Till Death Do Us Part Conclusion

Spooktacular Sunday October 2015

Hi Yall and welcome back for the final installments of Till Death do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part

Copyright © 2015 <Cathy Brockman>

All rights reserved

Edited By Ellie Mack

Proofread by Vicki Locey

Novelette: 17,121 words (63pages)

Genre: Male/Female -Supernatural, Contemporary

Heat rating: 2


What happens when we die? I’m not sure about everyone else, but for me, Bill Parker, I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving my wife Mandi and my kids alone. So, I stayed behind, attached to my wife… I mean my widow.


Currently she’s seeing this new guy. I don’t trust him for one second. He has an air of danger about him. It’s my job to protect her and my family, but how do I protect them when the only contact I have with her is in Mandi’s dreams?

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Chapter 11

I must be dreaming


I was shocked when Mark followed through on clearing up the bank fiasco. Somehow, he managed to make a deposit and produce a valid deposit slip. Mandi apologized. I still think he is hiding something and lying to her.

Christmas was even more chaotic than Thanksgiving. Mandi had been so busy with all the preparations and stuff that she barely had time to sleep, little less to dream about me. I missed our visits.

It’s now New Year’s Eve and thankfully, Mark was working at the bar. Mandi had decided to stay home, but the bar was going to stay open until 3 a.m. He claimed he had to stay to help clean up, so he won’t be home until dawn. He told her not to wait up.  She smiled and said OK. I couldn’t help but laugh since she never waits up for him when he works.

I’m thrilled since that gives me more time alone with Mandi.


After her shower, she comes into her room, searching around as if looking for me. “Bill, are you here?”

It’s heartbreaking because now that I am gone she seems to want me more. Perhaps the saying ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,’ holds true.

I fold back the sheets and pick up her e-reader from the nightstand, dropping it on the bed. I hope she takes this as a sign that I am here.

Her face lights up with a warm smile as she climbs into the bed. I am pleased that she is wearing her long nightshirt and not a negligee for him.

“Good. I’m glad you’re here. I don’t want to be alone. I don’t know why, but with you around, I feel so secure. I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” I whisper, knowing she can’t hear me. I would give anything to be able to talk to her, but I guess I better count my blessings and be happy I get this much.

I settle in next to her while she reads out-loud to me from her Kindle. It’s become a habit when Mark works late. I cherish these moments and have grown to like the books that she reads. She received a gift card for Christmas and had been busy downloading books. She is very diverse and reads anything from vampires, shifters, stories full of suspense and angst, even stories about gay men. I have to say, when she started reading me a male/ male romance I was a bit freaked out. I admit that the story was very good. I hope that isn’t what we are reading tonight though.

I’m in luck. She chose a werewolf series that she loves. So, I snuggle up beside her and listen to her soft, sweet voice.


After a couple of hours, she plugs the reader back up on the nightstand by her bed and rolls over on her side. I curl up behind her, spooning her into me. We were always such a perfect fit.

It isn’t long before she drifts off to sleep, and I find myself in her arms for real. Well, as real as a ghost can be. We are lying face to face, holding each other closely.

“Hi, baby-doll,” I say, gazing into those gorgeous green eyes that always seemed to mesmerize me.

“Hey,” she whispers back, as a slight blush creeps across her face. ”I’m so glad you’re here.” She brushes her knuckles over my cheeks, down my face, swiping a finger across my lips.

“I am. I mean sorta.” I feel like a blubbering fool. She has always had a way of making me come unglued.

“Thanks for staying with me. I don’t think I could get through a day without knowing you’re still with me. I made one heck of a mess with my life again, haven’t I?” She nuzzles into my neck. I can’t think clearly enough to answer her questions. So, I nod, swallowing hard.

“It’s so strange being able to talk to you and hold you again. It feels so real.” She dips her head to my throat and inhales deeply. Her hot breath on my skin sends a shudder through me.

“It is real. I’m not sure why you can only see or hear me in your dreams, but I’m glad. I don’t like Mark; there is something up with him. Be very careful.”

