Writing Romance A-Z ~~Letter J

Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. Today’s letter  is J.

The first word that comes to mind is joyous.

I like jaunty too. It means to have a self-confident air or buoyant.  A person can wear a jaunty expression or wear a hat at a jaunty angle. I think this works really well in historical fiction especially the 1920’s or 1940’s

Joyful, Joyous, Jovial, Jubilant are all basically the same. Nice happy words’

Juicy is a fun word it can be a juicy steak or a juicy rendezvous. I love this one.

Now for a funny one. Junk. It doesn’t have to be trash. Though a character that is a hoarder would be fun.  Junk can also be a word for well you know a man’s junk.(wink).

Do you have a favorite J word?

Writing Romance A-Z ~~Today’s letter is E

Hi, Ya’ll This post was actually scheduled for Wednesday but for some reason it didn’t post. There was on reason listed… Just missed schedule so since i have been laid up this week with a severely twisted ankle and unable to cook I am posting today in place of Foodie Friday.

Welcome back to Writing Romance A-Z. I hope you are having fun with it. I am.  Today’s letter is E.

The first thing that comes to mind is Excellent or Excel.  It means very good and sounds much better than simply stating something is good.  To Excel would be  to be very good or one of the best. I like it when a character excels in his or her attempt to overcome an obstacle. That is the main purpose in a story.

Extreme means serious or severe. It’s always fun in a story if a character takes something to an extreme. It could be  his/hers feelings for the other. It could be an addiction to overcome. There are so many ways to use extreme.

I also found this is an 80’s band and still active today…http://www.extreme-band.com/

Endure is a good word for our BDSM or erotica authors. Their characters have to endure unusual punishments or rewards or being a sub alone has a lot of endurance. I highly respect those characters.

Endear Is a great term for romance. it is also a goal we writers have. We need to endear the reader to our characters and Engage you to the story.

Engage as I said above is to draw in and hook someone. Also a character could get engaged. We all know what that means. There are lots of prospects to that. the build  up and it happens at the end, or it can happen early and one or the other does something to cause a breakup. There are some many uses for engagements from big parties to break ups.

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. It is also a great catalyst for any romance.

As an author,  it is important to convey Emotion in a story the more emotional the better.

Enchanted- enchanting- enchantment are all good words for  a fantasy tale.  Nothing is more romantic than an enchanted kingdom with lots of magic.  ALso if one of the main characters are enchanted by the other there isn’t much of a story.

Eager means to highly anticipate. There are many ways to use eagerness. I like a story that makes me eager to turn a page.

Embarrassment is to feel self-conscious or ill at ease.

Envy is one of the seven deadly sins. There are so many ways to  put a spin on this. A jealous friend or coworker or someone could envy the main character causing them to do things to the character.

Excitement/ Elation are close to the same.  It is also  something an author needs to create in  a story.

What is a story without a little evil in it? I love a bad guy that we watch reform whether it be a motorcycle club, mafia, or even a demon.

Extravagant. Many things are extravagant. We could have a wealthy man or woman or a setting full of extravagant things.

Ears, Eyebrows, Eyes are physical traits we use a lot for description.  Ears may not be used as much except for erogenous zones.( ha! another e word!) Buy eyes we use a lot. Eyes can show us looks, but also many emotions ( another e word). Eyebrows, however show action, such as the lift of a brow.

We can have an easygoing character or a very efficient one,

Empathetic, Enthusiastic are words we want to bring to our readers.  We need our characters to create empathy and make our readers enthusiastic to read the story. An empath can feel what others feel.

Extravert is a person concerned more with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings/ Extrovert is a friendly outgoing person.

Elevator,Emergency room, empty lot are all good settings. And let’s not forget eggs. Our characters need to eat.

Enslavement could be used in a murder suspense and is used a lot in Sci /fi.

Extasy and Euphoria are close to the same both  mean an extremely pleasant feeling. I love the word Euphoria

I have probably exhausted you by now so I will bring this post to an end.

Do you have a favorite word  that starts with E?  Is there and E word you like to see in stories?



Writing Romance A-Z~~The letter D

letter d

Hi, Y’all welcome back to writing romance A-Z. This week is letter D.

Dear can be used as an Adjective, Noun, and adverb. As an adjective, it means regarded with deep affection or expensive.  As a Noun, it is used as an affectionate form of address.  Such as ‘My dear’. As an adverb, it is used in expressions of surprise, dismay, or sympathy.

Darling is both a noun and adjective. As a noun, it is also a form of address such as my darling, my love, sweetheart As an adjective it means beloved.  I think this is a good romantic word.

Derrière is a sexy way to say butt or buttocks.

Death may not be romantic but can be a catalyst in a romance. Perhaps a lover dies, or a parent.

Decadence. I love this word. It could be a decadent meal or a room full of romantic things such as candles, roses plush bedding.

Devilish could be a description of a handsome man or used in a paranormal story.

Dapper and Dashing are more great descriptive words, especially in Regency or historical romances.

Dazzling could be a character’s smile, eyes, or a sparkling outfit.

Debonair, again we have a great descriptive for a leading man. I think back in the early 90’s, a suit and a hat. A man full of confidence, stylish and charming.

Delicate could be a situation or an Item.

Delectable, Delicious could be used for describing a kiss, a first night or a romantic meal.

Delightful is fun, happy.

Desirable, Desired means wanted, sexy.

Devoted, this brings me memories of a movie and makes me want to sing. It means loyalty and loving

Dewy is a good descriptive to describe a woman’s skin or eyes if they are sad or teary.

Disarming. Shocked, knocking off guard like a charming smile.

Divine is another word that means good but evokes a lot better emotion. The dinner was divine, or the date was divine (I slipped in another d word.)

Doting would be like a possessive person showing lots of affection.

Dovelike I love this term. I see something sweet or soft.

Dreamy. Another word I like. Like a faraway look.

Dynamite is a great explanation or something’s magnificent like man…That was Dynamite!

Dulcet is quality. A sweet, soothing calming voice or sound.

Now let’s go to the exclamations and dirty words!

Darn is used for the sweeter books. I tend to use it a lot.

Damn, I have started to use this one since it does sound more grown up than darn or drat.

Dick could be a name. But alas it’s a word used in erotic or spicier books with explicit sex scenes to describe a man’s body part.

There are much more, like drag, draft, diplomat, but I have to stop somewhere.

Can you think of some good ways to use some of these D words?

And don’t forget..if you can Dream it“ you can do it.


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