Tease Tuesday~~ The Boys are Back.

Hi, Y’all. As you see I’m having a hard time making up my mind on both my blog and writing schedules I think I have finally decided On BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats I think This would be a good one to get released by summer. This week I am going to post another Teaser for  Simon Plus 2 (working title). Simon Plus Two is the story I started for NaNo and is a spinoff of BaseBall Bats and Cowboy Hats.

I am into the story a bit and Where Simon finally meets Christopher.

This is in Topher’s View. It is very raw. a very quickly written first draft so forgive any error it has not seen any revisions at all.

Simon Plus Two copyright 2016


I went to the office door and found my suitcases sitting in the hall. There was a note taped to the door. Your bed is empty.Put your shit in there in the morning and don’t wake Simon up. Fuck with him, and I WILL KILL YOU! TJ.
Who does this Fucker think he is? He isn’t my dad never will be!
I walked into my room and not quietly. Yes, I’m still an ass. Besides, I may be little, but I don’t take kindly to threats. I learned when I was younger to take up for myself. Caleb took me for several Martial art classes, and we would also box and brawl in the workout room. I can hold my own. At least in a fair fight and against one person.
I’ve had the last three days from hell. Guns and I argued about my leaving, the drive was long and tedious and now fighting with mom. I look at my phone. I have missed several calls from Guns. I look at the little lump in the other bed. Dam this guy is smaller than I am. How old is he 18? Or younger? Maybe one of those child genius’ that went to college at 16? I think about calling Guns and bellowing into the phone. It is my room. Why should I respect a trespasser? I toss my duffel on the bed where I could find some sleep pants. Standing at the head of the bed, I got a closer look. The boy or man or whatever had golden brown hair. Sun-kissed. His cheeks are high and prominent. He has the thickest kissable lips I’ve ever seen. NO. I cannot think about kissing his lips. I have a boyfriend. Waiting for me to get my business in order and come home. I don’t need Caleb’s money. Guns will teach me to tattoo and hire me he.  He told me so.
My phone buZZes. I decide not to wake the sleeping angel. Don’t ask me why. Maybe my cold heart grew a couple of sizes.
I text Guns. Hey, babe. So sorry I didn’t text back. It’s been a hell of a mess here. T
I’ve been worried sick. You should’ve let me known when you got there. G
It was late when I got to Caleb’s. We went to an all-night diner and ate and he filled me in on stuff. It was into the morning when we got to his place. I didn’t want to wake you. T
Like I was able to sleep with you driving so far home alone? G
I’m sorry ok? It’s been hell. When we got up we came to moms. All that she has done is scream and yell. I’m exhausted and want to sleep. You probably need some too. T
I need to hear your voice. Can you call me? G
Not tonight. There is someone sleeping in my room. They have to get up early for chores.T
I look at the beautiful boy and wonder why I suddenly cared if he slept or not.
How long do you think this shits gonna take? G
I look at the phone. This doesn’t seem like my caring Gun’s; now he seems possessive and demanding.
I don’t know. I will keep in touch.
I sit on the edge of my bed. When I came in the room, my plan was to flip on the light and unpack my stuff. Loudly. I pull out my shave kit, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.
I drift off into sleep instead of dreaming about being in Guns big arms. I dream about curling around a sweet angel with lips to die for.

I hope you are enjoying the story I may drop one more teaser next week or I may move on to BBB.

Do you like stories with spinoffs? Do you like sports romance? I am not a big sports enthusiast but found that some are pretty good if the sports isn’t predominant.

Teaser Tuesday

Hi Ya’ll! It’s teaser Tuesday time! I am still working on organizing and sorting to get ready for my goals for the year. I will post a little snippet from my NaNo story  Simon Plus Two. This is a MMM story so if hot man sex isn’t your thing you may not want to read further. If you are wanting to dip your toe in the waters of MM love maybe give it a go. I am not extremely explicit.

I have introduced my three guys over the past few weeks if you missed scroll through the Teaser Tuesday selections on the sidebar and check it out.