“I will. He is helping us out a lot. I just can’t take care of the kids on what I make, and their checks from you go for their car payments, clothes, and a little in a trust for college.”

“I understand. Please watch for signs from me in case I see something you can’t. Ok? Let me try something, hand me that notepad on your nightstand and pen. I’m going to leave you a note and see if it shows up on the paper. That way we will have a way to communicate.”

“That’s a great idea. Do you think he can exorcise you, or whatever it is he is doing?”

“I don’t think so. My mentor checked in on me during Christmas, and I asked about all that. He said that it took a very powerful witch or medium to cause any harm. There aren’t very many. The things he has been doing ward off evil spirits, so I have nothing to worry about.”

“”Good! I don’t want you to go.”

“I’m glad because the one way I can be revoked is if you no longer want me around.”

“That’ll never happen. I do still love you. You know that, don’t you?”


“Let’s not waste any more time talking? Are you able to make love to me?”

Her question catches me off guard. I can’t breathe. If the hard on I am sporting right now is any sign, then I’m sure I can.

“It seems that when you pull me into your dreams I am as real as you are. Care to find out?” I wink. Her sweet blush and gentle nod of her head is all the invitation I need.

I push her onto her back and gently lay on top of her, letting my erection press lightly against her. I lean down and take her mouth in a slow, heated kiss.

Her hands slide up my shirt, caressing my skin. “Can you feel that?”

“Yes.” I breathe out as I nuzzle down her neck, kissing and licking. She always loved it when I found that special spot under her ear.

Her moans of pleasure urge me on. She yanks my shirt over my head, and her nimble fingers make quick work of my trousers. It has been so long and I’m so worked up that I couldn’t care less if she tore them off.

I sit on the edge of the bed to remove my pants and socks. I hide my shoes under the bed in the guest room, but if they can’t see me, I doubt they can see my clothes either.

As I rise to take off my socks, she grabs me and pushes me back, straddling me. I forgot how eager she could get. She leans down and kisses me slowly, her tongue tracing and teasing my lips and tongue. She nips and sucks, which drives me crazy. I can feel the heat of her on my stomach. She isn’t wearing anything under her nightshirt. I reach under, caressing her small, firm breasts. She lets out a gasp as I tweak a hard nipple. I can’t resist any longer. I slip beneath her top, taking one of the succulent orbs in my mouth, tracing it with my tongue, sucking gently, and nibbling on the hard peak, while twisting the other with my fingers.

Her soft moans fuel my desire.

“Since you’re a ghost I’m assuming there is no need for a condom?” she whispers between moans, as I slide my free hand down her side and around her back. The need to feel her soft skin again is overwhelming.

I don’t want to stop what I’m doing to answer, so I nod hoping she notices it.

She is so warm and wet as she slides slowly down on me. She pushes my head back and leans forward for a kiss. I wrap my arms around her holding her tightly as we are joined as one. She gently eases me down to the bed, her lips like a drug. I whimper when she pulls away. That whimper quickly turns into moans of ecstasy as she gradually begins moving, making love to me. The way it used to be. Perfect. Beautiful. Amazing. Sensual. The way I wish it could’ve been forever.

I slide my hands all over her body, enjoying every soft contour, as she tosses her head back, quickening her pace. I feel her body tightening around me and I know the end is soon near.

I echo her cry of pleasure, and as she drops down on top of me, I hold her trembling body. I don’t want to let go, but I know I will have to. Much too soon.

“I love you,” she whispers into my ear.

Hearing her words I feel the warmth of her love spreading over me, our bond becoming stronger.

“I love you too,” I whisper back. In the background, I can hear doors opening and closing, footsteps approaching. I can’t hold back the tears as she slowly disappears from my grasp.

Chapter 12

Something’s Fishy


After we had made love on New Year’s Eve, Mandi dreamed of me more often. Those nights make having to tolerate another man living with my wife and doing things with my kids that I could no longer do, all worthwhile.

I try to lay low and not give in to my urges to do things to get Mark to leave. As tense as things are becoming, I figure it may not be long before I get my wish.

