Writing Romance A-Z~~ N, O and especially P

Writing Romance A – Z

Hi, everyone! I know I haven’t been blogging lately.  Life happened, and I fell into a bit of depression. I’m not looking for pity, but I have disabilities that sometimes hit like a Mack truck. I am on medication and mostly controlled, but there is no cure for seizures and my back pain is chronic.  I thought about giving up the writing, the blogging, all of it.  I have made a lot of changes to make things less overwhelming. That is what you haven’t seen much on the blog lately.

I am going to finish my writing A-Z. Then I’ll decide what’s next.


So now we are at N.   The first thing pops in my mind is Naked.  Difficult to write romance without getting naked.  I also like the spelling nekkid. I don’t use it much, but it’s cute in a western among cowboys or little kids. Sometimes we need a bit of humor, and odd spellings add that.

I love the word negligée.  The word alone stirs images of flimsy, sexy, romantic nighties and underwear.  What can be more romantic than that?

And of course naughty.  I think that speaks for itself.


Let’s move on to the letter O.  Only. Being the Only one the only man in the heroine or hero’s life.  The One. That can work in contemporary romance or in paranormal where they find their mate.  In my current WIP, my main young man is very different. He is only 23, but he has high morals and saving himself for the ONE. He says his mom told him he would know in his heart.  I also like the word Ominous. It is a great word for paranormal, supernatural or Romantic mystery/suspense.


I love writing Paranormal romance. It’s not all I write, but I love-making new worlds, creating new characters that don’t exist, giving them powers, but making them likable or human as well.  My first foray into writing was paranormal or urban fantasy.  I have learned so much since then that I think will make that series better. My dream back then was to be the next Kim Harrison. I have two file cabinets with binders of notes handwritten and some in chapters and drafts. I am considering pulling this out and reorganizing it, perhaps working on it next year.


I have another book called Dark Magick that I had planned to publish last Halloween, but my beta found a significant loophole, and I think this may become a series as well.


This brings me to a Trilogy that I also have nearly done.  It’s called Love Bites…First Bite. An urban fantasy.  It’s also vampires.  The first book began as an 8-thousand-word short story. I rewrote it into a 23k novella then decided it needed a bit more, and it is now a trilogy. I am sending it today to my last Beta then after we get done with my editor for a final look over. I am ready to make the leap and let this baby go. I won’t say when it will be out since that will depend on how much my Beta and Editor find, but it’s a big possibility it may be out this year or early next.  At least I have a plan. (see I slipped in another p-word)LOL



Do you like Paranormal stories? What are your favorite types? What do you look forward to in a new paranormal book? What do you hope you won’t find there?

Writing Romance A-Z~~The letter D

letter d

Hi, Y’all welcome back to writing romance A-Z. This week is letter D.

Dear can be used as an Adjective, Noun, and adverb. As an adjective, it means regarded with deep affection or expensive.  As a Noun, it is used as an affectionate form of address.  Such as ‘My dear’. As an adverb, it is used in expressions of surprise, dismay, or sympathy.

Darling is both a noun and adjective. As a noun, it is also a form of address such as my darling, my love, sweetheart As an adjective it means beloved.  I think this is a good romantic word.

Derrière is a sexy way to say butt or buttocks.

Death may not be romantic but can be a catalyst in a romance. Perhaps a lover dies, or a parent.

Decadence. I love this word. It could be a decadent meal or a room full of romantic things such as candles, roses plush bedding.

Devilish could be a description of a handsome man or used in a paranormal story.

Dapper and Dashing are more great descriptive words, especially in Regency or historical romances.

Dazzling could be a character’s smile, eyes, or a sparkling outfit.

Debonair, again we have a great descriptive for a leading man. I think back in the early 90’s, a suit and a hat. A man full of confidence, stylish and charming.

Delicate could be a situation or an Item.

Delectable, Delicious could be used for describing a kiss, a first night or a romantic meal.

Delightful is fun, happy.

Desirable, Desired means wanted, sexy.

Devoted, this brings me memories of a movie and makes me want to sing. It means loyalty and loving

Dewy is a good descriptive to describe a woman’s skin or eyes if they are sad or teary.

Disarming. Shocked, knocking off guard like a charming smile.

Divine is another word that means good but evokes a lot better emotion. The dinner was divine, or the date was divine (I slipped in another d word.)

Doting would be like a possessive person showing lots of affection.

Dovelike I love this term. I see something sweet or soft.

Dreamy. Another word I like. Like a faraway look.

Dynamite is a great explanation or something’s magnificent like man…That was Dynamite!

