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Hi, Y’all! I want to thank Divine Promotions for the chance to join their blog hop. I had such a blast sharing my Christmas memories, recipe and more.  I hope you enjoyed it too. If you tried the fudge recipe share what you thought in comments.

I made seven batches. I made up seven tins and kept a little for the family.

My grandies each needed an ugly sweater for school this year, so we had fun making them.

My Grandson’s My grandie gal modeling hers. She won second place in her contest.

Now for the moment you have been waiting for.. Drum roll, please!! The winner of my cute cat earrings is Jill P! Thanks Jill for stopping by and leaving comments. I hope you enjoy the earrings!

I want to thank all of you that visited and left comments for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful holiday season no matter how you celebrate!


What Christmas means to me #2giveaways @DivinePromotions #Bloghop


What Christmas means to me.


Hi everyone welcomes to Divine Promotions Christmas Blog Hop. This is a hop designed to lift Christmas spirit and be fun. There is a grand prize, and most participants will be offering a prize as well.

What Christmas means to me.

Christmas used to be a time of happiness and cheer. A time when our families all got together on one day and celebrated with a big dinner, decorations, laughter, and joy. Yes, there was gifts, but what I loved most were the music and laughter of all the kids and family members. It was a happy time.

But we all grow up. Family members move, and some pass on. Things changed a lot with the loss of my mom several years ago, my dad and brother moving five hours away and me and both sisters being disabled now.  It is hard to get all the family members together with job schedules and other family obligations.

This is supposed to be a post to boost spirit, and that’s what I hope to do. Just because situations change and traditions fall to the wayside, money is tight, whatever the reason doesn’t mean you can’t have a joy-filled holiday season.

Is it too expensive or your health doesn’t allow you to decorate to the nines like you used to? Pick something that makes you happy. Add one or two small things. Get inexpensive, small tree ,add a few dollar store decorations.  or just popcorn garland. Get one Poinsetta for color, Use just one of your old favorites you have in storage. You don’t have to spend a lot or put up a  lot of lights that drag on utilities.

Is it the holiday music you love and miss? Turn on the radio, pop in an old cassette, find the holiday music station on your tv and listen to one or two a day or while you cook.

Do you love to bake or make candy but not able to stand on your feet for extended periods of time anymore, or have a limited income? Pick one or two of your favorite recipes. You don’t have to make fifty kinds of candy.  Did you used to make big baskets for your neighbors and coworkers but no longer can afford it or feel like it. Again pick one or two kinds, put in smaller tins or wrap in lovely saran wrap. You don’t have to take everyone a full batch.  A piece or two per person will put a smile on someone’s face, especially f they don’t make candy or get any gifts. You don’t have to buy brand name products either. Shop big box stores for bulk or do as I do and go to an Aldis or no name brand store; I save a ton, and people love my candy. I got more compliments one year for my fudge than the year before with the off brand chocolate chips and peanut butter.  This time of year there is sales stock up, clip coupons online. But whatever you do, don’t go overboard. Make it fun not overwhelming. You don’t want to work all day then bake till midnight.

my cookie Jars

Gifts, I don’t have an answer. We shop for immediate family only these days as a family has grown so large.  You could always draw names for extended family if that works for you. Homemade gifts are lovely too. Maybe a gift of time. Offer to take someone to an appointment or shopping.

One of my favorite things about the Holidays is sending cards. It’s funny because I normally am not big on cards. For Christmas, though I can send a card with a small gift or just a wish to people talk to online or are far away.  I send out anywhere for 50 to 100. So far this year I am at 65 I think. I gather my list after Thanksgiving update each year, buy stamps, make my return labels, figure out what to put in which cards and set aside a couple of hours a night to work on them. I like to listen to Christmas music while I do this. This is my happy place and if I can only choose one thing for the Holidays this will be it.

I am going to put up my tree this weekend, I have three poinsettias and will get out my holiday dishes as well.


My menu will be simple.  Ham, beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes in orange sauce, cranberry relish, and rolls. I will make some pies most likely pecan and apple or berry and there will be an array of fudge and cookies depending on how I feel.

Everyone loves my fudge both peanut butter and Chocolate I use the same recipe for both.

I will share my favorite fudge recipe with you. It is inexpensive and easy.

