Teaser Tuesday~Pot call the Kettle Black #MMM #NaNoWriMo #romance

It’s Teaser Tuesday time.  This week I am sharing Simon’s view of his first meeting with Topher. Things are about to change in both men’s lives. I know this hasn’t gotten deep into the story yet, but next week I will be switching to my current WIP.  It is the book this one spins off from, and you will meet both men there but not as in-depth.

I hope you enjoy this teaser. It does have some man on man interest so if that’s not your thing you may want to wait until next week.

Simon Plus Two is a Nano project and is extremely rough, so please forgive any mistakes it will soon see an edit.

Simon Plus Two copyright2016

Simon Meets Topher

I heard the door open and close. I knew it was late. I felt eyes on me but didn’t want any confrontation. I have my phone on my chest and my smartwatch on, so alarms will vibrate and not wake the other guy up. I laid my work clothes on the chair by the door, so I can slip out and not wake up Annie’s son. I had heard all about the confrontations yesterday afternoon. I had been at Max’s before the game. TJ had texted me a short version and filled me in on detail before the game.
Vibrations against my arm and one a little lower than it should be woke me up. My phone had slid precariously down my chest resting against my groin.  I quickly turn off the alarms, swing my legs over the bed and adjust my morning wood. I had some great dreams of Max and needed to head to the shower to take care of the aftermath. I caught a glimpse of blue or is it black? No maybe a mixture of both, spread above a handsome face. I saw piercings. Several of them. I’m not into that look, but they looked good on him. Real good. My erection got harder if that was possible. Suddenly brilliant green eyes met mine. He scoured my body his gaze landing on my engorged cock. I noticed his tongue flick out and moisten his lips. I could see the want in his eyes. Suddenly he jumped up.

“What the fuck are you looking at me like that for you queer!”
Hmm pot calling kettle black?
“Shh, you will have everyone rushing in here. I’m not gonna tell your secret.”
“I don’t have a secret! I—Uhh-Just—get out of my room Cocksucker!”
I could see the panic on his face. He jumps up, and immediately I see I am right. The poor guy is hard as my first attempt at biscuits.
I reach for him to calm him down. We don’t need people bursting through our door both of standing there with dueling dicks.
Too late. The door slams open nearly coming off the hinge. TJ rushes in followed by Annie. OH No. I grab my pillow, press it into the man’s arms knocking him to a sitting position on the bed. He still glares. Irate. Confused. TJ grabs for him. I step in front of TJ.
“What the Fuck! You will not call Simon those names.”
Annie stands in shock. “What did he say.”
I wince as TJ repeats what he heard.
The man sat still. I can tell he is thinking of things to deflate his problem. The commotion took care of mine. Then I realize I am standing there just in sleep pants, no shirt and my room bursting with people. I wrap my arms around myself hiding my nudeness.
TJ notices. Hey guys, why don’t ya start breakfast? They nod and head out the door leaving Annie and TJ. He hands me my shirt. I notice the other man watching as I put it on.
“Christopher. I won’t tolerate that in this house. You were raised better”. Her eyes were soft, her voice kind.
I can still see the panic in his eyes as he avoids his mother’s gaze.
“I want him out of this room. This is my room. You wanted me back. So I want my room back. Or give me enough money to get back to New Orléans and I will leave you alone.” He shouted.
“I’m sorry Christopher, but you have issues you and I have to deal with, and until then you stay. Once we work it out between us, you can go where ever you wish. Caleb said you could work afternoons and evenings with him at the feed store. I want you working some here.”
“Get him out of my room.” His breath is getting quick his hands shaking.
“I’ll work out the room arrangements with the other guys. By this afternoon we should have it all settled. I am ashamed of you Christopher.”
“TOPHER” He screams.
You all go on. I’ll be a few minutes we will be down for breakfast and decide if there needs to be a room change then. I turn to Topher. He is becoming bluer than his hair. I show them all out and slip beside him. I shake him slightly.
“Take a deep breath Topher.”
He turns to me his face ashen.
“Why don’t you want her to know. She will accept you she has been nothing but kind to me.”
“You’re not her son. Not her flesh and blood. You didn’t let her down by not following her dreams. You weren’t the selfish one that took off to follow his own dreams. You’re not the one that’s not going to give her grandkids. ”
“It’s best we continue sharing rooms. This way you can call your boyfriend, Skype, do whatever you need to be yourself. In here no pretending. But you would feel so much better if you tell you mom you’re gay.”
I expected him to deck me. Instead, he slumped into my arms and started crying hysterically.