Mark is staying out more frequently, and he and Mandi argue increasingly more. The kids seem only to pay attention to him when he is buying them things, but I suppose that’s typical teens.

Whenever Mandi questions him about where he is going, or why he stays out so late, he says he was fishing with his brother-in-law or working.

After weeks of him coming home without any fish, Mandi points it out. Suddenly, he starts bringing home a bag or two of them, conveniently cleaned, filleted and, my guess, previously frozen. I’m surprised that Mandi fell for it.

One day in early spring, Mandi comes in from work early and picks up the mail. She looks pale as she flops down on the sofa with three of the letters. I sit beside her, peering over her shoulder.

“How could this be?” she murmurs, as she opens the third.

I pick them up and read them. There is a credit card issued in Mandi’s name over the limit and overdue. Another is from the mortgage company, stating she is two months behind and late in the third. The last is a shutoff notice from the electric company if she doesn’t pay last month along with this month, which is also late.

The tears building in Mandi’s eyes break my heart. I follow as she goes to the office and fumbles through Mark’s desk. There isn’t anything incriminating there, but I find it odd that there aren’t any receipts or old bills anywhere. Not even a bank statement in the file drawer. The top drawer is locked, but the desk is so old it isn’t hard to jiggle open. Inside, hidden in the far back, she finds two checkbooks. One has many negative numbers and extra payments, looking as if the account was bouncing a lot. The other one is perfect. All deposits in place, all bills paid on time. The one he shows Mandi. She rants, raves, and sobs as I comfort her.

Mark barely got in the door when Mandi made her first attack, shoving the checkbooks in Mark’s face.

“Explain this!” She growls. The sound may not be quite threatening on its own, but trust me this woman can do some damage with words, and her purse that weighs about 15 pounds. I would love to see her deck him a good one.


I take a seat and watch the action. Too bad I can’t have some popcorn and a beer. Scratch the beer. Too much of that is what got me where I am. Sitting here invisible watching my wife fight with her new husband.


“Calm down and give me a chance to see what you have.” He takes them from her hands, his eyes growing wide and face paling as he looks them over. “Where did you find these?”

“What the hell does it matter how I find them or where? Why do you have two checkbooks and a credit card in my name? Mandi’s face turns a bright red, her lovely green eyes flashing with the fire of her fury.

“I didn’t know what to do honey. You overspent over the holidays. I figured I could pay it off this month. It’s all taken care of now.” He shoves the checkbooks in his back pocket, saunters to the fridge and grabs a cold beer. My mouth waters as he takes a long drink, then he turns back to Mandi as if they were discussing the weather. “Would you like a glass of tea or maybe some wine to help calm you?”

“I didn’t overspend. YOU are the one that got the kids all of those expensive clothes and gifts, and the expensive jewelry for me. The things I bought fit perfectly in my budget.” She glared at him, hands on her hips her face fierce.

I can’t believe he has the nerve to blame her. He is smooth, but my Mandi is much smarter than he is giving her credit.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. I did go a bit overboard. But it was our first Christmas and I wanted you all happy. I thought I would make more in tips and extra parties to cover it.” He gave her a look that I assume was supposed to be cute. On Mandi it might’ve been, with him it was pretty silly.

“That’s why I’m working extra and trying to sell fish. I have it covered. I didn’t want to worry you. It’s all under control.”

I call bullshit! That’s a wild fish story if ever I heard one! There has to be more than that. I just don’t think it’s over. He is up to something.

I see Mandi about to give in or at least call it a night on this one.



I remember watching him going out to the car a lot after working on the bills, so I decide to investigate. At first glance, there is nothing unusual. It is neat as a pin, just the way Mandi likes things. She keeps a milk crate with emergency supplies – a gallon of water, a thermal blanket, a toolkit, a first aid kit, a couple flashlights and, of course, a jumper cable. In another flat box, she keeps a six-pack of water and a box of granola that she rotates every few weeks.