Prepare a sheet pan with lots of thins pieces or a cake pan for thicker ones. I use a 9 x 15 and get a good amount. I line with foil or parchment and spray with buttery cooking spray let the edge of the liner hang over each end for easy lifting.

2/3 can of evaporated milk

1 jar of marshmallow fluff

1 package of your choice of chips(peanut butter—chocolate (milk, bittersweet or semi(I use semi) or white chocolate

3/4 stick of butter

3 cups of sugar


Nuts optional

Bring butter sugar and milk to a full rolling boil. Add vanilla. I sometimes use other extracts such as Raspberry. Stir continuously for 5 minutes remove from heat add chocolate and marshmallow and stir. Add in nuts. Stir until thoroughly blended Pour quickly into prepared pan and let sit several hours to cool.  Be sure to use heavy tall pan and long-handled utensils for stirring I with a wooden spoon. Do not use plastic I boiled one, one year. Another tip if you have arthritis or weak hands I found after removing from stove I could put in a very deep bowl over my fluff and chips and use a mixer. I have a deep kitchen aid that works well. Warning: go at very low speed and stay back, so you don’t get burned.

I hope these tips help you make fudge if you got to where the stirring was too much. Cut into smaller pieces as a little can go a long way.

Another thing I love about Christmas is the ugly sweaters, I don’t have one, but I do have my Santa hats. When I worked, I wore one every day at work beginning Black Friday. It became such a tradition that sometimes people gifted me new ones with crazy sayings.  I haven’t been able to work for over 5 years now, my hats sit in a box upstairs. I pull one out, but that is usually it. This year I think my  new tradition will be to hang up my Ho Ho Hats ( that’s what everyone called them)


I also wore Christmas earrings. I thought this year my prize will be this adorable pair of Cat Christmas earrings.




I  will pick one winner after the hop is over. Be sure to leave your email so you can be contacted.

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Blog Hop Grand Prize

Ebook of your choice from Author Grein Murray

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to those living in the USA)

Ebook of your choice from Author Sean Kerr (from his series Dead Camp)

Ebook – The Hard Boys: Alien Abduction (Case #1) from Ian Cadena

Grand Prizes for this blog hop

3D fun face Charms Bracelet – 3 pieces (image attached)

18 K Gold Filled Crystal Pearls Heart Party Dress Jewelry Set (image attached)

$10 Amazon Gift Card from RAM PA Group

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$5 gift voucher from Pride Publishing


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To enter the Grand blog prize all you have to do is go to DivinePromotions Blog  and leave a comment on their post, telling what your favorite part of Christmas is.


Don’t forget to check out all the other blog hops. For more Christmas spirit and chances for great prizes.

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🎅🏻 Tempeste O’Riley –

However you choose to celebrate may your holiday be merry and bright!  Hugs and best Wishes!

Cat’s Meow ~~Taken Back

Teaser (3)


A Steamy M/M Romance

Taken Back Cover

Author Name: Cali MacKay & Julie Farrell

Book Name: Taken Back

Series: (Taken Series, #1)

Release Date: July 27, 2016

Publisher: Tipsy Goat Press

Cover Artist: Cali MacKay

Pages or Words: 48000 words

Categories: M/M Romance, Fiction



Sometimes you need to go back to your past, in order to move on to your future.

Jax Hunter has spent the last ten years trying to forget his first love Nathan Steele—and the brutal betrayal that derailed everything he’d worked so hard for. Jax has finally gotten his life back together, when Nathan returns to deliver another blow – his company is set to bulldoze the bar he’s built from nothing.

Ever since that summer in high school, Nathan has been denying his feelings for Jax—the only person he’s ever loved. Nathan knows Jax might never forgive him, but when Nathan’s uncle is murdered and Nathan might be next on the hit-list, Jax is the only one he can turn to.

Jax still doesn’t trust Nathan—not with his bar, and for damn sure, not with his heart. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to resist the undeniable passion between them. Can they overcome their past hurts and learn to trust each other again? Or will another betrayal tear them apart forever?