I hope you like my guys. I have a thing about characters and I want these two men to hit you hard. One sweet the other you may not like much. At least for a while. So what do you think about Simon and Topher? do they need more development? if so what?

Teaser Tuesday~Simon Plus Two~Max #NaNoWriMo #MMMromance

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. NaNoWriMo is finally over and I can breathe.  I completed my 50k but the story needs lots of work. The end got a little rushed and I have some fluff to remove. But that’s what rewrites are for.  Last week we met Simon. the week before we met Topher. If you missed it click their names to see the post. This week I would like to introduce Max.  This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is the character and experimenting to find himself. Another Challenge is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope it you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is the character and experimenting to find himself. Another Challenge is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope it you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats debuts.

I don’t know if I will continue posting from this story or what comes next. Stop by next Tuesday to see.

Let’s meet Max.

Simon Plus Two(working Title) copyright2016

A Dark Green Subaru pulls up next to the bus. A Tall man at least six-foot if not more, husky and built like a brick house, short-cropped brown hair, and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen walks up, dressed in a paramedics uniform
“Hey, guys sorry I’m late. We had a call at the last-minute.I’m Max. I will be one of your medics on call” His smile rivals TJ’s. My legs nearly buckle, my heart flutters, my palms sweat.I can’t speak. So TJ does.
“Hi. I’m Tj and this is Simon.” He shakes TJ’s hand then mine, holding mine a little longer.

Holy Hotness! This is the man of my dreams!