Last week Simon decided to go all the way with Max. Max dropped the bombshell that in the past he always needed two men. one passive one aggressive.  But with Simon so far he was sated. How long will that last? Will Max or Simon be the one that needs more?

Topher is now getting a bomb dropped on him just when he is settled in and happy with Guns in New Orléans.

Simon Plus Two ( working Title) copyright 2016


We settled quickly into an easy routine. I would clean the house, do laundry, shop for groceries, then in the afternoon I went down to the shop and sketched. Rose had taught me the basic piercing techniques. I could pierce ears, noses, belly buttons, lips, and eyebrows. The more complicated and painful ones like the cock, clit, tongue and nipples the other two still did. Guns had started working on a tattoo on one of my arms, it joined some of my designs and his. Sometimes at night we would go to a pub, listen to some jazz or blues, tour a little or go home to curl up together. I liked our lazy nights at home. The day after I moved in I let Guns fuck me. It was a more like making love. He was caring and gentle.
June is coming to an end and it’s hotter here than it was at home. I stayed home this afternoon and made dinner.
“Hey babe.” Guns pulled me into his arms in a warm greeting. I like it better when he calls me Cher. At least that sounds more exotic than babe.
“What are you cooking? I could smell it all the way down in the shop.”
“I hope its Shrimp Etouffe and rice. The roux thing was intimidating.”
“Well, it smells great.” His stomach let out a big rumble.
I hope he remembers this is what he had on our first date. A full month ago.
We sit down to eat. I dish us both up big bowls. I made him some cornbread too.
I should have told you this morning to not cook. I wanted to take you out to celebrate our first month together.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your surprise.”
That’s ok. I like yours better. He takes out a small box and pushes it across the table.
There is a beautiful black leather bracelet with my name and the name Deacon on the front. My brows knit.
My given name. I wasn’t sure if you’d like that so here. There was an same one that said Guns a Blazin.
“I love them. That’s a better idea than I had.”
I go to the bedroom and bring back a box. He opens it to a black sleeveless tee. A very tight one. I have a thing about this man in a tee stretched tight across his muscular chest, his big bulging muscles bare.
We hurriedly finish dinner, putting the dishes in the sink for letter and dive into the bedroom to make love.
After our long heated lovemaking, we collapse together in an exhausted heap.
“Holy shit that was good.” Guns rolls to the side tossing one long, heavy arm over my chest.
I can barely speak. “Yeah it was.”
After a few minutes to catch our breath Guns gets up and goes to the bathroom. I hear water running and wonder should I follow him. Seconds later Guns returns with a warm cloth and a towel. He wipes off my chest and cock.
“Turn over baby.”
I do as he says. He gently cleans my sore ass. I’ll be walking funny for days.
Guns comes back to bed. “Goodnight babe.”
I’m awakened to Mommas Don’t let Your Babies Grow up To Be Cowboys. Why in the world is Caleb Calling this late at night. I glance at the clock and see it’s morning. Still too early to deal with Caleb. If he is calling me this early it can’t be good. I will deal with him later after coffee and breakfast.
“That your phone?”
“Yeah, it’s Caleb. I’ll call back later.”
“Good. I need you before I go to work.”
He rolls on top of me and leans in for a kiss. I put my hands against his chest.
“Wait up. I need to brush my teeth.”
“Nah.It’s all good.” He takes my mouth in a deep kiss.
“MMMM. So good.” He rocks against me. My hard cock trapped between us.
My phone blares that damn cowboy song again.
I lean up. Guns presses me back down. “Call him back later and I can talk to him and give him the information he needs.”
“Yeah I’m in no mood to deal with him right now. I need coffee. Lots of it. And food.”
“What about me? Don’t you need me Cher?” His voice was husky with desire.
“I want you yes. I don’t think I’m ready for you inside me again so soon.”