MY Review

5 meows 5 purrs

Jax and Nate were best friends, but at the young age of 17 Nates father caught them together and set Jax up to get him expelled from the prestigious school they were attending, thus ruining Jax’s dreams of going to college. Instead, he fought his way( literally through the MMA) to earn enough  to open a bar. The Goat is his dream but also a place where the community knows they can come and be themselves. Now once again the Steele’s are out to ruin him by buying the Goat and all the businesses in the area to tear down and make apartments for the wealthy.

Nate decides to be the one to talk to him, hoping he could make things right from the past. The chemistry is still there and though Nate is straight he can’t help his feelings for Jax…the only person he has truly loved. He goes to his Uncle to try to talk them out of  taking the goat from Jax and find his uncle dead, with Jax standing over him.( read the excerpt below. You get a taste fo what happens here. It may shock you.) Jax swears he isn’t the murderer and when they find Nate’s apartment ransacked they fear Nate may be next.

I loved both Jax and Nate. I liked the struggle between them and the chemistry. You could feel it crackle every time you read  it. The mystery was OK. But I think the main purpose of it was to push Jax and Nate together. I like gay for you stories and this one was awesome and hot.

If you like, millionaires, bartenders, opposites attract, second chances, some mystery/suspense and some scorching man-sex this is for you. I cannot wait for the next book.








Teaser (1)

Excerpt One


Can’t say I was surprised that he was still angry at me after what had happened between us in high school. I had no clue if he’d killed my uncle, but at the moment I’d do and say pretty much anything to get out of here alive. And giving Jax a blow job? I might be telling myself it was to try to earn his trust so I could keep him from killing me, but deep down I knew the truth, even if I refused to really accept it. I wanted this. Wanted him. Just like I’d wanted him all those years ago.

I might not be into any guy but Jax, but blowing him wasn’t exactly a hardship. Hell, it wasn’t like I hadn’t fantasized about it often enough over the last decade. We may not have had very many intimate moments, but they’d been enough to haunt my every need. I’d loved sucking him off—playing with his smooth, hard cock. Jax had made me want things I’d never wanted before—and he made me feel things that had since remained elusive.

But now, with his rigid cock brushing against my lips, I felt myself go hard, and I wanted him with a need I’d never felt for any other man or woman.

And then I reminded myself that I was duct-taped to a fucking chair, and he’d held a gun to me, just moments earlier. Yet none of it mattered, because I was going to give him a fucking stellar blow job, and maybe with a bit of luck, I’d be able to convince him to do the right thing and let me go.

“Fuck, Jax…you taste so good,” I whispered, leaning forward to suck the tip of his hungry erection. “I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”

Jax’s expression was hard to read—always had been. And yet the needy groan that rumbled at his throat was telling enough. He eased his hips forward, thrusting his cock past my lips, as he reached down to cup my face. “Nathan…”

The feel of his hand against my cheek soothed me, reminded me of what had once been between us, before my father put an end to it, and made sure I’d never see Jax again. But as my erection pressed against my jeans, searching Jax out, I pushed away any pleasure I was getting from this. He was my kidnapper, for fuck’s sake, and I needed to find a way out of here before I ended up like my uncle. “I want more, Jax…please…untie me.”



Amazon US:

Amazon UK: 

Barnes and Noble: 


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Kindle Fire
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Meet Cali MacKay & Julie Farrell

Cali and Julie

Cali MacKay and Julie Farrell are romance writers and long-time friends, who have combined their passion for M/M romance to write together, bringing you the steamy stories they’ve dreamed up. they’ve had a blast writing them, and hope their passion for the stories will come through in their writing, and you’ll enjoy the characters they’ve brought to life, just as much as they do.

Where to find the authors:


Mailing List:


Cali’s top Ten Places to go before she dies   Norway (especially to see the Northern Lights)

  1. Thailand
  2. Iceland
  3. (back to)the Scotland (especially the Highlands)
  4. Japan
  5. Spain
  6. Been to Greece, but would like to go back to the islands
  7. Bali, Indonesia
  8. (back to) Italy
  9. Sweden


Julie Farrell –  10 things you want to do or try

  1. Fall in Love in Paris.
  2. Scale the Grand Canyon.
  3. See the Northern Lights.
  4. Donate Blood.
  5. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
  6. Fly First Class.
  7. Become a Yoga Teacher.
  8. Learn to Play the Piano.
  9. Learn to Fly a Plane.
  10. See a Broadway Show.



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