A dishtowel for all occasions


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 One of my favorite pastimes is crocheting. It is relaxing and something I can do while watching TV, riding in a vehicle, or just sitting in the gardens. I do like to keep my projects simple and small.I love granny squares and dishtowel toppers. Both of these can be made from scraps. I used to be able to do one in abut 15 minutes. I would whip them up at work on my lunch(before I retired). I actually sold these before I got married this last time. I made enough extra money to help with groceries or at Christmas I sold more and used the money to get gifts for coworkers and friends.

The dishtowel tops you can make several from one skein of yarn. The actual dishtowels I buy are only 1 to 2 dollars each. I cut the dishtowel in half, then push the thread and do a single crochet row across. Then I do double crochets  for two rows then start decreasing.. easy peasy.

I found this really cute one with BBQ grills on it and a matching potholder and decided to make this for dad for his birthday.




I will never forget one-day mom came over with a bad of dishtowels and yarn and asked if I would make her some. she said give her a couple sell the rest. The one I had made her years before ( Halloween ones) were worn out. That is really what got me started selling them. I was making them at lunch for her and everyone in the breakroom wanted them.  It kept me busy and I never got bored LOL

I also love granny squares because you can use up the smallest scraps( no waste) and make cool stuff. like afghans and bags. I saw some cool sweaters made from them on Pinterest as well, but I haven’t gotten that adventurous.

Do you crochet or have a hobby that helps you relax?



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  1. Guess what? I also love to crochet. I’m not very good at it and usually don’t get the bug to crochet until the first breath of winter comes in November. By then it’s too late to get a bunch of Christmas gifts done, but I can get one or two. I wish I were more adept and could follow intricate patterns and perform amazing stitches. My favorite things to crochet are lapghans. You are undoubtedly much more organized at crocheting than I. I’d love to see some pix.

    • That’s awesome we seem to have a lot in common I meant to add pictures and forgot I too don’t do the intricate stuff sometimes wish I did

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