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Today I continue the spring cleaning post with a guest post from (I am not affiliated. I am strictly sharing some interesting information and checklists) They messaged me and would like to share some expert tips and some checklists.

Take a long, slow look around your living room. As the winter weather fades with its many death throes, and the warmth of the Springtime sun reaches out into the corners of your hours, you’re probably noticing the same thing that most everyone across the Northern Hemisphere is noticing: dust, dirt and the evidence of a well-used living space. It’s an inevitable cycle of life, of course. Winter weather drives us indoors. While we may head out into the biting cold every now and again, we spend much more time indoors during the winter, evading Jack Frost as much as we possibly can. It comes as no surprise that the yearly flu season often tends to trickle ebb and flow with the seasons. We’re stuck inside our cozy walls, caring less about making a mess and more about staying warm, spending time with family and spreading a few communal germs around in the process.


This only leaves one question left burning deeply in your winter-worn brain: Where do I even start? As with many things in life, the good organization starts with a List. After coming to terms with the fact that the cleaning must get done, you’ll want to begin the arduous task of cataloguing all of the many areas that you know are going to need attention. Of course, even Santa Claus had to do more than make a list and check it twice. His schedules are about as complicated as they come. At the end of the day, he’d be remiss if he didn’t have the helpful assistance of his cheery elves and loving wife. If you lack either of those (or if you have them, and they’re somewhat less than cooperative), there are always some experts to turn to who may know a thing or two about getting the job done.

I hope you find a list or two that will help you start you cleaning projects. Next week I hope to share my office (If I get it completely cleaned LOL)

If you can dream it~~You can do it!

This-n-That Thursday~#throwbackthursday~~#springcleaning

Hi, Y’all. Spring is finally in full bloom. We are still having a touch of cool weather and some rain here. Schools are getting out, and it’s time to start spring cleaning if you haven’t already.  What is Spring cleaning? It is when we are tired of being cooped up in the house. Tired of the clutter and time to put away the warmer stuff like blankets and heaters and pull out our summer clothes, mend what needs mending, have yard sales to get rid of some old our old stuff and get new if needed.

I remember when I  was younger and mom would gear up for spring cleaning. She would gather cleaning supplies like Murphy’s oil soap and pine sol. She would tackle one room at a time taking everything out; she started with the floor. We had the old hardwood ones you had to polish. She would do the stripping and rewax the floors, wash walls and base boards, dust for cobwebs; our furniture was the wooden stuff with big cushions so she would polish it and put it all back.  She would take all the plastic off the windows we used for winter and washed all the windows remove nails so she could open them to let in cool air( we didn’t have an air conditioner back then. I am not sure how we survived.  The house smelled like fresh air, rain, and pine.

Next, she tackled each bedroom doing the same cleaning floors changing the bedding to cooler lighter ones putting away the quilts and flannel sheets. She even washed our stuffed animals, had us go through all our toys any we out-grew, didn’t want or was broken got tossed, given to a cousin or put in the yard sale, the same with our old clothes.

She would scrub the bathroom like the living room washing baseboards, opening the window washing all the curtains. Last was the kitchen. She took everything out of the cupboards washed it all down, walls included and the bug man would come in and spray before she put everything back away.  She would gather all the stuff she had boxed from each room and dad would have done the shed by now, and Mom and her friend would have the rummage sale.  She would give my sister and me a dollar each for our donations and let us go to the neighborhood store around the corner. We would get a big bag of candy each since back then; they had penny nickel and dime selections. We would get soda for a quarter and a bottle as well, maybe chips for a ten cents. We were in heaven. It wasn’t like now when the grand-kids call up and ask “can I get a few 20’s to take on my field trip Monday?” (true story). “Or I beat my game can I get a new one?” Grandson asks.”How much?” I answer.   “Oh about $60.” He responds like that’s a drop in a bucket. You give them a dollar they are like “What am I supposed to do with this?”

Back to the spring cleaning. These days we may do it a bit different. At the time above my mom didn’t work. Once my brother was born, she did begin working out of the home, and here spring cleaning was spread out on the weekends not done in one week.  Nowadays most of us do work, so we have to find the time to fit in this task.  That is why I thought I would do series over a few posts on Spring Cleaning.

Next week I have a guest post that is sharing some tips and tricks and even has a few printables.  Then Next month I  plan to share some of my before and after pictures, some will be in the house, some will be gardening since I am cleaning my yard as well.

Do you do spring cleaning? Have a yard sale?  Do you have any memories of your mom and spring cleaning?

Remember~~If you can dream it~~You can do it!


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