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No that’s not a typo in the title. Birthday Cakes is plural for me is weekend. I had not one but two Grandies celebrating. Drake turned 12 on Saturday.  He doesn’t have many friends and didn’t want a party so he got his family dinner and a cake. He is like his MiMi and his favorite meal is Fried chicken. and chocolate cake.

He likes the way I cook mine, though I do nothing special. I have to admit it must be in the genes or something because I loved my Grandma’s and mom’s and mom taught dad. When I go to dads I have him cook me two things.. fried chicken and beans LOL.

I’ll share my chicken recipe though it’s more a method than a recipe.

I generally cook only legs or leg quarters. as I think breasts are to dry fried. I put my hubby and daughter in law a couple skinless breasts in the oven to bake while i fry the legs.

Chicken legs (or legs and thighs or whole chicken )  cut up rinsed




oil to fry

oh and this… my now no longer secret ingredient


Simple. heat oil the turn to medium flame. Salet and pepper chicken then dredge in flour. carefully lay single layer into the grease (make sure it’s hot first… tip drop a bit of flour if it sizzles its ready if it falls to the bottom its not. Do not put the chicken in cold grease it will come out greasy.  Fry on one side until crsipy and brown on bottom then turn over. Fry that side until its crispy and brown. A fork should slide easily into it and it nearly falls off the bone. Don’t keep turning over and over. Be patient O’ little one. if cooking a lot like I am i use two skillets to cut time or you can do in batches.


Everything that could go wrong Saturday did. I was very sick and up all night Friday night. I laid down about 9 Saturday and my daughter went out to smoke. She was gone 5 minutes and Daenerys opened Drakes gifts and id the Game card. It took us 45 minutes to find it.  I made the cakes too moist and  they fell apart. We managed a decent Hello Kitty. Drakes was a simple sheet cake. When I frosted it Daenerys watched and i turned my back to put the spatula in the sink. I turned back she had her face in the cake licking the frosting. She had the cutest chocolate beard.

My oldest Grandaughter was going to decorate it. I was carrying to the kitchen when my hubby ran into me and I dropped it. Luckily it was in a plastic carry case. A little smushed but edible.  all in all things ended up good. and Drake seemed happy.

tOur second party person is Daenerys my now 4-year-old granddaughter. Her Birthday is actually today but we had her party yesterday. This is her first birthday party. I decided to make her a Hello Kitty Cake since she loves Hello Kitty so much.

Here is how I  did it. 2 boxes of cake mix  ( i used white with white fluffy frosting ingredients needed for that use milk instead of water.  I poured it into three round pans a large one (base) one a little smaller (head) and a small one I cut in half for ears.

I frosted each cake set the ears besides the head. used chocolate gel decorating icing to pipe whiskers, eyelashes .and mouth    I used a  new bow for the bow.


Next week I will be back with some chicken comfort food.

How do you celebrate your birthday or your family’s?





Cat’s Meow–Birthdays galore! #birthday #mondayblog

This weekend two of my three grandies had Birthdays.

Drake turned 11. We all chipped in to get him a TV for his room to play his games on ad Hubby is making him a TV table for it. I cleaned house all day Saturday and made Drake his favorite meal of Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits gravy and Chocolate cake. I also Met my son’s new girlfriend. She is very sweet. I think I am going to like her.

My youngest Granddaughter turned Three Jan 22. Here she is with her mom.


I got to go visit for a while. We took her birthday gifts, a plastic stove, some plastic food and dishes, and a cute plastic waffle maker. She seemed to enjoy it all. We also got her Smurfs two but didn’t get a chance to watch with her.

Watching Papa put the stove together…..cuting the play fruit.

My Step grandson Jacob also turns 16 this month. My Nephew’s wife has a birthday, Thier youngest daughter will be 4( I think)

I have a Nephew with a birthday today. Happy Birthday Landon! My Brother’s  soon to be daughter had her first birthday ( she is 10, but this had been her first celebration so she called it her first) and my oldest stepdaughter has a birthday this month as well. My close friend Jackie had hers on the 10th and My dear friend, beta, critique and editor friend Ellie Mack had one on the 2nd( right befor me)I hope I haven’t missed anyone.To all of you celebrating Birthdays this month or with family members celebrating, I wish you the happiest Birthday ever!



If you can dream it~~~~~You Can Do It!


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