I’m about to give up when I notice the bottom isn’t completely locked in place, so I lift it to find a stack of letters lying on top of the spare tire. I look around to see where everyone is so no one will notice the papers floating through the air. The kids are both gone and Mandi and Mark are in the kitchen arguing over their lunch. I gather them quietly, shut the trunk and hide them under my mattress.

I’m so thrilled that I have proof. I can’t wait to rub it in Mark’s face. I’m so full of pride at my accomplishment that I just have to gloat. I go into the office and turn on the computer, which they keep un-coded since they both share it. I pull up the sticky notes and write:


I found the proof that will be the nail in your coffin. It won’t be long now before you are out of our lives for good.


Little do I realize this stupid stunt could be the nail in my coffin, not his

Chapter 13

Make Mine a Medium


It’s two long days before Mark comes into his office to use the computer. He has been too busy eating crow and out working to cover up whatever it is he is doing.

I didn’t worry that Mandi would find my note since she uses her pad more than the computer. I thought about deleting it since I’m not sure the impact it will have now that she has forgiven him. Well, perhaps not forgiven him, since I know Mandi. She may let it go for now, but it won’t be totally over. Ever.

I decide to leave it. I may not have gotten rid of him yet, but I did drive a deeper wedge between him and Mandi.


He finally comes up to the office, and I follow him in. Mandi is in the shower, and I know that she won’t be coming into the guest room where she has been sleeping for the past couple of nights, with me.

I wish I had thought of it sooner, and I would’ve added that to my little note.

I hear the whir of machinery as the computer groans and whines. It is pretty much a dinosaur, but at least it does still work.

I watch Mark’s face twist in confusion as he reads the note. His brow furrows, and he bites his lip as he reads.

Bang! He rubs his fist, looking around the room. Suddenly, his eyes light up, and he grins slyly. I hear the printer grind and watch as he folds the paper he snatches off the printer up and puts it in his pocket. His fingers fly furiously over the keyboard. I watch for a few minutes, hoping he will try to argue with me. I would love to smack him with a book or two. Instead, he seems engrossed in reading something on the computer. I go over and look. Another medium’s homepage.

I head back to mine and Mandy’s room. I may not have gotten a good fight with him, but at least I will be the one making love to my wife tonight.

I slam the guest room door as I leave, so he knows I will be in there with her.


The next morning after Mandi leaves for work, and the house was all clear. We make love more now, and with more passion, than we had the past few years of our marriage.

I hear a door quietly snick shut. I hurry to see who came in. I hope Will isn’t skipping school again, or Kelly following in his footsteps. I’m shocked to see Mark head into the kitchen and make a fresh pot of coffee.

Why isn’t he at work? A few minutes later the doorbell rings. An average looking woman, who appears close to Mark’s age, walks in looking around as if she is studying the layout of the house. This can’t be good.

I wish I had a way to record this to prove to Mandi he is cheating. She doesn’t own a video recorder because they all have smartphones. Even if she did, I couldn’t get it and bring it to wherever they end up. A floating video recorder would be obvious.


“Thank you for stopping by Sylvia. Would you like a cup of coffee? It’s fresh.” He offers her a chair.

“No, thank you. I don’t drink anything with caffeine. It’s a stimulant and in my business I don’t need anything to add to, or take away from, my senses. I will take some water if you have any purified.” She pulls out the chair, looks at it, walks over to the paper towel dispenser and pulls off a few. After wiping down the chair, she sits.

I notice that she keeps looking in my direction and squinting.

“We have bottled spring water and my wife has a pitcher of filtered water in the fridge.”

“I’ll have the filtered, please.” She rests her hands on the table, quickly pulling them back and wiping them with the towel. “On second thought, I will take the bottled, please.”

I suddenly feel cold  as if something is examining me. The strange woman makes an ‘ah’ sound.

“Shall we get straight to business?” she asks.

It does appear that my first impression was wrong, and they aren’t lovers.

Mark looks at her in surprise. I guess he doesn’t like that his charm is falling flat.

She grabs his hand, as he hands her the bottle, and holds it tightly, closing her eyes. This time, she makes a disgusted ‘Hmm’ sound. She drops his hand as she sets the bottle on the table.