“I know you must be sore. There are other ways.”
He slides his hand over his already dripping cock then takes mine in the same hand. He slides it up and down taking some of my moisture with his.”Wrap your hand over mine.”
We began a slow steady rhythm as he deeply kisses me again. I find myself trying to speed up.
“Slow down baby we will get there. I want to savor this”
Right as I‘m about to explode my damn phone chimes.
“Tonight turn the damn thing off when we go to bed.”
“UH HUH. OH. Faster. YES! ALMOST!” CHIME! CHIME! “Fuck!”
Guns keeps a steady hold on us. He grunts and warmth spreads over my chest. I follow immediately. We take a shower together, get dressed and head to the kitchen for coffee.
“What would you like for breakfast. I have eggs and stuff for omelets.”
“Do you have stuff for pancakes?”
“I don’t have Syrup, I do have honey, powdered sugar, Hazelnut spread or nut butters.”
“OOh any cinnamon or chocolate chips?
“No chips. I do have cinnamon”
“Awesome. I can make French toast with a cinnamon glaze.”
“I don’t know how you are so skinny with all the carbs and sugar you eat.”
“ You can work it off me,” I smirk.
My phone chimes from the bedroom. “I guess I better go see what his texts say.and tell him I’ll call after we eat.”
Go ahead. I will start breakfast. I can make a good French toast and I’ll cook some sausage to go with it.”
I hope it’s not that red, greasy sausage he likes so much and is a regular breakfast sausage. I’ll get him to help make a shopping list and I can go to the grocery store when he goes to work. Maybe I’ll surprise him with a nice dinner.
I pick up my phone. My heart drops. 4 messages from Caleb. All short. Call me now. It’s urgent. I hope everything is alright. I hit his name on speed dial. “Whats up Caleb?”
“It’s about time. Look. I Know you are settling in there. I hate to do this. She’s not leaving me with a choice.”
“Caleb, would you calm down and explain what you’re talking about?”
“Your mom and I had another disagreement.”
“Seems like lately that is all you do.”
“It’s been terrible since the players arrived in May. She is a different person. Anyways, last night she gave me an ultimatum.”
“What kind of ultimatum. I’m not sure how I can help. She won’t listen to me.”
“She told me to not send you another dime. She also said for me to get you back home pronto.”
My throat tightens and heart thuds. She can’t do this to me.
“No. I can’t leave right now.” I can hear the panic in my voice.
“Christopher you have to. If you don’t I’ll lose her forever.”
“She’s bluffing.”
“No. Not this time. She told me if you weren’t home by July 1 for me to get my horse, tack and anything else I had over there and lose her number.”
I sit there stunned.
“Is everything ok?” Gun’s wraps his arms around me.
All I can do is shake my head.
“You want me to give up my new life, come home so you what? She already chose the young guy. You told me the other day.”
“I can win her back. I just have to buy some time. I have a new angle to get the boy gone.”
“You’re not going to hire a hit man are you.”
“No. Not exactly. I have a guy that’s gonna leak some information to a relative of his. That’s all.”
I don’t like the sound of Caleb’s voice. I think he has totally lost it. I’m beginning to get scared for mom. Caleb isn’t acting like himself.
“I can get a job here. I don’t need your money.”
“What will you do until you get a job?”
“I’m fine. I have a place to stay and food until I do.” I feel Gun’s nodding against my shoulder.
“So you’re going to turn your back on me after all I have done for you. All the money I have sent. All the covering with your mom.” Caleb’s voice booms over the phone.
I slump into Gun’s arms. Caleb is right. I wouldn’t have gotten off the farm without him. He has been good to me. Can I turn my back on him even though he sounds crazy right now?
“Topher please come home.”
“It will only be a couple of weeks max. Talk to you mom. Work things out. Explain to her you have a new life. I’m sure she will support you and let you go back.”
I look at my reflexion in the mirror. One look at the new me she will flip.
“Son. I’m desperate here.”
“Fine. I’ll come home. But I’m not staying.”
I hope if I leave that Guns will take me back.


