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 This week I am going to share another snippet from my current WIP. I am nearly done with this read through making notes and getting ready for fixing it to send to my beta. Remember it is very rough yet and still going through rewrites and edits.  I am skipping down to a heartfelt story from TJ grabs a tissue.

Baseball Bats and Cowboy Hats Copyright 2016


I had barely dozed off when the door slammed open in the back of the house.  I jumped up not knowing what to expect. Grabbing a baseball bat  I slowly slink to the back. Peering in the mudroom door, I saw Annie throwing her boots into the pile like a bowling ball. Boots and shoes flew every which direction. She continued to kick and curse under her breath.  I suppressed my giggle as she bent to pick up the boots then suddenly tossed them again. She was like a mini tornado kicking, twirling, cursing. And the team calls me Taz? Finally, she dropped to the bench and panted breathlessly.

I slipped into the kitchen and started loudly opening cabinets, getting a glass, opening the fridge. Trying to make enough noise she would hear someone was in the next room. My plan was to bring her to me, hoping she didn’t take off out the back door.

My plan worked. In a few minutes, a slightly more composed Annie walked into the kitchen.

“Hi. I didn’t expect you back so soon. I was just getting a glass of tea.  Do you want  one?” I asked.

“No.Thanks.” She said through clenched teeth.

Her face was still flushed from her beating up the boots in the mudroom.  She clenched and unclenched her fists as she watched me.  I wasn’t sure if I should ask her what was wrong or not.

“How long have you been in the kitchen?” She asked warily.

“I just walked in. Why?” I lied.

Then she spied the ball-bat I had leaned on the workstation.

“Someone left their bat out. I guess I need to address this tomorrow.” She walked toward the bat.

“It’s mine. I’m sorry. I thought I might go out and practice some swings.” I lied again. Now I backed myself into a corner and will have to go out and practice. My shoulder twinged at the thought of more work.

“You have worked enough for one day. Chores this morning, your workout, plus your practice. You can practice your batting tomorrow.” She took the bat and placed it back into the small closet designated for our equipment.

Suddenly she turned to me her eyes glossy. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to sound bossy. I have this bad habit that I get a little protective over people I care about.”

Does that mean she cares about me? I want to jump for joy and shout Yes! But I compose myself.  Don’t  want her to think I am a lunatic.

I stepped close placing my hands on her shoulders. “It’s nice to have someone looking out for my wellbeing. It’s been a while.” I pull out one of the stools at the workstation for Annie. She looks at it a moment then hops up. I pour her a glass of tea even though she said she didn’t want it, top mine off and joined her.

“Don’t you hear from your mom? I am sure she worries about you.” She picks up the glass swirling the caramel colored liquid around before taking a long drink. I figured she would be thirsty after her little outburst in the mudroom.

I swallow back that knot that rises every time I think of mom or my family.

“Mama passed away a few months after I started college.  She hadn’t been right since Papa’s death.  I think she hung in there for me, but once I was out on my own, she let go. I wasn’t even there. She died alone. She didn’t answer the phone when I called. I called my aunt that lived across town from us. I waited and waited for her to call me back.  She called back a couple of hours later and told me mom was in bed sleeping with the angels.  She had a heart problem I didn’t know anything about, and that night she left me to join Papa and Enrico. The Dr said she went peacefully.”

“I am so sorry TJ. You have had such a rough life for such a young man.” She slides off the chair, pulls me up and wraps her arms around me.

I suddenly found myself in heaven. It smells like flowers, leather, and horses. Exactly how I would want it. She is only a few inches shorter than I am. We fit perfectly. I felt a warm tear on my shoulder. I lifted her face, brushing the tears with my thumbs. Her skin is silky smooth.

“Don’t cry for me, Annie. Mama always said ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’”

“You must be Ironman or the Hulk already.” She whispered. Her breath whispered across my lips. My mouth began to water. I must channel this superhuman strength she thinks I have. Parts of me certainly felt like iron. I shift my hips back a little. I don’t want her to get freaked out over my reaction to her,  Yet I don’t want to break the hold she has on me. I could stand here in her arms forever.  I run my hand through her hair. My body thrums with need. Now is not the time. One last stroke of her cheek and feel of her hair and I channel that inner strength and gently move away.