I jump when TJ elbows me.
Max was asking about uniforms.
“Oh. Sorry. Daydreaming. Its been a long morning.”
“I can relate to that. I just got off a double shift.I usually work the mid shift. We had a call in at the last minute and I took the shift.” Max gives me a long appraising look.
I shift from foot to foot. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen. I hope I’m not drooling. I wish he would look at TJ instead of keeping his gaze on me.
“I am going to get uniforms for them. Our next meeting we will pick out a name and colors. TJ and I have a couple of names in mind but thought it would make them feel more involved if we let them choose. Their games won’t start until July.”
“That’s nice of you. I may be able to get the ambulance service to sponsor you guys and help with the costs.”
“That will be cool. We have two other teams that could use some help as well.” TJ interjected.
“I’ll see what I can do.” He turns back to me, “I am glad I decided to do this.” He winks at me.
I feel my face heat up. Darn. I feel like a kid in high-school with his first crush. I know this hunk of a man won’t be interested in a skinny boy with feminine features. At least I have some good fantasy material.
TJ nudges me again. “I think Simon’s been in the heat too long.” He chuckles.
I flip him the bird.
“Since I missed the meeting this morning I wondered if you guys would like to go get lunch and feel me in.” Max gives me a pointed look.
I know I’m reading more into this. He only wants to catch up on the meeting. This isn’t a date. He asked both of us.
“I can’t. I have something I need to do. Simon can though.” TJ gives me a wicked grin.
I’m going to kill him when we get home tonight.
“Maybe we should do it another day. We have practice today.” I try to hedge out of it.
“When is practice? I’m sure you need to eat lunch before.”
I let out an exhausted sigh. “Practice is at two.”
“That gives us an hour. The Java Cafe has the best soup and sandwiches. It’s right down the street too.”
“Ok.” I shoot TJ a death glare.
“Let me go get my keys. They are in the locker room.”
“How about we take my car. It’s right here and it will give us more time to talk.”
I turn to TJ hoping he will rescue me. No such luck.
“Have a good time. Simon, I’ll see ya at practice.” He waves and walks off.
“You ready?”
Not really. I sigh and follow him to his vehicle.
It only takes a couple of minutes to get to the Cafe. Max was right when he said they had a good choice of sandwiches and soup. I order a chicken salad and a peach smoothie. Max orders a chicken Panini and a bowl of fiesta soup.
“Go grab us a table. I will get the food.”
“Thats ok I can get my own.”
“I asked you to come with me. I got it.” His voice was deep and commanding. I found myself nodding.
I found a vacant table and sat down. I shot TJ a text. You owe me.
TJ: I think it’s the other way around. You owe me.
Me: Why do you think that?
TJ: I gave you a chance for the hottie go for it.
Me: Are you crazy? He is more than likely straight.”
TJ: if you had quit daydreaming you would have seen how he was looking at you. He is interested. Stay calm. Be you and all will go well.
Me: I text him the finger emoji.
Max comes with our food. It looks good. I realize I am hungry after all.
My Salad is a pile of chopped chicken with grapes, walnuts and cranberries on a bed of butternut lettuce. Its awesome. Max’s order looks good too.
The place is hopping with people. Some with food, others on plush couches or in comfortable looking armchairs using the internet. The aromas and noise of the chatter helps ease my nerves.
“You look a little nervous. I’m not gonna bite. At least not until I get to know you better.” He smiles.
“I’m sorry.’
“Nothing to apologize for. I think its cute.”
He thinks I’m cute?
“What did I miss in the meeting?”
“Not much. When they first got there it was pretty wild. Once we corralled them into the dugout we were able to calm them down. Today we only introduced ourselves.”
“I bet they were a handful. My sister has 4-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. I get them sometimes for the day to give her a break.”
“I imagine that is a handful.”
“Yeah. I love the little rascals to death.”
I could see the fondness in his eyes. Darn Sexy and kind too.
“Are they all boys?”
“No. The 6-year-old is, the twins are girls. It’s funny they look-alike but you can tell them apart by their actions. They are different as night and day. Lilly loves Disney princesses, pink, lacy and flowery stuff. Iris is a tomboy through and through. She hates dresses, likes cars, big trucks, and sports.
“I bet that makes it hard to choose what to do when you get them.”
“Yeah. I let each one choose or pick something neutral like the put-put golf, a Ride on the lake or the zoo.”
“Thats a good idea.”
“Do you have any siblings?’
“No. Just TJ.”
His eyes get wide. “TJ looks nothing like you.”
“Oh I’m sorry. He isn’t really my brother. He has lived with is for the last three years. He is like a brother to me.”
“I see. I’m glad.At first I thought he was your boyfriend.”
I almost choked on my chicken. Why does everyone assume I’m gay. I can’t help I was born with a small frame and sharp features.
“You look upset.”
“No I’m fine. Tj is my best friend. We are close. He is sort of seeing our hostess.”
“Sort of?”
“Yeah they talk a lot, spend a lot of time together. She is a lot older. I think that is stalling her from going out with him. That and her close friend Caleb.”
“Ah, You must mean Caleb Douglas. He’s pretty intense. He is a nice man though. I buy my feed from him.”
“Feed? You have animals?”
“Yeah I have two horses and a few chickens. I like fresh eggs.”
“Does everyone around here have chickens.” I laugh.
“Most people in the country do.”
“Do you live out in Bloomfield?”
“No I live on the other side of Edinburg. I have a small piece of land. About 5 acres. It’s peaceful there. Not to close to civilization yet not so far away I have to drive far to work. It’s about ten miles to town.
“That sounds nice.” My drink makes a slurpy sound as I get to the bottom. I look at my watch. Time has flown by.
“I guess I better get you back to practice. I have had a nice time. Would you like to get together again? Maybe dinner and a movie or a play. The college is doing Oliver this month.”
“Yeah. That would be nice. Since TJ spends so much time with Annie now. It gets a little lonely sitting in my room all the time.”
“Let me give you my number. You can call anytime you are bored or text.”
“What if you’re at work. I don’t know your schedule.”
“ Text me. If I’m not on a run I can call you back.”
I hand him my phone he puts in my number. He doesn’t give me his so I figure he was bullshitting me. It wont be the first time.
We pick up our trash and head to his car. He walks so close I can feel the heat as our hands brush together. The drive back to the field is quick. I’m confused. He sent signals that he was interested. Even asking me out. Why didn’t he give me his number. He probably is married or has a boyfriend and doesn’t want me to call. My phone buzzes in my pocket I look down and have a text.
Max: By the way I think you are hot. I didn’t want to tell you in public. Was afraid I may get slapped. He adds a blushing emoji.
I can’t image Max Blushing.
“Wow that must have been one heck of a date. You look like you are on cloud nine.” TJ slaps me on the back as I enter the locker room.
“It wasn”t a date.”
“Sure it wasn’t. Did he ask you out again.”
“Oh my God he did!” TJ acts happier about it than I do.
“Where are you going?”
“I don’t know. He asked me if I wanted to get dinner and see a movie or show. He asked for my number and that’s it.”
“Do you like him?”
“Gosh TJ I just met the man. We had sandwiches and smoothies. That’s it.”
“You should at least know if there was a spark or something.”
“Yeah. I like him. He is hot. He also likes kids and animals. He has a small property with two horses and chickens.”
“Does everyone around here have chickens”
I bust out laughing. “That’s what I asked him.”
My phone buzzes as I was about to put it in my locker. “Would you like to go out for breakfast in the morning? I can’t wait to see you again.”
My eyes nearly pop out of my head. I probably look like one of those silly cartoon characters.
TJ grabs my phone.
“Oh yeah he definitely has the hots for you.”
“He may just mean as friends. Maybe he is lonely.”
“I think he;s lonely alright.” TJ snickers.
Alright girls. Quit standing over there giggling let’s get to practice