Remember this is a very rough draft.It has not been edited at all. I hope you like it. Is there one particular thing you like? one you didn’t? all comments are welcome. I am learning here.

Tease Tuesday

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. I am going to continue with Simon plus two ( working title only) the rest of this month.

Last week we had  Topher’s Mom drop a bomb on his plans. Will he be coming home? How will that affect Annie and TJ and Simon and Max? We will see soon. Today Simon gets a bomb dropped on him by Max too. Will this change how Simon sees Max?


This is very rough as it’s a first draft. please forgive any mistakes.  I am happy for any comments if you see glaring issues.   This is a MM romance and there is some mention of man-sex. If thats not your thing  This story may not be for you.

Simon Plus Two copyright 2016

I never factored in a relationship when I came here. This was supposed to be a summer thing only. Practice, Play baseball and help Annie on her farm while learning about the animals. I will be able to put this on a résumé in the future. Now add in the little league team and Max, and I am confused about my future now. I had it planned out since high-school get my degree intern as a veterinarian assistant and someday have my animal hospital and shelter to rescue abused and abandoned animals. Now I don’t want to leave Max or Annie. I’m pretty sure if Annie asks TJ to stay he will then that will make my decision harder.
This week has been crazy.Everyone seems moody. Annie has spent a lot of time at Vicki’s and the farmer’s market working. TJ is unhappy because he hasn’t got to see Annie more than an hour or so at night. Annie is still upset over the phone call with her son, and Caleb as well. I don’t like Caleb, but I hope the three of them can come to an understanding soon.
Max has been moody I am not sure why. Maybe he is tired of me. I have a date tonight so that I will see. Next week is the big 4th of July celebration, and we have four away games. TJ and I arrive at practice for the little guys.I have an overnight bag packed. Hopefully, I can ease Max’s mood by what I am offering tonight. We have messed around mostly handjobs, and I have had and given my first blow-job. We haven’t gotten close to lovemaking. I’m scared to death.
When Tj and I arrive at the field Max is already there. My stomach roils.Is he going to tell me I’m too young? Is he going to tell me he met someone else? I relax a little as Max grabs me and pulls me into a deep passionate kiss.
“Damn I’ve missed you.” he breathes against my lips.
“We talk every day.”
“I know. Last week was tough not having our date on Monday and me having to work doubles most of the previous week. I hate filling in for vacations.”
“You’re not here to break up with me?”
“Why would you think that?”
“You’re here before us.”
“I wanted to get here early enough for that kiss. I felt like a starving wolf not having a kiss in over a week.”
TJ clears his throat. “OK, guys break up the embrace here come the kids.”
Max swoops in for a last quick kiss. The bus pulls up, and pandemonium ensues as the Hellions push, shove, and scream clambering out of the van. TJ shakes his head and laughs as he darts off after a Hellion. We picked the perfect name. I chuckle as TJ carries back the giggling boy that looks so much like him. TJ will make an excellent father some day.
“Max and Simon standing on the Green K.I S.S.I.N.G.” Becca chants.
I blush. Max grins at her.” Isn’t that supposed to be sitting in a tree?”
“That’s’ just silly.” She rolls her eyes.
There are whoops and Tj hollers. I glance over and see him on the ground with two more boys all over him.
“Why is it silly Becca.” Max squats so the two are at eye level. I can’t help but wonder if he wants kids some day. He is older than I am. I’ve never thought of children, being an only child. I know my parents, even though they support me, were disappointed their bloodline would stop.
“There are no trees nearby. Besides, two grown men sitting in a tree is weird.” She takes off to join the boys on the TJ pile up.
“We better go rescue him and get this show on the road.I’m ready to spend some alone time with you.” He wiggles his brows at me.
We herd the kids to the dugout, give them the morning pep-talk waiting for the other team. Today is a home game. The Blue Devils arrive, and we finally win. The kids were ecstatic when we took them for Pizza to celebrate. By the time we got back to the field.We were all exhausted. All of us grownups that is.
‘What do you want to do now? My plans of taking you out for lunch backfired on me. I didn’t plan on 14 kids and three more adults.”
“I thought maybe we could go to your place relax, horseback ride, have dinner there.” I find my feet fascinating.
“Yeah. I’d love that. What’s wrong?” He lifts my chin.
“I thought I would stay the night. That is if you want me too?” my voice is barely audible
“Oh yes! I want you too! What about TJ? You both came in one car.”
“He is going to drive mine home. He wanted to go into town and work with Annie at the booth. She rode in with Vicki. He is hoping to talk her into a dinner date.”
“Great.I can take you home in the morning.”
“D’quan is covering my chores, so I don’t have to rush. You can drop me here if you want on your way to work.”
Max’s face lights up. “Sounds great to me.”
I meet TJ at my car where he went to give us privacy to talk. He is texting away on his phone.
I grab my overnight bag.
“Hey.” TJ grins.”I take it your man is happy about your plans.”
“He doesn’t know everything. I’m gonna surprise him with that closer to bedtime.”
“Be careful Simon. He is a lot older and more experienced. Let him know he is your first.”
“I’m pretty sure he knows. You and Annie have fun too.”
“Thanks. Do I need to come get you tomorrow afternoon?”