Dulcet is quality. A sweet, soothing calming voice or sound.

Now let’s go to the exclamations and dirty words!

Darn is used for the sweeter books. I tend to use it a lot.

Damn, I have started to use this one since it does sound more grown up than darn or drat.

Dick could be a name. But alas it’s a word used in erotic or spicier books with explicit sex scenes to describe a man’s body part.

There are much more, like drag, draft, diplomat, but I have to stop somewhere.

Can you think of some good ways to use some of these D words?

And don’t forget..if you can Dream it“ you can do it.

Writing Romance A-Z~~The Letter B

Hi Y’all. Welcome back to Writing Romance A- Z. Today is another easy one with the letter B.  The first word to mind is Beautiful. It brings to mind so many things. It can be descriptive or  something you call your character.

Babe: Another word that is used a lot in conversation. And of course baby. This too can be a pet word or  perhaps a plot. A lost child, a character shows up with a baby. lots of options.

Billionaire: You may wonder how this is a romantic word? It’s a very popular trope in romance. there are so many Billionaire books out there in all genres.

Beloved: dear to the heart,  darling, precious.

Bellissimo or Bellissima:  love foreign words  slipped in a romance. This is an Italian word meaning most beautiful or lovely ( what I  found on the internet) The Urban dictionary says its Italian slang for hot chick. That takes the romance right out of it for me Lol. I like to think it’s more like beautiful.

Belligerent; we have to have words to move action.  Belligerent means hostile or aggressive.  It’s fun to have a hostile villain that the leading woman tames or vice versus.

A Bacchanal is a drunkard…this would be fun to use.

Baculiform means rod-shaped I will leave that to your imagination.

Your character could be a barber or beautician.

A bayonet could be used to fight for the damsel or dame in distress.

One of my favorite is beckon. You could beckon in so many ways. You could motion seductively for your loved one  to come to you beckoning him or her or a bright light could beckon leading your lover away.

Do you have a favorite B word in romance? Is there one I missed that is useful in romance?

I hope you are enjoying  this series. It’s fun looking for these words and I am finding a few new ones. And as always,  If you can dream it ~~ yYou can do it.

Writing Romance A-Z ~~The Letter A


Hi, Y’all welcome to my new feature Writing Romance A -Z. Last month you may have seen many blogs writing daily posts using the alphabet. I thought instead of daily post I would do one weekly. Since I write contemporary romance in multiple genres, I will be using romance as the topic.

This week we have the letter A. SO many things spring to my mind. The first is Amore. Many things pop into m mind when I hear this word.  It is an Italian Noun that means Love or great adoration. It sounds so hot when you hear  My Amore.  So much sexier than just my love. I also think of this song…


Adoration brings other words to mind such as Adore—another way to say, love.

Adorable is another good A word. It is an Adjective that means inspiring much affection, delightful, charming, cute, cuddly and much more.  I love using this word mostly to describe animals and babies.

Alluring is another one I like it sounds more mysterious than saying pretty or beautiful.

 With her red hair like a brilliant sunset and emerald green eyes, she is alluring.

Though not the most handsome man in the club, something about him allures me like a  powerful spell.

Angel Is another word that could mean so much. If you write paranormal, your character could truly be an Angel.  Or you could use it like Amore and adore above and say something like my angel.

Awesome. I know this is on the overused and not to use the list, but sometimes it just works. I like it.  Things sometimes are awesome so why not say so? * tear the list up and tosses in trash*

Attractive. Another good word or description. Also other forms of it such as attracts or attraction.

Aggressive or Aggression.  He pulls me in his arms and kisses me aggressively. His aggression to  Jordy, my best friend, is completely out of line.  To me, the words show some hidden passion or jealousy.

Alimony. There is lots you can do with this in romance.  It could be a catalyst or a second chance.  The MC could be a lawyer helping a client and fall in love. Lots of options.


Aphrodisiac. *hmmm Clears throat*  This is something that inspires lust or desire.  It could be a food drink drug or anything that causes excitement.  The word originates from Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. There are many stories about her, and she would be a perfect character for romance.

I can’t mention Aphrodite without mentioning Adonis. He was loved by Aphrodite,  killed while hunting by a wild boar and restored to Aphrodite from Hades for a part of each year. Isn’t that a sad story?  A remake on that could be a lovely romance.  We ( us romance writers) also use the word Adonis to describe a very handsome young man.

I hope you enjoyed my first edition of Writing romance A-Z.  Do you have a favorite form te list above? Is there one I missed that you like?

As always~~If you can dream it~~you can do it.



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