“This won’t take long,” She says as she narrows her eyes at him.

Mark sits down across from her.

“You do indeed have a spirit in the house.”

“I knew you would be able to help me. You come highly recommended. What do we do? Have a séance and send him back to wherever he belongs?” He grins triumphantly.

She looks at him, her face is taut, nose slightly crinkled as if he disgusts her. I know the feeling.

“No, there will be no séances or exorcisms. Those are for flamboyancy in movies. However, your spirit is no danger to anyone in this house. He seems to be a gentle soul though protective of the ones he loves. As long as you don’t challenge him or inflict any harm, physical or emotional, you should be fine. “

“You don’t understand. I want him gone!” His voice is loud and angry.

“It’s not your choice. He has strong spiritual ties to your wife and not the house. The only one that can send him on would be her. She would have to sever the links of both their hearts and souls.” She pushes away from the table, the water untouched.

“I will get your check for your consultation.” He grinds his teeth in that annoying manner I hate.

“I don’t want your tainted money. Your objectives are selfish. You are a deceitful, domineering man. I wish you luck.” She looks in my direction and gives me a gentle smile. “You, on the other hand, I hope Karma is just.” She glares at him. I smile as she walks out of the door, leaving a fuming Mark behind.

I push the water bottle off the table and chuckle when he jumps as it hits the floor, rolling towards his feet. I had to let him know I was there!

“Don’t be too smug. I have an idea of how to get rid of you myself, and it won’t cost me a dime.”


Chapter 14

How can you fix a broken spirit?


Mark leaves home for a few hours.  I assume he’s going to work. When he comes back, he has a bag of groceries, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Mandi’s favorite honeyed peach wine.

He puts the wine in the chiller and begins chopping vegetables for a salad. I unplug the chiller.

Hitting the switch to turn on the garbage disposal, he notices the chiller unplugged. He takes the bottle out and puts it in the refrigerator.

He sets the table using Mandi’s favorite lace tablecloth, flowered place mats and napkins and then heads towards the bedroom. I follow to see what he is doing and almost throw up as I look in the door and see him naked as a jaybird. I run back downstairs and switch the tablecloth to the ugliest one I can find – a solid black one, with skulls on it that she uses for Halloween.

Mark curses as he enters the room and sees what I have done. Then he glances at the clock, takes the meat out of the marinade and places it in the oven, before resetting the table with another flowered tablecloth, and proceeding to put out the salads and condiments.

He barely gets it ready as Mandi comes through the door.

”Wow, what is this about? You hardly ever cook, unless it’s for a fish fry.” She places her handbag on the table by the door, slipping her shoes underneath.

“I want to surprise you. You work so hard and have been so worried about the bills. I have something to show you after we eat.” He kisses her gently on the lips.

“Where are the kids?”

“Both called and said they weren’t coming home until later.”

I wish I were able to tell her that he called them and asked them to find a place to go until their curfew.

They sit and eat in silence. Mandi gets up and begins to clear the table, but Mark stops her. “Go upstairs and take a long bath, I’ll clean this up. I know you’ve had a hard day.”

“Speaking of hard days, why aren’t you at work tonight?”

“I wanted to spend some time with you plus I think have found the source of the bills not getting picked up from the mailbox.”

She raises her eyebrows questioningly. “Tell me.”

“Get your bath. I’ll tell you when you come out.”

I watch as she reluctantly leaves the room. What is he up to now?

Soon, he has the dishwasher loaded, the wine out and opened, and a tray set up on the coffee table. He turns the TV to her favorite music station and sits, waiting. Gloating.

I take a seat in the armchair to see what lies he has now.

Mandi comes into the room carrying her e-reader.

“Sit beside me.” Mark pats the couch beside him

“What do you have to tell me?” She accepts the glass of wine, taking a sip.  “Ooh, My favorite! Where did you get it?”

“The perks of working in a bar. I have something to show you that will prove what our problem is.”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a folded piece of paper.  Mandi’s eyes widen as she reads it.

“This can’t be true!”

“I’m afraid it is. I have wanted to tell you for months now that he has been tormenting me.”

