’t hear the door open.
I hear a sharp intake of breath and footsteps running up the stairs.

What do you think? Exciting? Sad? Crap?

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