Hopefully, I will get this out next year if nothing comes up. I have a plan for a minimum of three releases.  This will be the third. It will depend on how long the beta and editing takes. I want the books to shine. I also think I have decided to self-publish. This way I can bring the books to you at more affordable prices.

Now you’ve met all three men. Are you curious how the story will go? Is there anything  here you think needs to go or be expounded on?

Teaser Tuesday~Simon Plus Two~Simon #NaNoWriMo #MMMromance

Welcome back to Teaser Tuesday. I am still working on NaNo and coming to the finish line.  Last week we Met Topher. This week I would like to introduce Simon. He is also in my M/F  Book Base Ball Bats and Cowboy Hats. I loved him so much I decided to write his story. This will be standalone.  I made it so those that don’t care for MM romance can enjoy Baseball bats and Cowboy Hats and those that don’t care for M/F and read only M/M can enjoy this one without needing to read BaseBall Bats and Cowboy hats. It has been a challenge to write in real-time with the other book and not make it sound like the same book. This is entirely a different story.  This way those of us that like to read both genres can read both books and not get the same thing twice.  Another challenge for me is this one is a lot steamier than I usually write. Topher is the character and experimenting to find himself. Another Challenge is this is my first M/M/ M story.  Lots of firsts for me. I hope it you enjoy it as much as I have written it. I hope to have it out late next year after Baseball Bats and Cowboy hats debuts.

Let’s meet Simon.