“Nah. Max said he would bring me to the field on his way to work.”
“If you need me for anything, text or call and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”
“You better not! It’s a half hour drive to his place from the farm. Don’t get in any rushes and wreck my car.” I tease. I know TJ is very careful.
He gets out and gives me a brotherly hug. I jog over to Max and climb into his awaiting vehicle.
“Do you mind if we stop at the farmer’s Market and pick up some fresh veggies and the supermarket?”
I shake my head.
“What would you like for dinner?”
“I don’t care. Whatever you are in the mood for.”
“That would be you.” He grins. ‘ Steak, chicken, pork chops, lamb chops?”
“I’ve never had lamb.”
“That settles it. Lamb it is. We will make Gyros.”
We stop at the market for greens, go by Annie’s booth for goat cheese and mint jelly. Our next stop is a butcher’s shop. He gets ground beef for lunch tomorrow, some fresh bacon and smoked ham for breakfast and the lamb. Our last stop is the bakery. He wants fresh gyro bread, and we get a Carrot cake that looks decadent. I’m gonna gain 20 pounds this month alone the way Max likes to cook. I can’t believe he is in such good shape the way he eats.
When we get to his place, he puts away the food, and we head out to saddle the horses. Despite the heat, the ride is pleasant. The closer to dark the more nervous I get.
Back at the ranch we wash down the horses, have a water fight that ends up with us on the ground tussling, kissing and both of us hard as granite.
We head inside, take a shower and the edge off. After long kisses, jacking each other off under the shower we dress in nothing but shorts. This feels good. I could get used to it. I forget all about what I had planned while we sat on the deck grilling the lamb, chopping the ingredients for the Gyros and talk. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the gyros, but I was wrong. They were delicious, and so was the cake. We filled rest of the evening playing a Video game Max lied. He beat me quickly. The sun had set long ago. Max gave me a longing look. Again I find my feet interesting. It’s a nervous habit. I decide it’s now or never. I get up, unzip my bag and pull out a slip of paper handing it to Max. I study my bare feet once again while he reads.
“Is this what I think it is.” He looks up wide-eyed.
“Yes,” I whisper. My voice is so shaky I hope he could understand the one word.
“You got tested? You haven’t been sick have you?”
“No. I’m fine.”
“I don’t understand why you got tested then. You said you have never been all the way.”
“I don’t want any barriers for my first time. I wanted you to see the paper to know.”
Still looking down I see the paper float to the floor landing not far from my feet. Strong arms envelop me.
“We don”t have to do any more than we have.”
“I want to. I want to experience it all with you.”
“Wow. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect this.”
I get more nervous. “Don’t you want me.”
“Yes. He takes my hand leading me to the bedroom.”
“We need to talk first. There is something you need to know about me.”
“You told me before you were clean, you have to get tested regularly for work.” I toy with the hem of my shirt getting more nervous by the minute.
“Yes, babe.It’s more personal. I think you need to understand before I take your precious gift.”
I gaze at him, a worried expression on my face.
“I don’t know how to begin.”
“Tell me.”
“Um. In relationships before we met, I found most of my hookups online or in exclusive clubs. Regular boyfriends usually left once they found this out.”
“Spit it out Max, you’re scaring me.”
“One man has never been enough for me.”
I suck in a deep breath. I feel my eyes widen. I don’t know how to take this. Why hasn’t he told me this before he asked me to date? Has he been cheating?
“Breathe Simon. I can see you are full of questions so ask.”
“Why didn’t you tell me this when you invited me to date?”
“I don’t want to scare you away. I wanted to make sure we had something solid before I sprung this on you.”
“Are you seeing someone or someones else?”
“No. I told you it was just you and I would never take another to bed without telling you first.”
“Have you been to this club you mentioned since we started seeing each other.”
“No Simon. I haven’t felt the need for another man. Maybe meeting the one right one will be enough. I only thought it fair before taking your virginity to let you know. In case, later on, something comes up.”
“If something comes up, then what.”
“I would ask you if you wanted to let the other man into our bed.”
“If I say no then what.”
“We discuss it. It would depend on how I feel or why I had the need.”
“In other words if I am not enough you may need to find someone to fill in the blank spots.”
“That’s not how it works at all Simon. Not for me. I find I am attracted to two very different types of men. I like a gentle, sweet , innocent man, but at times I like—how should I put this—Taming a tiger.”
“I think I understand. I’m not sure how I feel about sharing or having sex with another man I don’t know or not involved with.”
“I would never ask you to do something you won’t enjoy. There are lots of ways to start. At first you may only want to watch. Since we are committed to each other I would never play or have sex with the other man without you there.”
“If I say no?”
“We would have to deal with it when it comes up. Sometimes my need is too much for me.”
“I see.”
“If you want to leave, I will take you home. I know you must be in shock and want to think about this bomb I dropped. It may never come up. I’ve never felt so devoted to one man as I do you. I wanted to tprepare you for when the need aroused”
“Thank you for being so honest.I don’t want to go home.”
“What do you want Simon?”
“I want you to make love to me”