“Why haven’t you?” she still sounds skeptical.

“I didn’t think you would believe me, besides I couldn’t prove anything until now.”

She looked down at the note in her hand.

“I don’t know what to say,” she states, her voice sounding faint. Hurt.

“You don’t have to say anything. It’s not all your fault. We have all been tricked.” He pulls her into a hug. I watch as she stiffens and then pulls away when he tries to kiss her.

“I need a few minutes alone to think,” she says.

“Take as long as you need.” He smiles victoriously.

She storms off to the guest bedroom.

“Are you in here?” Mandi doesn’t sound happy at all.

I toss her Cosmo magazine on the bed to show her I am here.

Then all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.

“What the hell, Bill? How could you do this?”

I wish she were asleep so that we could talk, but I have a sickening feeling she won’t be dreaming of me tonight.

After what seems like hours of her ranting and raving, and cussing blaming me for the bills not getting paid, she even claims that it’s my jealousy to hurt Mark that has ruined her credit. I have humiliated her. She tosses the crinkled paper on top of the magazine. “I never want to speak to you again.”

I feel a searing, tearing, burning in my heart as she stomps out, taking part of my soul with her.



What a pretty Light

As the days wear on, I feel lost and alone. I can still hear and see Mandi and the kids, so whatever happened, it didn’t send me away.

Mandi has moved back into her room with Mark though I never hear any sounds of pleasure. If only I hadn’t sent him that message on the computer. I had no idea he would print it out and use it against me.

I feel weak since she left me in the room that night, and she hasn’t dreamt of me since. It’s as if a tether to her has been cut loose. Now I find I can move around freely. I walk to the park sometimes to get out and escape the loneliness. I have no idea how to communicate with Mandi anymore. I do find a bit of joy in tossing Mark’s toothbrush in the toilet, his shoes in the kitty litter, little things like that. I know it’s juvenile, but I am determined to let him know that he may have won a battle, but he hasn’t won the war. Not yet.

Just when I think things can’t possibly get worse, I find how wrong I can be.

Mandy is sitting in her recliner reading, Kelly is in her room as usual, Mark is watching stupid reality television when Mandi’s cell phone rings.


I watch as her eyes grow wide, her face filled with concern.

“Yes, sir, this is Amanda Wallace.”

She listens intently. A tear slips from the corner of her eye.

“Where is he?” She grabs her pen and paper that she keeps by her chair and starts writing furiously. I run over beside her and look. I hold my breath as she scribbles.

It has the name of the county hospital and ER number.

Her face is as white as snow as she ends the call and immediately begins to dialing another.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asks her with a very slight sense of concern and no curiosity.

What has he done?

Mandi holds up a finger as she talks to the hospital. It takes a few redirections; then she gets the ER. They won’t tell her anything other than Will is there, and she needs to come and bring an insurance card. Typical hospitals. They care about nothing but money.

We get to the hospital and after jumping through several hoops Mandi finally gets to go back to see Will. He is shaken, has a broken arm and bruised ribs from the airbag.

“What happened?” she asks between sobs, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t know. I left Jon’s and tried to stop at the stop sign. For some reason, the car wouldn’t stop.  I missed the curve and hit the tree.”

I wrap my arms around them both and this time she doesn’t shout at me or try to pull away. However, she does stiffen at my touch. We sit with Will until the Dr. comes and tells her she can take him home that nothing is broken, and he doesn’t have a concussion.

We all ride home in silence. Mark leaves after we reach the house to take care of the towing of Will’s car. That’s when I figure something fishy is up. I notice the garage door slightly ajar, so I go to investigate, and there sits Will’s car.


Meanwhile, Mandi settles Will in, and he falls asleep quickly after taking a pain pill. Mark comes in a few minutes later.

“I guess this should prove to you that your dead husband is dangerous.”

“How dare you try to blame Bill? It had to be a freak accident.”

“How accidental is a cut brake line?”

I stand in confusion.

“Mark, you’re crazy! Bill would never try to hurt Will.”