Simon Plus Two(working Title) copyright2016

Mark laughs, washes his hands and slips on a rubber glove. I wait until he has his goat and is settled.
“About last night.” We say in unison.
“You go first.” I gesture to him.
“I was up late last night thinking about our date. I had a great time. I like you a lot.It didn’t seem like you were as into me as I am you when we kissed.” He keeps his eyes trained on the goat in front of him.
“I’m sorry Mark. I like you a lot. I had a good time talking to you. I think I’m not ready for anything else yet. We didn’t have a lot in common.”
“Simon, I know your young. You probably don’t have a lot of experience. Love doesn’t happen overnight . You have to work for it. Give a person time. You don’t have to be in love to have sex.”
“I disagree with that. I know relationships take time. I’m not that naïve. I don’t believe in sex just to get off. I want more. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you. I hope we can stay friends.”
We both move our goats out into the field to let them get some sun and grass. I am extra nervous with no barriers between us. He pulls me into a tight embrace. His lips meet mine. Again no sparks. It’s sweet and gentle. He lets me go with sorrow in his eyes.
“I like you a lot. If you change your mind and want to try more let me know. In the meantime yes we can be friends. If you ever need anything you can count on me.”
With two of us working it doesn’t take long to finish up.
This morning TJ and I are heading out to the homeless shelter to start a baseball league for them. There are a couple of boys homes, group homes, women’s centers and shelters in Edenfield and Putoxi, a town not far away. We have to see how many are willing to play and the ages. Rick said he would help us and be an umpire. I‘m surprised at how many signed up. We have enough to make a little league team with the 11 and 12 year olds. The 6-8 year olds we are going to start with t ball then move them into softball. The 9-10 year olds Rick said to use a softball. We had a few girls interested so we let them join in their respective age groups. They were too cute to say no to. It’s mainly for fun and to keep them off the streets, and to teach them to get along with others. I’m going to fund getting them uniforms.
TJ and I took the 9-10-year-olds. Some of the other players took the other age groups. We get to meet our team today. We head back to the ballpark to wait for them to arrive.
“Hey, guys.” Rick greets us.
“Hi coach.” TJ and I said in unison.
“This is a great thing you’re doing guys. I hope you know what you’re getting into. This won’t be an easy task. I hope you realize the work. With your chores at the farm, practice, and games you will be exhausted.”
“Yes sir. We thought it over for a while and discussed it. We decided practice with the boys after our practice for an hour three days a week. When have to do away games we will have to adjust their schedules.”TJ replied in his usual cocky manner.
Suddenly a bus pulls up and a herd of noisy children explode out. We have little boys going in all sorts of directions. TJ goes one way. I go another and Rick yet another. I feel like a sheep dog. The Driver and director of them look frazzled. I’m beginning to see why Rick asked if we were sure of this and they haven’t been here ten minutes. “Do you need us to stay?” The director asked. TJ. Heck I don’t know. I was hoping Rick would answer.Go enjoy yourselves for an hour or so.”TJ jumped in and answered. I look at him like he’s crazy.
“It’s cool Simon We can do this. They’re just excited.” He is bouncing himself.
It takes a few minutes but between the three of us we get them to sit in the dugout. They thought that was cool.
“Ok, guys how about we introduce ourselves,” TJ announced. I pulled out the Sharpie and the cool baseball shaped labels we found to write their names on. This will make it easier for us to remember their names.
“I’m not a guy!” A cute pixie-faced little girl with brilliant red hair and freckles stands up She places her hands on her hips, her mouth in a tight line and her eyes squint. Oh boy this one is going to rival all the boys.
“And gals. I’m sorry. How about you start. What’s your name honey?” TJ flashes his million dollar smile that usually melts all women’s hearts.
“It’s Becca and don’t call me honey!”
It’s all I can do to suppress a giggle. Coach Rick doesn’t even try.
“TJ, it looks like you met a girl who can resist your charms.” Coach chuckles.
“Don’t laugh at me.” The little redhead growls. Yes she growled. This is one scary ten-year old.
“Here ya go Miss Becca.” I write her name on one of the labels and show her how to put it on her shirt. I sure am not going to touch her. I’m sure I’d end up with a black eye.
It’s just Becca. Not Miss. You didn’t put Miss on there did ya?” She snatches the tag and inspects it closely. She places it on her shirt were I showed  and grins.
One down fourteen to go. This may be a long hour.
“Ok, Let’s go down the line. Next.”
TJ points to a tall African-American boy with lots of braids in his hair. “I’m Terrence Smith.”
Next. TJ points to the one beside Terrence as I get his sticker on him.
“I’m Jeremy Adkins.”
“Do you go by Jeremy or Jerry?”
I hand him his sticker. The next one is Garry Wolfe. He is Tall and stocky and looks older than 10 or 11.
Akira Ichiro is a small Asian boy. I think he so adorable with his narrow brown eyes.
Benny Graves is a chunky, pale complexioned boy. He doesn’t look happy to be here.
Joel Robertson is an average Caucasian boy with brown hair and brown eyes.
Dwayne Morgan is a light brown-skinned boy with the prettiest almond colored eyes.
Estevan Sanchez and Domingo Alverez are both Hispanic. They make me think of TJ.
Wilson Arnold, Nathaniel Roberson, Darrin Bennett, Larry Norman are all Caucasian. Nathaniel is also big for his age and tan. I can tell he has been outside a lot.
“Ok guys and gal. Thanks for sitting still while we did introductions.” TJ shouts over the din. Yeah he exaggerated a lot when he said sitting still. We had them trapped in the dugout. Coach stood at the entrance I stood at the exit so they couldn’t run around in the field.
“I am TJ, this is Simon. He waves his hand towards me. “This is Simon.
He waves towards me. We will be your coaches. This is Rick he is our coach and will be your Umpire.”
The bus pulls back up and the kids all groan.
“We wanted to play ball” several shouted out.
“We will try out and find out who plays what next week. For now be good to your advisors or they wont bring you back.” Tj lines up the kids and marches them to the bus.