“Would you more tea?” I grab both glasses, turning my back to her. Then it hits me. The reason I sat up waiting for her.

“Wait what are you doing back so soon? I thought you had a date with Caleb?”

That’s one way to break a mood. But I wanted to know why she was back so early and madder than a hornet.


So what do you think of TJ? Is he totally swoon worthy? Do you like Older women younger men romance?


Snippet Sunday

Hi, Y’all! It’s time for Snippet Sunday again. It’s February and what better time for a sweet contemporary romance?

This week  I introduce Gypsy Rose’s mom and more than one decision Gypsy Rose needs to make.

This is a rough draft and the only eyes on it has been mine… so remember this is a diamond in the rough please be kind.

Sweet Gypsy Rose copyright 2014

 I finish putting the new stuff out on display when mom comes in. I’m glad to see her. She comes in most days but what time she shows up is a crap shoot. When she is off exploring with Ebby my niece picks up the slack if she isn’t tied up with cheer-leading or whatever teenage girls have going on these days. My mind clouds up when I remember my life at her age.
“Dollar for your thoughts.” My mom’s cheery voice snaps me back to the present.
“I think that’s a penny mom.” I chuckle.
“A penny doesn’t even buy a piece of bubble gum anymore so I figure your thoughts should be worth at least a dollar.” She pulls me into a big hug. I’m thankful she is a tiny woman or she might suffocate me with those tight hugs.
“Whats wrong sweetie?”
“All is good mom. I have a date tonight and was wondering if you would be in today or if I needed to call Whippoorwill. With my luck you wouldn’t be here and she would be off doing whatever it is she is into this week.”
“I see, then you remembered what you were doing at her age and that’s why the sad look.”
I look quickly away and hope we don’t go into her thoughts on that again. I really want to talk about my date, she will have some good ideas I’m sure. I turn to see her colorful skirt disappearing into the back. I take of to catch her. “Wait mom!”
“I thought I’d bake you a batch of those chocolate rolls you like so much. Those always make you feel better.”
“MMM Ok. When you come back down I want to talk about this date. I told him I would show him around town. I have no idea what he likes or doesn’t like. Should I take him out or take him to dinner at my place or what? I’ve never been the one to ask a guy out first.”
“I see it’s not with Ray or you wouldn’t be asking any of these questions. Sounds like someone new in town. Who is it sweetie.”
“Frank the new man at the bank.”
“Really? He is a bit of an oddity around here. Seems friendly but from what I hear he is a loner, never goes out or anything.” She stops moving and taps her chin with a long red nail. “ Elsie, one of the tellers at the bank told us the other night at bingo she has invited him over a few times to dinner or out to bingo and he always has an excuse. She says he usually eats his lunch in his office and rarely sits in the lounge room. She also said she sees him clean his desk every time a client leaves and she thinks he uses a bottle of sanitizer a day.”
“Mom I doubt anyone can use a whole bottle of that a day. The ones the bank has are huge. Besides Elsie is a busybody and a nag. No wonder he turned her down. She’s enough to scare anyone off.”
“She’s not the only one that says that kind of stuff about him. Everything I hear makes him sound like one of those Germiphobes.”
“Well that’s good to know. I’ll keep that in mind while planning.Any suggestions on what to do?”
“Let me think about it while I’m cooking your chocolate rolls. Though you can rule out taking him to your place.”
“My place isn’t that dirty mom.” I roll my eyes like a teenager. Then I remember I worked all night and the house isn’t as clean as usual.
“I wasn’t exactly thinking about neatness.” She shot me an odd look.
I nibble my nails trying to figure out what she is talking about.
“Your problem is over 6 foot tall and even though he has his own place seems to stay at yours.” She smacks my hand from my mouth. “You better not do that around your new man if he has germ issues.”
“He’s not my new man. Yet.” I let out an exasperated puff of air. ” Yeah I am going to have to have a talk with Ray.” I know she is right. Mothers are always right. Or that’s what I have always been told.

I hope you are enjoying this story and will come back next for more Sweet Gypsy Rose.

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