I hope you are enjoying the story. I know there is a lot going on and a lot of build up. you will soon see why.  Do you like MMM stoires? what do you  like most about them? what do you not like about them?



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Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. NaNoWriMo is finally over, and I can breathe.  I completed my 50k, but the story needs lots of work. The end got a little rushed, and I have some fluff to remove. But that’s what rewrites are for.  I have introduced Simon,  Topher,  and Max.  If you missed it, you can  click on their names to catch up.

This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is quite the character and experimenting to find himself. Another difficulty is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

I don’t know if I will continue posting from this story or what comes next. Stop by next Tuesday to see.

WARNING: There is man on man sex involved and it may be a little steamy. If this isn’t for you. I understand. 

This Scene is Topher discovering something he suspected but wasn’t sure.

Simon Plus Two Copyright 2016

I wake up feeling like I am trapped under a massive block. I look down at the wide down pressed tightly against me. I try to heave the massive arm off my chest so I can get up to go to the bathroom. Guns snuffles and presses tighter. Shit. I slept with a man. We didn’t have intercourse, though we did some erotic stuff. I can still feel him pressing against me his thick length against mine. Our bare chests rubbing together. His soft and more urgent kisses. I finally can move the boulder off my chest. In the bathroom, I glance in the mirror. I don’t look different.