I thought this  was a cute excerpt with the little league kids. Remember this is very rough draft. It has not been edited at all and will undergo serious work after NaNo.

I hope you enjoyed it. Do you have any suggestions to make this excerpt better?  Do you like M/M contemporary romance?


Teaser Tuesday–Meet one of my guys #NaNoWriMo #MMMromance

Hi y’all. I know it’s been awhile since I have posted. Things have been crazy. I am doing NaNo again this year. It started out a real challenge now I am into the story and its flowing. I fell in love with my characters and though this story is way outside my comfort zone, I have decided to add it to my list of goals for next year. So I thought I would let you have a peek, meet some of my characters and see what you think.

I have no Title I am calling it Simon plus two for now. This is very rough since in NaNo you strive for word count. It has not been edited  at all and is extremely rough.

In Chapter one, I introduce Simon. He is from a story I plan to release by next spring (If all goes to plans). I loved him so much i felt he needed to tell his story and have a happy ending.  The story that unfolded was a surprise to me and not what I had planned.  I am writing this story in both Simon and one of his love interests, Topher’s view.  Simon is arriving to stay at Topher’s mothers Hobby farm. He plays on the prospect team she is hosting several of the players.  In Chapter One Simon’s view,  I have mostly his arrival. Topher is much more complex wanting to get away from the farm and find himself. Today I want to share a little of Topher.

Simon plus Two copyright 2016

New Orléans sorta freaks me out. I may not stay here long. California was fun and I went to my first pride parade. I still am not sure about myself.When I was in junior high I dated girls. My first two years in high school I did as well. Then that terrible incident in my junior year. We were playing flag football when Sam Galloway tackled me. As we scuffled playfully for the ball he flipped me on my back and pinned my arms above my head in one fell swoop. He laid on top of me his breath warm against my face. My dick throbbed in my shorts. His eyes got wide and he hopped up quickly. I was mortified that he would shout obscenities until my gaze landed on his crotch. Seemed he had a similar reaction. He showed up at my house later that day threatening me if I spoke of the incident again. He swore he isn’t gay, that it’s just a normal reaction from the contact we had. Young guys get horny that’s all, he had said. He was a couple of years older so I believed that. Then Junior prom came and I found myself in a hotel room with my date once again humiliated. No matter how much I touched her, kissed her or she touched me, nothing happened. I thought about Sam’s hard body on mine and my cock inflated up like a balloon. Then she crawled on top of me, kissed me, I felt her curves, smelled her sweet perfume and I nearly tossed my cookies. I blamed the punch and extra alcohol we drank. That night got me to wondering though. Could I be gay? Surely not. I kept busy the summer before my senior year working in Uncle Caleb’s feed store. I flirted with the girls and everything seemed fine. I even went out one night and had sex with a lovely girl, though I did think about some hot, beefy actors. If I can have sex with a girl who means I’m not gay. I was more confused than ever when I entered my senior year. I kept myself busy with baseball, football, homework and working at the feed store. Graduation snuck up on me and I still hadn’t had the guts to talk to mom like Caleb suggested.
I had decided to travel during the summer to find myself. Mom was upset with me, withheld my college funds and trust. She said it would be there when I did go to college. If she thought that would stop me from traveling she was wrong. I had already mapped out a plan, found some boarding houses in each state I wanted to stay in and decided to use my graduation gifts and money I saved from the few years working at the feed store. All I needed was room, board and food. I could do it on what I had.
I spent my first 2 weeks in California. San Francisco has a lot to offer. I was shocked at the cost of living compared to our little town in Iowa. Oakland is a little less expensive but then I had to drive over to San Francisco to go out and to sight see. There were some hot guys there as well. I have figured out that I am attracted to tall, rather husky men. That shocked me since I am only 5’9 and weigh 160.
After visiting a couple gay bars I found out that I needed a new image. My clean-cut pretty boy image got me the wrong types of men. I decided one thing at a time. I found an awesome salon and got my hair cut into a faux-hawk and dyed a very dark bluish black. Mom will shit a brick when she sees me. I don’t plan on going back anytime so and if I do I will have to decide if I am going back as the old Christopher or the new me. Topher.
I arrived here in New Orléans a few days ago. The vibe is very different here from California. The people in California were laid back. Here people seem more intense.
“Hey Caleb.” It is time for my weekly check in. He puts cash in his account if I call him and let him know where I am and how I am doing. I like Caleb a lot. He stepped in when dad died and became a father figure to David and me. I think he likes my mom more than as a friend too.
“Hi Son. How was the trip to New Orléans?” He didn’t sound his usual happy, overconfident self.
“It was cool. A long drive but cool.”
“How long do you plan to stay in New Orléans?” He asked.
“I don’t know. It’s different here than n California, but I kinda like it. I think I’ll stay at least another week and check out some sites, try some different foods. Maybe get a piercing.”
“Man Christopher.”
“Topher” I cut him off. He has been real supportive in my changes and going along so far with the things I have done.
“Topher. You know what kind of fix you will have me in when your mom sees you all changed up like this?”
“I have to be myself Caleb. I need to figure out who I really am before I come to home and talk to her.” We go through this every call. Him threatening to cut off my money if I don’t call mom. In the end, he will deposit some cash in my account anyhow.

