Writing Romance~~The letter M

Hi, Y’all!Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today I am on the letter M.  At first I couldn’t think of anything then a few hit me.

Magnificent. I like this word. It puts oomph in a phrase.  She has pretty hair. She has magnificent eyes. See?

Mundane gives the impression of boring or dull. Your character could be in a slump.

Multitude is a good word to use in place of many or a lot.  A multitude of people gives a bigger impression than saying that’s a lot of people in that crowd! It also makes the speaker sound more upscale or educated so if your character is a drop out or street kid maybe stick to the other words. The character has a lot to do with the words we use, but perhaps I will address that another time.

Millionaire -money. These two go hand in hand. Money is a significant catalyst in a story, whether the characters are rich or poor, there has to be money to eat and live. Money makes a setting. Do they live in hovels or mansions? ( I am good at slipping in words). There seems to be a huge run of Millionaire stories. Some are sweet some are the BDSM kind. Maybe you would like to go check some out. Google them or look on Goodreads even Amazon freebies.

I found this one ( free at time of this post-July 27) I chose it at random and have not read it before.

Romance: Undercover – A Billionaire Romance (Harris Thorn Series, Romance, Billionaire Romance, Contemporary Romance Book 1)

Magenta is another descriptive word. It would make a nice outfit choice instead of the usual red dress.

Manly. This one speaks for itself.   You have manly men or even a manly acting woman.

Mellow— This reminds me of an old song when I was a teen… Have You Never Been Mellow?


Mezmerizing I love this word. ” One look into his eyes and I  was mesmerized.” Yes, this is from my contemporary story that I am working on.

Majestic.A mountainscape could look Majestic in the horizon. A person can look or be majestic especially in a historical story.

Meow! It’s time for me to go to the post office and mail my daughters birthday card! I’ll see ya next week!

Do you have any favorite M words?


Writing A-Z Letters K & L

Hi Y’all. I got behind last week on my blogging with family and so much outside work to do.  Hubby and I are trying to get this jungle of garden and my rose garden back under control for the weeds. I will let you know if we win or not LOL.

I missed last weeks post on the letter K so this week I am doing  K and L, which is kinda good since two of the words fit together quite well.

For K I have kind and the derivatives, kindly and kindness. I like a character that is kind and has a good heart or a broken hero that is lost and needs  a boost to the seat of his pants to get back to that point.  He may not have anything kid to say to anyone like a crotchety old man LOL.

Kids can be an important part of a story in so many ways. They can be catalysts for  a characters behavior, a plot if one is missing or ill or if a character wants one or not in their lives.

Then there is Kiss ( not the  old rock band) but a kiss. A romance isn’t a romance without Kissing, which brings me to L

Love is the first word that springs to mind and one of the most important in romance.

Libation is a cool L word . This can be used in paranormal romance as an act of pouring out a liquid to a God or Deity such as a sacrifice. This is great for paranormal stories. For regular romance it works as well. It can refer to consuming alcohol and would work in both contemporary and historical fiction.

Lark. A lark is a bird. But it can also mean on a whim.

Late. Nt good if you are on a deadline!

Last but not Least ( see that…a twofor!) life. A good story needs to resemble life in some form. even though it is fiction it needs to make sense. Life is important to characters. what they do for a living, how they live, where they live, what they live for. All of this makes a story.

I hope you enjoyed the double post.  Is there any K or L words you like? What do you do when Life gets you down?


Writing Romance A-Z ~~Letter J

Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter  is J.

The first word that comes to mind is joyous.

I like jaunty too. It means to have a self-confident air or buoyant.  A person can wear a jaunty expression or wear a hat at a jaunty angle. I think this works really well in historical fiction especially the 1920’s or 1940’s

Joyful, Joyous, Jovial, Jubilant are all basically the same. Nice happy words’

Juicy is a fun word it can be a juicy steak or a juicy rendezvous. I love this one.

Now for a funny one. Junk. It doesn’t have to be trash. Though a character that is a hoarder would be fun.  Junk can also be a word for well you know a man’s junk.(wink).

Do you have a favorite J word?

#WritingRomance A-Z ~~ Letter I

Hi, Y’all  Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z.

Introduction is a perfect word. You have to introduce characters to each other.

a character can be ignorant to the  other’s needs.

An idea can be ingenious

Ill is another good word. An illness can bring a character to town or  can be a good plot in a story.

A character can be Innocent or at least innocent until proven guilty.

A story and the characters need to be interesting or at even intriguing.

I love the words incandescent, Intoxicating, and indelible.

Impressive is one of those you can use to describe many things  iff you write or read erotic stories you get my drift.

There are many more great I words but  I am going to leave it at this.

Let’s not forget the biggest little word in te world.  If.

Remember~~ IF you can dream it ~~ you can do it.



Writing Romance A-Z–Letter H

Hi Ya’ll welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter is H. I had fun with this one.

First of all, there is Hate. We will get the bad one out of the way first. No matter what you write sometimes hate can be a catalyst. This may be the case in paranormal where there are clan wars. Historical stories where there are wars or as above clan wars, arranged marriages. Even mystery suspense hate could be a significant catalyst. Let’s just hope Love beats out the hate in the fiction stories.

Help can be a noun or verb. As a verb, people can help each other. As a noun, it could be used as the help, such as maids, gardeners, etc.

No matter what we write, there has to be a hero or heroine. Someone has to right the wrongs or at least win the other’s heart. (in slips another big H word)

And for a funny one let’s pick huge. We can have huge animals,(this is good in shifters), a man can be huge, or a man’s parts can be huge (blushes), or we can even describe a woman’s bosoms as huge.

One of my favorites is hunk. I don’t mean a hunk of meat but a hunk of a good looking man as a man in uniform, a military man, a man in a suit or especially a cowboy!

What is your favorite H word?

Remember“ If you can dream it~~you can do it!



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