Well, My mother will say I do with the eyebrow and nose piercings and the new haircut. I am going today for the lip and tongue piercing. If it doesn’t hurt too much, I may go ahead and get that ear gauge out-of-the-way. Guns said that would look hotter than a regular piercing. I put a dab of the antiseptic on my nose and eyebrow after washing my hands.
“Baby?” Guns voice is husky and sexy as hell.
I gargle before heading back to the bed. Shit. Guns is leaning up on one elbow. The soft, expensive sheet pooled low on his trim hip.
I stand staring at him in awe.
“You gonna just gawk or come back here and let me show you more of what you been missing?”
I hesitate. Will he want to fuck me? Will he be pissed if I don’t?
“I see those wheels turning in that pretty head of yours. I promised I wouldn’t do anything you don’t want. I only want to show you why you should get that juicy tongue of yours pierced.”
I go from half mast to full-fledged hard. Guns eyes darken further as his gaze travels down my body to my cock trying to escape the tiny underwear I am wearing. He grabs me as I near the bed; his lips take mine in a hungry kiss. His beard feels rough, yet good as he travels down my body stopping to taunt both nipples, then wasting no time going down my stomach licking the thin patch of hair from my navel to my waistband. Damn, I should have manscaped or shaved it bare. I don’t know what he likes. I had no Idea I would be going this far with a man. My hands roam over his broad should.
“Raise up baby. Let me get these out of my way.”
“You don’t have to do this,” I whisper.
“Baby I never do anything I don’t want to do.”
He licks across the tip of my cock taking the pearl of fluid that has begun to leak.
“Oh, Baby you taste good.”
Somehow I can’t believe that. I never liked going down on women much. All the romance books may say how sweet and yummy it tastes but to me it was bitter and salty. I shudder. Not at the thought of eating a woman but at the wet heat engulfing my hard cock. I throw my head back and moan. I can feel the silver ball in his tongue scraping up the underside of my dick. I can barely hold back.
“Gonna…come” I pant out.
He wraps a hand around the base squeezing tight.”Try to hold on for me. I want you to see how good I can make you feel. Before I can say anything else, he engulfs me again this time taking me to the base. His hand moves to my balls rolling them gently as he swallows.
“Guns! I scream out. I couldn’t warn him; I shot so fast. He continued to suck and lick my length. I was still shaking when he pulls me into his arms for a kiss. I can taste myself. It isn’t as bad as I thought mingled with the taste of him.
Let’s get a shower and get dressed. I will take you to breakfast.
“What about you? I’ve never. Uh. You know. What you just did. I can try.”
“Not today Topher. This is all about you. I hope you stick around. I’ll get my shot later.”
“Yeah. Breakfast sounds good. Coffee sounds better.”
“That stuff is bad for ya.” I admire his naked form as he rolls off the bed. When did he get naked? Why isn’t he hard? I reach over to find my underwear and see a large wet spot near the bottom of the bed.
“You do that to me, sexy.” He winked before disappearing into the bathroom.

I pick out a clean outfit from the small closet. I can imagine how good Guns must look with water sluicing down that muscular body. I find my clothes from yesterday.  All  I find of Guns is his boots and socks sitting at the foot of the bed.

