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  • Writerly Wednesday~Watch out for the Roadblocks! #amwriting

    courtesy of pixabay We all have them. Whether we are writers or not, life can always throw us roadblocks. Sometimes it’s family, sometimes health or creativity. Sometimes a combination. I have a habit of starting things and not finishing. Having chronic illness makes writing more of a challenge than it already is. I have seizures […]

  • #WritingRomance A-Z ~~ Letter I

    Hi, Y’all  Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Introduction is a perfect word. You have to introduce characters to each other. a character can be ignorant to the  other’s needs. An idea can be ingenious Ill is another good word. An illness can bring a character to town or  can be a good plot in […]

  • A Movable Marriage; A Memoir By Tricia Pimetal #Memoir

    A Movable Marriage; A Memoir By Tricia Pimetal #Memoir

      AMM for Cathy Brockman Romance Blog Post We’re in June, the month traditionally associated with Father’s Day, graduates, and of course, brides. Because I like to be different—and love the holiday season—I was married in December. “December Bride” is coincidentally a term used to refer to one who is, shall we say, not fresh […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z ~~Today’s letter is E

    Hi, Ya’ll This post was actually scheduled for Wednesday but for some reason it didn’t post. There was on reason listed… Just missed schedule so since i have been laid up this week with a severely twisted ankle and unable to cook I am posting today in place of Foodie Friday. Welcome back to Writing […]

  • Writing Romance A-Z ~~The Letter A

      Hi, Y’all welcome to my new feature Writing Romance A -Z. Last month you may have seen many blogs writing daily posts using the alphabet. I thought instead of daily post I would do one weekly. Since I write contemporary romance in multiple genres, I will be using romance as the topic. This week […]