So what do you think of Topher? Does this sound like a story you might like?  Tune in next week to meet Simon. Or Maybe the man that makes Topher want to stay in New Orléans.



Snippet Sunday

Snippet Sunday

Hi, ya’ll! It’s time for another Snippet Sunday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate a great weekend. It’s been busy here. I finally have got caught up with my story, and it’s possible iI may be able to reach that goal by the First. I am going to skip way down the story to chapter 18. I wrote this yesterday, and it was so fun I had to share! Remember this is rough and hasn’t been beta-read proof read or edited!

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats( copyright 2015)

 The kids are arriving as we pull up. Simon and I have the field first today. He is following us. I think he is going to stay in town for a while today. I saw him doing a few web searches for Edenfield and a couple towns close by. He promised we wouldn’t run into each other. I’m not worried about him. It’s the town’s people I worry about. She is concerned they will think she is cradle robbing I assured her she doesn’t look over 30, and I look older than my age. It didn’t help reassure her much.

We walk over to the group of young boys.

“Hey, guys! This is Annie.”

“Is this the lady you been telling us about every day?”

“OOOh she is purrrttty!” there are lots of cat-calls and whistles.

“What have you been saying TJ?” She whispers in my ear, a concerned look on her beautiful face

“He says you have horses!” one boy shouts.

“And goats.” another runs over and tackles another, Sim pulls up and runs down the field to help control the hoard.

“And Chickens!” This elicits lots of laughter. A few start walking around with their hands on their butts like tail feathers making funny clicking and clucking sounds a couple bobs their heads and waddle. Chaos ensues as they act out farm animals one gallops off as another chase him around the bases. TJ and Simon hoard them up. A tall, broad young man runs over blowing a sharp whistle. The boys all line up listening aptly to Simon and the other man.

“When Couch T talks about you he smiles big like a silly Jack=-o=lantern one of the boys said. Several began giggling.

“Noo Jack-o-lanterns are scary. Like a funny clown.” This one made a big silly face. They all started laughing.

“Sorry about that.” TJ apologizes. Not a great start to the day.  I told them about the farm. I was going to ask if later on you would let them come out for a field trip. I see that isn’t a good idea,’

I think that’s a great idea TJ you work it out with the counselors and home supervisors. They will be escorted, and we have the guys it will be fun. We can have a picnic by the pond let them fish.”

“Really? You’re amazing.”

“TJ are you gonna flirt all morning or come coach these guys.”

“I better get busy. Oh, that’s Ace Clemons’s he is our EMT we have to have one for each team.”

I hope you enjoyed the snippet I think this is one of my favorite scenes ( besides the love scenes) Wish me luck I only have today and tomorrow to hit my 50 k I don’t think that will finish the story so I will be working on it still next week.

If you want more Snippets head on over to V.L. Locey’s Blog and check out her Snippet If you like MM contemporary Its called Home Ice and it’s sooo good!




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