I’m embarrassed at the stains on the sheets. The person that comes to clean the room will know what I’ve been up to. I am sure they have seen worse. I think about calling down to ask for the sheets to make my bed when Guns calls to me standing in the bathroom door. My heart leaps when I see him shirtless. His tight jeans encasing his muscular thighs like a second skin.
“Do you mind if I use your mouthwash and brush? I didn’t plan on staying over when we came here last night.”
“Sure. There is an unopened toothbrush in the top drawer by the sink. The hotel provided it. I had my own.”
“Thanks. I appreciate it.”
I slip into the shower while he brushes his teeth and retreats to the other room to put on his boots.
“We can get coffee and breakfast down in the lobby. There is a restaurant there. They have pretty good food.”
“If ya want. I know this café not far from here that has the best breakfast around.”
“Okay.” I make sure my laptop and tablet are in the safe along with my extra money. I never carry it all on me. Especially not in a strange town. Everything is put away and neat. I glimpse back at the bed as we walk out the door. Oh well. I will leave an extra tip .
We walk back to his shop and go behind it.
“Ever been on a motorcycle?”
“ It’s been a while. Why?”
“The cafe is a couple of miles away. I figured we could ride instead of walk. I need to be at the shop by eleven.”
He leads me to a Harley. It wasn’t tricked out like I imagine when he first mentioned it. It is a nice one though. He unlocks the saddle bag and pulls out two helmets. . I nervously get on behind him glad we aren’t going far. The ride was exhilarating. The throb of the big bike under me and the heat front the big man in front of me had my body humming. I never thought of myself as an adrenaline rush kinda guy. I guess I was wrong. I could get used to riding the motorcycle. As long as I’m with Guns that is.
We pull up at a truck stop with a café attached to the side.
There is a sign that says seat yourself. Guns leads me to a booth near the back. We didn’t have to wait long for a waitress to show up.
“Would you like coffee while you look your menus over?” she sits two glasses of water on the table.
“Yes please.” I say eagerly.
“Cream and sugar?”
“Yeah. Extra cream.”
She turns her attention to Guns.”Your usual.”
“Yeah. Give us a few minutes before you put in my food. My friend Topher needs to look at the menu.”
“You got it.” She winks.
I can’t help fight a jealous tingle in my gut. This woman acts like she knows Guns on a personal level.”
“I like that look on your face.”
“What look?” I pull the menu higher to hide my face.
“The glare you shot Lucy.”
“I wasn’t glaring.” I say through gritted teeth.
“Don’t worry. She is my best friend Damien’s girl. Even if she wasn’t taken, she isn’t my cup of tea.”
“’Oh? You don’t like the curvy, busty girls with a lot of sway in their hips?”
“No. I swing one way only. I like my lovers, slender, with bubble butts and firm thighs. And dicks are a must.” He takes a sip of water and chuckles. “If you noticed all that about her, it’s you I have to worry about. You did tell me you were here finding yourself.”
“Nah even when I dated women, I liked them smaller, less fluff.”
“Seriously? You didn’t like big boobs and meaty butts?”
“Nope. Petite and small breasts.” It hits me. I liked my women more boyish built. Even if they had long hair and pretty faces they had boyish figures. Come to think of it I like short hair on them better than long.
“There you go again over analyzing yourself, Topher. Relax. Be yourself. Don’t worry about labels. What would you like for breakfast. I get the hungry man feast with bacon, sausage, two eggs, hash brown casserole and pancakes.”
I gulp. Shit that’s a lot of food. Then again he is a lot of man. Lucy comes back with my coffee a little pitcher of cream and sugar and a cup of hot liquid for Guns. “
I order biscuits and gravy, two eggs and bacon.
It doesn’t take long for our food to arrive. Lucy refills my coffee and brings Guns another green tea. Guns was right this is good.The gravy wasn’t instant and neither were the eggs.
I was hungrier than I realized.
“What are your plans today?” Guns asks between bits of fluffy pancakes oozing in maple syrup. My mind wanders to how good that would taste on his lips.
“I don’t know. I thought I’d look through the guides in the hotel and see what was close.”
“Do you not have a car?”
“Yeah. I figured I would check out things close by first.”
“You could come by the shop. After you look around some.”
“I thought I would get my lip pierced, maybe take you up on the tongue piercing too.”
“Oh yeah, baby. I have a couple of clients this morning. I don’t have anything after two. If you get done before then you are welcome to come and look through the books.”
“Yeah. I will.”
Guns took me back to the hotel even though I told him I didn’t mind the walk from his shop. I decided to get on my computer and look up more things about man on man sex. If I was going to see Guns again I needed to know how to please him like he did me. I also needed to see what anal sex was all about. I still wasn’t sure if I could ever go there or not. Would that be a deal breaker for Guns? Would I care if it was?


This is a very rough draft. It needs lots of work.  So what do you think of Topher? This shows his dilemna and him finally coming to terms with his sexuality.  Did you get that from this clip? What did you get from it?  Was there too much fluff or anything confusing or didn’t belong? I love to hear your comments.


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