Serenity Sunday # waters Rising #floods #riverlife

The past month has been scary here. we have had high winds, tornadoes nearby and flood alerts.  The only damage I suffered was my greenhouse got blown apart. It can be fixed. bordering towns weren’t so lucky. There was a lot of downed trees and roof damage in the country areas.Our town sitting on the river had to worry more about the flood. A few older homes built directly on the ground had water seep inside. Most of us are used to this every year and prepare accordingly. We haven’t had to evacuate in several years. However, they did put in the seawall. Here are some pictures taken a week after the worst of it. This is at the river.

This is how close the water is to the seawall gates. it has receded a lot.

This is a little park by the river the Gazebo sits quite aways from the river and there is even a road that goes around that.

this is the other side of the park you can see the trees that separate the river. I didn’t have time to go to the casino side to get pictures we were in a hurry.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day whether you are a mom(male or Female) to humans, furries or other babies. 

Serenity Sunday #cuteanimals #furbabies

My son’s family brought home his new wife’s baby girl. No, I don’t have another human Grandie, thank goodness. I do however have a Grandie boxer named Sadie


Serenity Sunday

My allergies have me so down that I have not been out much. I was so groggy at Easter dinner I forgot to take pictures.  I stole one from my son-in-law. He did such a good job on this one it looks professional.

Daenerys in my shade garden

My daughter sporting her new haircut it was waist long.

We had a great dinner. and fun visit. I don’t see my daughter and granddaughter near enough. Sometime this summer I plan to go stay a few days again.

Did you have a good Easter? (or a good weekend for those not celebrating) Did you visit or have any family visit? We are still eating ham LOL.

Happy Easter

Cute eggs courtesy of Pixabay


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