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Why blog? That’s a big question. How many people really read what you write? Its hard to say. There are trackers but some of those just show visits, not acutual readers.  I get very few comments on mine. I became frustrated and last year with life coming at me full force, I quit blogging except Friday. I had entered the MRW52 week blog and didn’t want to be a quitter. I made it until December and started missing some days then. How do you know what blog to use, Weebly, blogger, WordPress, and many others? Blogger is very user-friendly. I used it as my first ever blog and did get comments and followers.  I used it like a journal posting each day. Blogging like that got me on my feet and pulled me through a hard time.


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This year I decided to revive my blog, three days a week. My most read blogs were Foodie Friday and Writerly Wednesday and Teaser Tuesday. I am going to move Foodie Friday to Monday as Munchie Monday (Thank you Misty for the cutest name ever) i will feature recipes and stories to go along with them.  I am keeping Writerly Wednesday with tips, interviews and other thing pertaining to writing. And Friday is the 52-week MFRWauthor writing challenge.  For now, I am only doing these three days a week with an occasional spotlight or guest appearance. If you would like to follow my books, see teasers, have games and other fun stuff join my facebook group Cat’s Romance-Aholics.

Blogging can be time-consuming. I was spending hours a day on the blog, emails etc and not getting any writing. I have learned much over the years. I chose WordPress as a website and to combine my blog into one place.

Should you blog? I think that is a personal decision. You can have a website with no blog, but I think people like to get to know an author. It makes reading books more enjoyable when you see bits and pieces of the person that wrote the book. I think it’s a good way to make friends.

Blogging takes a lot of work trying to decide what to post, finding photos or songs and trying to make it interesting. So if you read blogs take a moment to comment. We love to know what you think!

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What do you like seeing on blogs? what do you not like? I’d love to know!


Writerly Wednesday~It’s drafty in here

Welcome back to Writerly Wednesday. This week I am going to talk about drafts. No not a chill in the air…though today it is a bit chilly or about being called up to serve in the service. I am talking about the process of getting a story from stage one…a first draft to the final stage…in your hands.

This process is different for every writer so that I will be talking about mine. The process also like snowflakes, unique and individual to each author. I have read several books on methods, plotting, story structure drafting; you name it I have probably read it. Sometimes even cried because I was doing things so differently. I tried several different methods only to end up overwhelmed. I would end up with stories half finish thinking they weren’t any good. After a couple of Nano’s ( a writing challenge for authors.)I had two stories at 50k in my files. I decided to try my way with them. I have one story I have worked on over and over, even having had it edited into the third stage of that. It still sits.

This year I decided to publish at least two stories. In order to do that I have to let my stories go. I developed my new process.

I take my first draft ( this is one of the stories I wrote in NaNo that is at 50k and pretty much complete). I wrote it in Scrivener so now I send to Word and correct all the errors that light up like Christmas trees. Now I am reading it through and checking it in Grammarly making notes of things I need to work on, perhaps remove, and especially a timeline. (NaNo is quickly writing the story, I didn’t have this plotted out ). Next will be my second draft, Fixing all of these errors and having the story ready to send to my Beta Reader. I know she will be brutally honest and let me know my strengths and weakness, When she is done, I will correct all of that and be ready for an editor after that I will read out loud( something new that so many have suggested I will try). Next, it goes to formatting then hopefully you will get a chance to buy it.

How long does all of this take?  Again it’s up to the author. I am trying to start fresh after these books are out and try something new and get a book out in 90 days or so but we will see.  On this one, I plan to have it to my Beta reader by the end of March then depending on how much she finds to an editor in April and a release in May. That’s rough estimates.

As you see, writing isn’t as easy as putting a pen to paper. There is a lot of work involved in getting a clear, entertaining, high-quality story to you.

Do you write? How many drafts do you do? Do you have a suggestion to make my life easier and get me to let go of my babies?


Writerly Wednesday–New year~~new look!

Hi y’all! I hope you had a good January. I know the weather has been odd. we have had early spring like days, no snow but lots of rain. Some of my friends have had lots of snow, unfortunately giving it to me hasn’t worked yet. I spent January recovering from a bit of a nervous issue, colds and still have bad allergies headaches. I took the time to try to organize my computer documents, clean house a bit on facebook and Goodreads and also here. I didi accomplish organizing my craft room.

I still haven’t figured out my blogging schedule for sure, for now, I will have a Sunday or Monday picture post, Teaser  Tuesday and the MFRWauthors challenge on Friday. I may squeeze in a review or Writerly Wednesday here and there or bring them back if it fits into my writing schedule.

I decided to work on Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats as my project and am hoping for a late April early may release so cross your fingers and push me along!

Now for the real reason for this post! I bought a new banner finally for the Website!  Don’t you love it?  I used Rêverie Design & FormattingBreathing Life into Daydreams. 

This was our first-time working together and I had no idea whatsoever that I wanted. We chatted a bit about color dos and don’ts, about my genres and I let her go.

This is what we got on our second go round.

Funniest thing ever is purple is ok but not on my favorite color list and I absolutely love it.  The first ones she sent did not fit, so she tried twice more to get the sizes I needed.  She told me she experimented with red since it was a favorite but it didn’t look as good as the purple and though I didn’t like blue tried it too.  She showed them to me and i hate to admit i liked the blue as well. she gave me all three. Isn’t that awesome?

That’s magical that she made me love Blue and purple lol!

She told me of all of her specials and I bought a banner for a craft website I hope to debut this month as well and some formatting packages to use as an incentive to get those books ready LOL. I hope to be buying my cover next month or early April and will be using Amber as well. At least I hope she takes me as a client lol!

I’ll be putting a new logo on my Facebook page this week. It should be ready by Friday.

She did come highly recomended and I had seen some of her logos and covers  that my friend V. L.Locey uses.

You can contact her at

Design & Formatting – Breathing Life into Daydreams
Tell her Cathy Brockman sent ya!
You can see Vicki’s covers, banners and logos at
As a matter of fact V.L. Locey has a cover reveal today that Rêverie made. 
This is one of my favorite trilogies and if you love unlikeable, rough and tumble main characters you will love, wise-cracking,  potty mouth Vic.
for a sample, and exclusive interview check it out here
SO how do you like my new banners?

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