“No, but  he’s desperately trying to get rid of me for months, now that you’re no longer speaking to him, I think he  wants me permanently gone.”

“What are you saying? How could this be aimed at you?”

“Follow me.” Mark takes her by the arm, guiding her to the door that leads into the garage. Opening it, we can see Will’s car, sitting there with the hood up.

“But, he hit a tree. Wouldn’t it be dented?” She looks confused.

“I sent Will to the store after class today, and his car wouldn’t start. I lifted the hood, and the radiator cap was gone, so I let him use my car.”

Her mouth drops open. She tries to speak, then passes out cold in Mark’s arms. He carries her in and places her on the couch.

Almost immediately, I feel a jerk and find myself sitting beside Mandi.

I can tell as she sits up that she is beyond angry.

“Mandi, you know I would never do that, don’t you?”

“I don’t know anything anymore, Bill. I never thought you would stoop so low as to destroy me to get rid of Mark, but you did.”

“I didn’t! I swear!” I feel myself getting weaker and weaker. I can see a light forming like a star on the horizon. How can I see a star in the house?

“I wish you weren’t here. You won’t stop until you hurt someone.”

A pain begins to envelope my entire being. It starts as a slight throb, growing stronger each minute.

“I confess that I wrote the note. But, I didn’t hide the bills.”

The light draws nearer, and I can feel it calling to me. “NO! NO! Mandi, please don’t do this. Don’t let me go. Think! Will left the house in the car and didn’t wreck it, right?”

She looks at me through tear-stained eyes.

“That would mean that it had to be done at Jon’s house.”

She continues to glare, as the light stops advancing.

“Mark left while you were cooking to get ice cream, remember?”

She barely nods.

“I was holding you; you felt me. Besides, I can’t leave the house without you. Understanding dawns on her face. I’m glad that she doesn’t know that I can leave now since she severed our heart bond. I feel bad about not telling her this, but I will as soon as this is all over.

She gets up and walks to her car. Popping the trunk, we find an oily rag, some wire cutters and a radiator cap tucked discreetly between the two boxes Mandi keeps in the car.

I see Mandi gazing at the large light behind us.

“What have I done?” I watch in horror as she crumbles to the floor again. I am wrenched out of her dreams.

I am so glad that Mark is such a pompous ass. I watch as he goes out to get the evidence from Mandi’s car. He lays the radiator cap under a flowerpot in the garage, which we keep a spare key. He put away the tools and tossed the rag into the trash, sealing the bag, putting it in the burn barrel and igniting it.

He goes into the house with soot and grease from the rag on his hands and face.

While he is in the shower, I keep turning the cold water off to let him know I am there. Little does he know I have a surprise hidden under the washcloth on the sink!

He brags, gloats, and confesses the entire thing in the empty room knowing I am there.

“Go ahead and play childish tricks. When she wakes up you will be history, once I convince her that you were trying to kill me and Will could’ve easily been killed instead of banged up.”

I seethe but can’t speak. He is right. Will could’ve been hurt much worse if he had been in a busy area or near a hill or the tracks.

I let him rave on.

“I have to say you almost got me there showing her the receipts. At least I got smart enough to burn the damn letters instead of hiding them. One of these days she will thank me when I hit the big lottery.”

Then it gets even better. He admits he had quit the bar and had been going to Bingo on Monday, and with a bunch of his friends to the next town over to the gambling boat. He is sure she will forgive him when he strikes it rich.

Mandy moans from the living room. He tosses his towel to the floor and rushes in. He sits next to her gently brushing the hair from her face.

His eyes grow big as Mandy’s phone floats into the room and is laid gently on her chest. I quickly push the playback button before Mark has a chance to grab it.




It’s been a very long night. There isn’t any way to refute what she heard, so Mark grabbed a bag and lit out of the house while Mandi had the cops on the phone.

We no longer had evidence, since anyone could’ve put the radiator cap in that pot, there were no tools in her car any longer, and the oily rag was ashes. At least she had the conversation though they stated it may not be admitted as evidence since he was recorded unknowingly.

His lawyer contacts him and tells him that there will be no charges if he willingly moves out and doesn’t contest a divorce. The Police set up a time the next day they would be there to escort him so that he can gather the rest of his belongings. That won’t take long, since after the police had left, Mandi and I bagged it all up and moved it to the garage doors.

When he shows up the next day he tried to talk, but she refused to see him. The cops followed him as he took his stuff, and Mandi and I sit inside, watching from the window.

She had the kids stay with their friends in case things get ugly while Mark was here. She didn’t want to give him a chance to try to poison them with more of his lies.

Later, after Mark and the police have left, Mandi took a long bath. I lay waiting for her in our bed glad that this ordeal is finally over. She crawled in and I draw her next to me. It wasn’t long until she was asleep and we were together again, in the dreaming. This time, we are in a very different place. The room is elegant; a big bay window looks out over a big lake. I can hear the sound of soft water lapping at the moored boats. The sunset is beautiful. I recognize it as the hotel room in Chicago where we spent our honeymoon. I turn to face the beautiful woman in my arms scantily clad in a short, silky, white negligee. Long red hair fanned over the pillow. She is more beautiful than any angel ever could be.

“I’m so sorry Bill.” The sadness on her face breaks my heart.

“About what?” I gently run my fingers over her face, trailing down her graceful neck. Her shivers cause a chain reaction in my body resonating from my fingers, up my arm down my body pooling in my groin.

“Everything. What was that light when we were together last? You weren’t leaving me were you?”

“I think I was, but not willingly.”

I tell her about the medium and what she said about the heart and soul bonds. How it felt when the heart bond broke loose, how warm and inviting the light was.

“Why didn’t you go? Especially since I said all these mean things to you and accused you of hurting our son and trying to kill Mark. I should have known that no matter how angry you got that you’d never do such a thing. Me on the other hand…” She giggles.

That sound was the sweetest thing I have heard in a while. The past few weeks the house has been somber. No laughing. No singing.

She leans over and gives me a kiss. The kiss starts out forcefully and hungry. We kiss and grope like there is no tomorrow. Our lovemaking is hot, hard and needy. Subsequently, I hold her trembling body next to mine. “I still can’t understand  why after all I have done to you when you were alive, and especially now, that you would stay here with me,” she whispers, her breath still harsh and ragged.

She sighs as I pull her tighter wrapping her in my arms.

“When you hold me it feels like I’m enveloped in a warm blanket. Like soft, warm wings enveloping me.” She lets out a long soft sigh.

“When I said my vows to love, honor, cherish, to stand by you through thick and thin, forever until death do us part I meant it.” I brush a strand of hair from over her eyes, so I can see her expression as I make my confession of my feelings.

“I know, but you died, your vows were met. Why haven’t you moved on?” A tear starts trickling down her cheek.

“When I said till death do us part, I meant both of us. I’m here to watch over you, protect you, until you die.”

“I’m so glad,” she whispers, “make love to me.”

She didn’t have to beg. Not this time anyhow, though hearing her beg me is definitely on the menu for the future.

We kiss slowly and passionately until we were breathless. I trail kisses down her neck, over her shoulder sliding the delicate strap down with my teeth baring a small pert breast. I worship first one then the other as she writhes beneath me, gasping and pleading for more. So I lied, I did want to hear her beg. I slowly and torturously work my way down her soft stomach easy the soft silk off her as I go. The scent of her arousal mixed with the honeysuckle body wash is exhilarating. I lick and tease her until neither of us can take any more. I slip in two fingers, she screams and trembles as I bring her to release.

“Please, Bill. Please make love to me now, before I wake up!”

I forgot our time was limited for the night, so I quickly take off my underwear and lean over her for a kiss. As our tongues battle her legs wrap around my hips pressing my hardness into her wet core. I press in gently and our bodies are quickly recalling how perfect we fit. We moved in a slow horizontal waltz, our heavy moans becoming our erotic music. Much too soon we both reached the crescendo, once again sealing the deal. Body, heart and soul.

We collapsed into each other’s arms. Sleepily, she mumbled, “I love you, Bill, till death do us both part.”


The end







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